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/* *************************************************************************
  Id: faq_admin_ui.lang.php

  Language file for staff/faq_admin_ui.inc.php

  Tim Gall
  Copyright (c) 2009-2010 osfaq.oz-devworx.com.au - All Rights Reserved.

  This file is part of osFaq.

  Released under the GNU General Public License v3 WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
  For licensing, see LICENSE.html or http://osfaq.oz-devworx.com.au/license

************************************************************************* */

define('OSF_MAIN_TITLE', 'Frequently Asked Questions');

define('OSF_TIP_FOLDER', 'Category Folder');
define('OSF_TIP_PREVIEW', 'Preview');
define('OSF_TIP_COPY', 'Copy');
define('OSF_TIP_COPY_TO', 'Copy');
define('OSF_TIP_DELETE', 'Delete');
define('OSF_TIP_MOVE', 'Move');
define('OSF_TIP_NEW_CAT', 'New Category');
define('OSF_TIP_NEW_FAQ', 'New Faq');
define('OSF_TIP_STATUS_GREEN', 'Active');
define('OSF_TIP_STATUS_GREEN_LIGHT', 'Set Active');
define('OSF_TIP_STATUS_RED', 'Inactive');
define('OSF_TIP_STATUS_RED_LIGHT', 'Set Inactive');

define('OSF_EMPTY_CATEGORY', 'Empty Category');

define('OSF_ERROR_CANNOT_LINK_TO_SAME_CATEGORY', 'Error: Can not link faqs in the same category.');
define('OSF_ERROR_CANNOT_MOVE_CATEGORY_TO_PARENT', 'Error: Category cannot be moved into child category.');

define('OSF_HEAD_AUTHOR_DETAIL', 'Authors Details');
define('OSF_HEAD_FAQ_DETAIL', 'FAQ Details');
define('OSF_HEAD_TITLE_GOTO', 'Go To:');
define('OSF_HEAD_TITLE_SEARCH', 'Search:');
define('OSF_HEAD_ACTION', 'Action');
define('OSF_HEAD_CATS_FAQS', 'Frequently Asked Questions');
define('OSF_HEAD_FEATURED', 'Feature');
define('OSF_HEAD_INFO_EDIT_CATEGORY', 'Edit Category in [ %s ]');
define('OSF_HEAD_INFO_MOVE_CATEGORY', 'Move Category');
define('OSF_HEAD_INFO_MOVE_FAQ', 'Move FAQ');
define('OSF_HEAD_INFO_NEW_CATEGORY', 'New Category in [ %s ]');
define('OSF_HEAD_STATUS', 'Status');
define('OSF_HEAD_INFO_COPY_TO', 'Copy To');
define('OSF_HEAD_INFO_DELETE_CATEGORY', 'Delete Category');
define('OSF_HEAD_INFO_DELETE_FAQ', 'Delete FAQ');

define('OSF_ANY_STATUS', 'Any Status');
define('OSF_CAT_NAME', 'Category Name:');
define('OSF_CATEGORIES', 'FAQ Categories:');
define('OSF_CLEAR_SEARCH', 'Clear Search');
define('OSF_COPY_AS_DUPLICATE', 'Duplicate faq');
define('OSF_COPY_AS_LINK', 'Link faq');
define('OSF_DATE_ADDED', 'Date Added: ');

define('OSF_DELETE_CAT_INTRO', 'Are you sure you want to delete this category?');
define('OSF_DELETE_FAQ_INTRO', 'Are you sure you want to permanently delete this FAQ?');
define('OSF_DELETE_WARNING_CHILDS', '<b>WARNING:</b> There are %s (child-)categories still linked to this category!');
define('OSF_DELETE_WARNING_FAQS', '<b>WARNING:</b> There are %s faqs still linked to this category!');
define('OSF_DISABLED', 'Disabled');
define('OSF_DOCUMENT_UPLOAD', 'Document files will be displayed at the bottom of the FAQ answer content.');
define('OSF_EDIT_FAQ', 'Edit FAQ in [ %s ]');
define('OSF_ENABLED', 'Enabled');
define('OSF_FAQ_ANSWER', 'Answer:');
define('OSF_FAQ_AUTHOR', 'Authors Name:');
define('OSF_FAQ_AVAILABLE', 'Active');
define('OSF_DATE_ADDED', 'Date Added: ');
define('OSF_FAQ_EMAIL', 'Authors Email:');
define('OSF_NOT_AVAILABLE', 'Disabled');
define('OSF_DOCUMENT', 'Document: ');
define('OSF_FAQ_PHONE', 'Authors Phone:');
define('OSF_QUESTION', 'Question:');
define('OSF_FAQS', 'FAQs:');
define('OSF_STATUS', 'Status:');
define('OSF_FREE_BROWSE_MODE', 'New categories and FAQs<br />can\'t be created when<br />in SHOW-ALL mode.');
define('OSF_HOW_TO_COPY', 'Copy Method:');
define('OSF_IMAGE_UPLOADS', 'Convenience file uploader for inline images.<br />After uploading images, use the generated html to copy and paste into your FAQ. You need to paste the code while in CODE view if you are using the WYSIWYG editor.');
define('OSF_TEXT_IMAGES', 'Images');
define('OSF_INFO_COPY_TO_INTRO', 'Please choose a new category you wish to copy this faq to');
define('OSF_INFO_CURRENT_CATEGORIES', 'Current Categories:');

define('OSF_LAST_MODIFIED', 'Last Modified: ');
define('OSF_TEXT_MOVE', 'Move <b>%s</b> to:');
define('OSF_INTRO_MOVE_CATEGORIES', 'Please select which category you wish <b>%s</b> to reside in');
define('OSF_MOVE_FAQS_INTRO', 'Please select which category you wish <b>%s</b> to reside in');
define('OSF_HEAD_NEW_FAQ', 'New FAQ for [ %s ]');
define('OSF_NO_CHILDS', 'Please insert a new category or faq in this level.');
define('OSF_TEXT_PRIVATE', ' <i>(private)</i>');
define('OSF_TEXT_PUBLIC', ' <i>(public)</i>');
define('OSF_REMOVE_DOC', ' check here to remove the document');
define('OSF_SELECT_A_ROW', 'Please select a row');
define('OSF_SHOW_ALL', 'Show all:');
define('OSF_SUBCATEGORIES', 'FAQ Subcategories:');
define('OSF_INFO_TOP', 'FAQs can be added to any subcategory of <b>' . OSF_TEXT_TOP . '</b>.');
define('OSF_INFO_SEARCH', 'New FAQs can\'t be added to search results. Clear your search and navigate to a category to add new categories or FAQs.');

define('OSF_WARN_QUESTION_EMPTY', 'The QUESTION field must contain at least 1 character.<br />Press the BACK button to make changes.');
define('OSF_WARN_ANSWER_EMPTY', 'The ANSWER field must contain at least 1 character.<br />Press the BACK button to make changes.');
define('OSF_WARN_CAT_EMPTY', 'Please check the following form fields and try again.\n\n* A Category name is required. Min 2 characters\n');
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