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{TITEL}			What is a Project File and for which it is used?

<li><a href="$self#wasist">What is a Project File and how is it used?</a></li>
<li><a href="$self#beschreibung">Description of the fields used at present.</a></li>
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<US><a name="wasist"><a href="$self#top">What is a Project File and how is it used?</a></a></US>
A Project File is the main file in a new project. I this file are all paths
which are needed to parse a content-file.
Projectfiles are normal text files and you can edit them with every texteditor.
The Extention of the Authors Project Files are always ".ini" but you can name
them like you want!
Example of a Project File:
<Z><S>;</S>        <S>name of the field</S>        <S>:=</S>        <S>value of the field</S></Z>
<Z><S></S>        <S>HOME</S>                                <S>:=</S>        <S>/homepage</S></Z>
<Z><S></S>        <S>TAGS</S>                                <S>:=</S>        <S>&#36;home/template/home.tag</S></Z>
<Z><S></S>        <S>TEMPLATE</S>                        <S>:=</S>        <S>&#36;home/template/home.tpl</S></Z>
<Z><S></S>        <S>MENU</S>                                <S>:=</S>        <S>&#36;home/template/home.mnu</S></Z>
<Z><S></S>        <S>MENUTEMPLATE</S>                <S>:=</S>        <S>&#36;home/template/home.mtpl</S></Z>
If a semikolon (;) is at the start of a line, the entire line is interpreted as
comment and is not considered by the parser. You can insert as many as desired comments.<br />
<WICHTIG>Note:</WICHTIG> Whitin a contents line comments are not permitted!
On the left side is alwaay the field name, followed from the separator ":=" and the value of the field.
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<US><a name="beschreibung"><a href="$self#top">Description of the fields used at present:</a></a></US>
Indicates the path to that directory, under which all files are. The
specification is optional. If you define HOME, this value must be defined in
the first place in the Project File! If you do not use HOME, you have to use
the absolute path everywhere.</li>
Indicates the path to that file, which contains the definition of the tags, which the parser has to replace.</li>
The path to the template, with which the content page has to be parsed.</li>
This file contains the menu definitions for the homepage</li>
The path to the template, with which the menu definitions has to be parsed.</li>
Those are at present all fields, which are used from the Project File reader. With future versions of phpCMS new
fields can be added.
If you do not use &#36;home then you always have to write the paths absolutely to the document root of your
webserver. Only then it is guaranteed that the parser also finds these files.
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