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File Name 	: ToDo.txt
Domain		: http://www.triangle-solutions.com
Author		: Ian Warner
Copyright	: (C) 2001 Triangle Solutions Ltd
Email		: hide@address.com
URL		: http://www.triangle-solutions.com/
Description	: Describes the ToDo list
Date Created	: Tuesday 24 February 2004 14:42:53
File Version	: 2.7

Todo list

	+	Create a self checker when the user puts in the email to check email
		is valid. IE connect to sserver socket sttempt so send email, if true
		then we know email account is valid.
	+	Create more ways to unsubscribe - through a direct link or through a
		hide@address.com email.
	+	In the unsubscribe section people may only want to upgrade there mail
		preference type allow them to do this especially if they have joined before
		this upgrade and default is html and they want plain.
	+	Archive section - make it so the user can see the whole message as sent
		i.e. the HTML version.
	+	Autosend the latest newsletter when a USER subscribes - admin switchable.

	+	NEWSID on the search page.
	+	Export the email address as a CSV file.
	+	Addin PHP timeout variable on sends
	+	Set up superusers - IE people who just send the newsletter and cant do
		anything else.
	+	Enable the ADMINS to change the user email.
	+	Add the ability for the ADMINS to select which newsletters are checked
		and which arent if at all.
	+	Add the ability to edit the users details in the list menu on the admin
	+	Add a sponsored by area which is random.
	+	Make the pages easier for the user to customise - add themes.
	+	Create a self installer page - which will install the tables to the
		users MySQL.
	+	Make the pages work with other databases, flatfiles.
	+	Create the script so it can run with different file extensions -
		which are user defined.
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