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 Swift Mailer 2.1.17
 18th October 2006
 29th April 2006: 0.0.0
 First working version, support for SMTP authentication needed.

 8Th May 2006: 0.0.1
 First official release - Features added:
  * SMTP Authentication (PLAIN, LOGIN, CRAM-MD5)
  * Separated connection handling into classes
  * Support for SSL included
  * Emails now locally cached in send() when delivering to
     multiple recipients
  * Response codes tracked and checked throughout. 

 15th May 2006: 0.0.2
 Corrected an issue with attachments not displaying in Thunderbird
  This issue was *not* due to the implmentation of MIME in Swift -
  but rather, Thunderbird seems not to handle the multipart/alternative
  MIME type very well when combined with a mixed MIME type.

 16th May 2006: 0.0.3
 Added the LFtoCRLF() method.
 20th May 2006: 0.0.4
 Made second constructor paramter optional (now defaults to $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'])
 Added an option to automatically convert line longer than 76 characters to be
 Included interfaces for PHP5 version.
 (PHPDocumentor comments added)

 25th May 2006: 1.0.0
 Added wrappers for Bcc, Cc and multiple To addresses.
 Speed improvements.
 More refactored further to make plugin development more flexible.
 Releases early to fix a bug with MTA parsing of addresses.

 31st May 2006: 1.0.1
 Bugfix: ChunkSplitLines() wasn't replacing the exisiting CRLF

 1st June 2006: 1.1.0
 Support for TLS encryption added.  Gmail servers!!
 Better error reporting.
 Embedded image support
 autoFlush() along with individula flush methods added
 autoResizeLines() prettied up more
 Addresses can now be given in 3 ways (list of addresses, single addresss,
  "address, name" or any combination of these).

 4th June 2006: 1.1.2
 Connection/handshake procedure refactored into a connect()
 method in Swift.
 Minor (really minor) bugfix with commandKeyword not being emptied where
 no command in being sent.
 Anti-flood plugin included with package.

 8th June 2006: 1.1.3
 Added POP3 Before SMTP Authenticator.
 8th June 2006: 1.2.0
 Ermmm.. Oops, the 1.1.3 release was actually 7th June 2006.
 Moving on Swiftly (no pun intended)....
 Some speed/memory improvements by removing some preg_ calls
 that were used several times.
 Added setPriority() and requestReadReceipt() methods.
 Added a check to make sure close() isn't executed if Swift
 is not connected.
 Improved error reporting a little further.
 Bundled a verbose errors plugin (Swift_Errors_Plugin).

 22nd June 2006: 1.2.3
 Corrected a bug with TLS on Gmail servers.  Thanks to Jonathon Foote
 and Andres Usera for spotting the issue and offering a fix.
 The problem was that Gmail, operating with TLS enabled does not respond to the
 QUIT command so fgets() was giving TLS protocol errors.  A simple @ supression
 combined with boolean false return check corrected this.

 24th June 2006: 1.3.0
 Corrected a bug in the makeSafe() method.
 Optimized makeSafe() by calling LFtoCRLF() before processing.
 Added 8bit and binary encoding types.
 Default to 8bit transfer encoding with UTF-8.
 Added VERSION constant.
 Added ability to override plugin names at load-time.
 Restricted size of "transactions" array to 100 by default, settable
 using setMaxLogSize().
 Massively optimized buildMail() (Half the memory!)

 16th July 2006: 1.3.2
 Major Bug Fix in Swift_PLAIN_Authenticator.php
 There was a reference to $this->responseCode which should have been
 Patched in code contributed by "Jakob Truelsen - antialize" from
 sourceforge which improves POP Before SMTP Authentication.
 Original Comment here:
 16th July 2006: 1.3.3
 Oops, forgot that the mime warning wasn't appearing at all in messages.  Fixed.

 30th July 2006: 2.0.0
 Several changes...
 PEAR Naming used.  Be sure to read ./compat/README
 PHP_VERSION check removed from PHP5 since the "interface" T_STRING error in
  PHP4 is unavoidable as it is a parse error.
 Recoded command() and send() NOT to fail at rejected recipients.
 Added getters for To, Cc, Bcc, Reply-To.
 Added ability to force command() to stop processing for N commands.
 Added a redundant connection handler and a connection rotator.
 Added a templating plugin.
 UTF-8 seems to be working, although not fully tested.
 Sendmail path and SMTP details have an AUTO-DETECT option.
 3rd August 2006: 2.1.0
 More changes...
 UTF-8 *really* does work now.  I've had it tested by a number of developers.
 Auto-detection for UTF-8 so developers needn't specify
 8BITMIME check added to see if QP encoding is required by the SMTP server
 QP encoding now used in headers if needed
 Fixed a minor bug with the "-1" response code not being flushed after a failed send().

 4th August 2006: 2.1.1
 Fixed some minor bugs with all authentication mechanisms (notices)
 Made PLAIN authentication send it's command in one string since it's more accepted.

 5th August 2006: 2.1.2
 Removed "auth" expected code from list since it conflicted with PLAIN authentication.
 I'll re-think the working of the expected code stuff for next version.

 7th August 2006: 2.1.3
 Spelling in PHP4 version.  1 occurrence of $this->userChatset to $this->userCharset

 8th August 2006: 2.1.4
 Changed the encoding used in headers to breaks over several lines when needed

 8th August 2006: 2.1.5
 Oops - Parse error fixed.  "function function ..."

 8th August 2006: 2.1.6
 The last in the series of rapid releases.
 Worked further on the headers to solve an issue which was changing the display of
 sender/to addresses in Outlook.
 Changed mime boundary to use uniqid() -- More efficient
 Added _=_ to start of mime boundary -- Less likely to colllide.

 13th August 2006: 2.1.7
 Security bug fixed thanks to clamcrusher (sitepoint) for spotting that.
 Bug related to header injection possibilities by enclosing newlines in the
 < ... > part of an email address declaration.
 Also added getters for transactions and errors.

 13th August: 2.1.8
 Added "D" modifier to is7bitPrintable() method since $ matches newlines otherwise.
 Thanks again to clamcrusher - sourceforge member.
 14th August: 2.1.9
 Small change in safeEncodeHeader(). PHP 5.0.4 bug with chunk_split() not adding a
 trailing CRLF was causing an issue with headers disappearing.  Added sanity check.

 14th August: 2.1.10
 Small change in 2.1.9 should have been looking for '' not CRLF.

 16th August: 2.1.11
 Changed array_pop() in safeEncodeHeader() to use count() to get the last array element
 -- hadn't realised the array is acted upon by-reference in array_pop().

 18th August 2006: 2.1.12
 Added heaps of Units and Smoke Tests
 Added a couple of getters for plugins/parts/attachment counts
 28th August 2006: 2.1.13
 Added a native mail() connection for those who need it.
 Added a PHPMailer compat stub. (See compat folder)

 9th September 2006: 2.1.15
 Slightly adjusted how MIME parts are nested.  This might stop some confusion with certain
 services.  Also forced 8bit encoding on the overall structure of a multipart message.

 9th September 2006: 2.1.16
 More tweaking of message structure with MIME parts/attachments.

 18th October 2006: 2.1.17
 Fixed bug with detectUTF8() [array given when string expected..]
 Added setHeaderEncoding() method
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