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 * User console component class.
 * @author Sardar Madumarov <hide@address.com>
 * @package ow_system_plugins.base.components
 * @since 1.0
class BASE_CMP_SignIn extends OW_Component
    const HOOK_REMOTE_AUTH_BUTTON_LIST = 'base_hook_remote_auth_button_list';

     * Constructor.
    public function __construct( $ajax = false )

        $form = new Form('sign-in');

        $username = new TextField('identity');
        $username->setInvitation(OW::getLanguage()->text('base', 'component_sign_in_login_invitation'));

        $password = new PasswordField('password');


        $remeberMe = new CheckboxField('remember');
        $remeberMe->setLabel(OW::getLanguage()->text('base', 'sign_in_remember_me_label'));

        $submit = new Submit('submit');
        $submit->setValue(OW::getLanguage()->text('base', 'sign_in_submit_label'));


        if ( $ajax )
            $form->setAction(OW::getRouter()->urlFor('BASE_CTRL_User', 'ajaxSignIn'));
            $form->bindJsFunction(Form::BIND_SUCCESS, 'function(data){if( data.result ){OW.info(data.message);setTimeout(function(){window.location.reload();}, 1000);}else{OW.error(data.message);}}');
            $this->assign('forgot_url', OW::getRouter()->urlForRoute('base_forgot_password'));

        $this->assign('joinUrl', OW::getRouter()->urlForRoute('base_join'));
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