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defined('NANOMUS') or die('Illegal access');

define('_ACTIF', 'Active');
define('_ACTIVE', 'Actived');
define('_ACTIVE_NO', 'Deactived');
define('_ADMIN', 'Administration');
define('_ATTEMPS', 'attemp(s) fruitless');
define('_ATTEMPS_ACCESS', 'Attemp fruitless on ');

define('_CHMODS_NOT_ALLOW', 'Upload impossible');
define('_COPY', 'Copy');

define('_DEACTIVE', 'Deactive');
define('_DELETE', 'Delete');
define('_DESCRIPTION', 'Description');
define('_DISPLAY_ERRORS', 'Display errors code');

define('_EDIT', 'Edit');
define('_EDIT_FILE', 'Edit file');
define('_EDIT_PAGE', 'Edit page');
define('_EDIT_TEMPLATE', 'Edit template');
define('_EMAIL', 'Contact email');
define('_ENGLISH', 'English');

define('_FILE_VALID', 'Valid this file');
define('_FILEMANAGER', 'Filemanager');
define('_FRENCH', 'French');
define('_FUNCTIONS', 'Functions');

define('_HOME', 'Home');
define('_HOMEPAGE', 'Homepage');
define('_HOMEPAGE_EDIT', 'Edit homepage');

define('_LANGUE', 'Language');
define('_LOGIN', 'Login');
define('_LOGOUT', 'Logout');

define('_MAIL', 'You or someone\'s just another attempt to login multiple times');
define('_MAIL2', 'but all attempts have failed');
define('_MAIL3', 'Additional infos');
define('_META_DESC', 'Meta description');
define('_META_KEY', 'Meta keywords');
define('_META_TITLE', 'Meta title');

define('_NEW_PAGE', 'New page');
define('_NEW_SETUP', 'New setup registred !');
define('_NO', 'No');

define('_PAGENAME', 'Page name');
define('_PAGE_COPY', 'Keep a copy');
define('_PAGE_NOT_EXISTS', 'This page not exists !');
define('_PAGE_URL', 'Page URL');
define('_PAGE_VALID', 'Click here to validate this page');
define('_PASSWORD', 'Password');

define('_SESSION_CLOSED', 'Session closed');
define('_SETUP', 'Configuration');
define('_SETUP_VALID', 'Confirm these settings');
define('_SITENAME', 'Sitename');
define('_SLOGAN', 'Slogan');
define('_SURE_ACTIVE', 'Are you sure you want to activate this page ?');
define('_SURE_DEACTIVE', 'Are you sure you want to disable this page ?');
define('_SURE_DELETE', 'Are you sure you want to delete this page ?');
define('_SURE_DELETE_FILE', 'Are you sure you want to delete this file ?');

define('_UPLOAD_IT', 'Upload it');
define('_UPLOAD_NO', 'Failure upload !');
define('_UPLOAD_OK', 'Upload success !');
define('_URL_FRIENDLY', 'Activate URL friendly');
define('_URL_SITE', 'Site URL <em>( http://www.mondomaine.com/ )</em>');
define('_USER', 'User');
define('_USERNAME', 'Admin ID');

define('_VALID', 'Login');

define('_WARNING', 'WARNING: ');
define('_WARNING_CHMOD_CONFIG', 'The file ');
define('_WARNING_CHMOD_DATAS', 'The folder ');
define('_WARNING_CHMOD_DATAS2', 'must be writeable ! Please change the CHMOD.');
define('_WARNING_CONFIG', 'Warning to modify your configuration file <br/> please <strong> edit the file <strong>kernel/config.php</strong> CHMOD en 777');
define('_WARNING_MAIL', ' Warning your identification has failed ! <br/>The site admin is informed by email now ! <br/> It is now impossible to try to identify you in a while ... <br/> not funny:)');
define('_WARNING_PROTECTED', '* Note this utility is protected against attempts access !');

define('_YES', 'Yes');
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