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There are a number of people who are supporting this project and who are making
a HUGE difference to the speed of development and the ironing out of any bugs.

I'd just like to say a big thanks you to all who've helped, it does not go un-noticed.

Members of DevNetwork Forums:-
 Thanks for your input on the interface of Swift and for feeding em with new ideas.

Mark Carlson (Pinnacle Media Worldwide - http://www.pinnaclemediaworldwide.com/):-
 Where do I start?  Mark has helped me with all kinds things in this project and has
 been an excellent provider of feedback and debug assistance over email.  Mark has
 identified a number of bugs, several of which he even provided me the fixes for and he
 has also done lots of testing on Swift to help me along the way.  Thank you Mark!

Björn Sjöström
 Bjorn helped immensely with combatting a problem with F-Secure removing mail bodies as if
 they were attachments.  Bjorn is also a very generous project donor.
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