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- work with tab editing (each one having it's context)
- allow $ in prefix
- allow to call user function for autocompletion
- correctly display the box with window limits
- enable "live" detection for new syntax keyword in the file
- display a long description of the keyword (arround the box)

- beeing able to prefix those word by key words (sort of namespace)
- hide it on click
- enable it for ctrl+space in the middle of a word

/***** To do Needed *****/
- Internet explorer: adding a caracter one the longest line as for consequence to make a scrollLeft=0 (in non wrapped mode)
- Do optimisation for trying to only update the changed line in content_highlight
- add real IE8 support (fix the tabulation width bug in IE8 that has now always the same width no matter the font-size and font-family in textarea but not in <pre>...)
- change_callback is called one time at the beginning event if the text has not changed
- check later init call with safari 3
- improve callback documentation.

/***** To do Optionnal*****/

- possibility to switch on/off line numbers (allow to get more space)
- amelioration of the scroll_to_view function for when there is several lines selected (center a little more the selected text)
- improve opera 9 compatibility (very hard, need help for workaround) cf "Browser remarks".
- optimize scroll_to_view for Opera?
- add word wrap option for opera (bug with rendering mode of pre-wrap
- possibility to add larger font sizes as options?

/*** Bugs ***/

- firefox: when using verdana (or other non-monospace fonts) switching the font size after font load has as results to sometimes give different render in textarea and in content_highlight (espacially near 11 and 12pt)
- opera: (bloc word-wrap on opera) bug with cursor_end ()[] for a wrapped line (has wrong offsetLeft if rendered as multiline)
- opera: (bloc word-wrap on opera) bug if first wraped character follow a <span> (or similar) on wrapped lines
- when pressing "reset highlight" in IE the textarea scroll to the top (don't know how to fix this...)
- (still pending?) when pressing "shift+page down"  and then "shift+page up" the top of the selection move where as it should be to the bottom of the selection to move (to fix it: must know in which direction the selection grow in "get_selection_infos")

/*** Problems ***/

/*** Highlight bugs ***/

/*** Highlight problems ***/
- only one language at the same time (no html and php in the same textarea. This should be possible, but there would have no optimization and be very very slow)

/*** Global remarks ***/
- editarea must be always visible, to hide it use the hide() function

/*** Browser remarks/bugs ***/

- opera bug: pressing the " key is equals to pressing the scrolldown key (with french keyboard at least) (still in opera 9.6?)
- currently disabled: scrollDown/Up function (due to the " key error) (still in oera 9.6?)
- opera is very very slow with syntax highlight (regexp) (still in oera 9.6?)
- opera doesn't manage correctly the width 100% for the iframe
- it's possible to make scroll the window in fullscreen

- IE is far slower than firefox in highlight mode due to opacity filter
- It's seems impossible to get the selection range when wrap mode is "soft" (and it's still very diffcult when wrap mode is on)
- The syntax highlight mode is broken when text length is too long (~100000, 150000 chars) don't know why...

- the scrollHeight value for the textarea never decresease when lines are deleted (don't remember anything about this)

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