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File Name 	: ChangeLog.txt
Domain		: http://www.triangle-solutions.com
Author		: Ian Warner
Copyright	: (C) 2001 Triangle Solutions Ltd
Email		: hide@address.com
URL		: http://www.triangle-solutions.com/
Description	: Describes changes made to the application
Date Created	: Tuesday 24 February 2004 14:42:47
File Version	: 2.7


Tuesday 24 February 2004 13:13:47
+	Added delete to archives
+	Smartened up the admin footer - PLEASE VOTE - PLEASE DONATE :)
+	Added in LOGOUT button to the Admin side.
+	Added in Logo to User and Admin end
+	Added in SMTP keep alive to speed up the processing of mails.
+	Edited config to show the new PHP Multiple Newsletters Site.
+	Added in latest PHPMailer class - and missing language file. Added
	in error debuggin for this.
+	Deleted all language files except for English and Dutch, please
	send me any translations - copied from the english one.
+	Put a global switch on all mails on user end - ie Admin can decide
	whether the USERS get singup and unsub messages. Also admin can
	choose whether to recieve these also.
+	Added in a VERIFY email section. This is flagged in config file so
	you can allow users to subscribe without having to verify.
+	Tidied up all the code
+	Got unsubscribe messages working so when a user unsubs they will be
	sent an unsub message defined by the Admin.
+	Long time since I wooked on this!!

Monday 11 August 2003 - 11:04:35
+	Updated Newsletters SQL with the New database schema.
+	An email will get sent for each newsletter the member subscribes too.
	This allows the admin to create a welcome template for an individual
	newsletter. I had to add a new databasae field for Newsletter so please
	check the SQL file with your database please.
+	Made all the list boxes checked.
+	Added in Tracking Utility as supplied by Marc Mallow - Thanks. This
	Though changes the core database - you need to edit your newsletters
	table to add in the field tipnl_redirect_url, this will tell the
	script where to send the user when they click on the link supplied in
	the newsletter. Look at the SQL script supplied for pointers.
+	Fixed a lot of " into ' to escape the fact that there is no variable
	inside the line of code - should speed things up a fraction.
+	Added Vietnamese, Turkish, Portugese, Dutch/Belgium, Arabic and a
	mistake free Polish language set for the Script.

Tuesday 29 April 2003 12:53:28
+	Changed a bug in Admin which interferes with the Login - name 'form'
	was causing the error.
+	Added in my Support and Donations blurb in the footer for Admin.
+	Made the version a variable in the config, still need to change in
	version Doc.
+	Added a simple Auth System to the Admin side - the Username and Password
	can be set within the Config File - thx to Marek Czajkowski for help
	on this.
+	Added Polish language file - 7.php again thx to Marek Czajkowski for

Wednesday 23 April 2003 17:26:01
+	Fixed a bit of code in the header.php which made the charset probably
	not show up correctly. Thx Marek Czajkowski

Thursday 17 April 2003 14:45:49
+	Updated the classes to version 1.65, added the classes to both the admin
	root - leave both sets there - this fixes some pathing problems some
	people were having.
+	Added two send boxes on the Newsletter send page. One for the HTML
	customers and the other for the PLAIN customers, so you may now enter
	HTML TAGS into the HTML box but not in the PLAIN box. The HTML version
	is saved in the archives.
+	Did some work on the upload segment, so that a name cant be omitted,
	this section needs some work but is functional.
+	Changed require tags to include.
+	Tidied up more " and ' charachters to improce speed
+	Increased performance in database by selecting better field
	identifiers - upgraders will have to import the new tables or add the
	changes to there own tables.

Friday 24 January 2003 16:15:58
+	Constructed the new language charts that are being implemented into
	this version. Please read the Readme for information on these.
+	All text on the pages can be edited through the Language files.
+	SMTP Auth variables included in the config - these need to be set
	if your email server requires it.

Wednesday 22 January 2003 15:48:28
+	Decided to make the script use sockets only - this is by far the
	best way to send Bulk email and will make this script easier for me
	to support and maintain.
+	Fixed the Title link not going back to the main page.
+	Changed the email to user when they sign up to use the embedded
	class, as if the script uses a mail server that requires SMTP auth
	the mail() function in PHP will not work.

08:59 17/10/2002
+	Newsletters were checked by default have made it so they now arent
	checked and user must check them.
+	Made the upload script except names now - so user can change
	the default from Subscriber to anything or add correct name.
+	Fixed a slash problem again with the newsletter added function
	stripslashes to the sending area.

09:18 16/10/2002
+	Released version 2.0 To Hotscripts and Sourceforge and other sites.
+	Added function ADDSLASHES to the update query for editing the
	newsletters, this should allow you to put apostophes in the elements
	that make up the newsletter.

12:13 12/10/2002
+	Unregister section now added to index.php also - so all working
	elements are now on the one page - allowing easy intergration into
	any website.
+	Updated PHPMailer to version 1.62
+	Added a Version.txt to the documents section and placed a link in
	the admin section to this document so the version number is always
+	Archive section added to main php script to see any newsletters
	that were posted to any newsletter, ordered by date.
+	The script will be rearranged so that all the pages are amalgamated
	into the one index.php script. This is for the purposes of allowing
	the user to simply embed the script into another php page to keep
	there design.
+	Got rid of function DBQuery as it didnt allow you to just echo $query;
	for debugging purposes.
+	Tidied up the Tables, and presentation a little for the Submission
	and Error pages.
+	Finally fixed the problem where if the Submission page was refreshed
	the user would be subscribed a second time. Had to add another query
	but I think it is worth it to fix this problem.
+	Changed any " to ' where variables are included in the statement to
	improve performance slightly.
+	Converted Varibles to be Register_Globals off compatable.
+	Added in some Status bar messages to hide links.

13:03 19/06/2002
+	Edited the install file for latest instructions.
+	Support for mailing list archive, in Admin Only At the moment.
+	Added the new table to the newsletter.sql file
+	Changed the newsletter example HTML and added new date to sql file.

14:00 16/06/2002
+	Added support for sending mails via Sockets - Using phpmailer class

12:46 15/06/2002
+	Added in a nl2br function on the html email as it wasnt producing the new
	line the administrator would want in the message.
+	Sorted out headers in the send so it doesnt look like each person is
	getting mail twice.
+	Added stripslashes into the Subject and Message of the send so ' will
	no longer be \' etc.
+	Added stripslashes in index.php & unregister.php & email.php
+	Added in Admin a row of documents associated with the script.
+	Added in stripslashes to the title and description on the Edit
	newsletter to allow apostrophes, This was causing errors where the
	whole title would not show as I was using '' as a delimiter for the
	value field of the INPUT tag now using \".
+	Added more verification on the send newsletter box - need a Subject
	and Body before send.
+	Added the example newsletter to the SQL - Including the HTML and
	Plain email examples.
+	Added Stipslashes Tags for the Newsletter Title and Description in admin.
+	Added Footer into Admin area.
+	Added Known Issues to ReadMe.txt file in Documentation folder.
+	Fixed some problems with unregister and optimised the code on that page.
+	Made the Newsletter word a link back to the main page - changed
	variable to - $maintitlelink.

13:48 08/06/2002
+	Converted Queries to use the Extract($row) function.
+	Created a new header file for admin only which contains the
	Javascript for Admin.
+	Made the opening Bullet points editable in the config page.
+	Removed some redundant html code on index.php.
+	Changed the table structure - removed some keys.

12:02 17/04/2002

+	Added a crude email upload system for each added newsletter
+	Created a Function for Admin PageTitle to clear some clutter code from
	the page. Allows for easy update also.
+	Fixed link on main page text to unregister.php
+	Updated headers in admin and main page to correct errors in sending.
+	Changed the list feature and search in admin to function correctly.

15:32 27/01/2002

+	Added the feature in the send element where the mailpref of the user
	selects what email type to send.
+	Added the radio buttons for HTML and Plain - saved this choice in
	Database in user field updated newsletter.sql
+	Fixed the send element as it was sending incorrectly.
+	Created the element where the administrator can add an HTML email
	in the edit/add part of the selected newsletter.
+	Created the element where the administrator can add a Plain Text
	email in the edit/add part of the selected newsletter.
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