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$LANG_INFO = array(
    'Name' => 'en', 'Flag' => 'gb', 'Title' => 'English'

$LANG= array(
  '_ABOUT_US' => 'This site is powered by <a href="http://www.boonex.com/dolphin" target="_blank">BoonEx Dolphin</a>. The rest is a mystery.',
  '_ABOUT_US_H' => 'About Us',
  '_ACTION_EVERY_PERIOD' => ' every {4} hours',
  '_ACTION_LIMIT_REACHED' => 'Limit reached. Your current membership (<b>{2}</b>) allows you to {1} no more than {3} times',
  '_ACTION_NOT_ACTIVE' => '<div style="width: 80%">Your account is inactive. <a href="mailto:{7}">Contact us</a> to request account activation to access this feature.</div>',
  '_ACTION_NOT_ALLOWED' => '<div style="width: 80%">Your current membership (<b>{2}</b>) doesn\'t allow you to <b>{1}</b>.</div>',
  '_ACTION_NOT_ALLOWED_AFTER' => '<div style="width: 80%">Your current membership (<b>{2}</b>) doesn\'t allow you to <b>{1}</b> since <b>{5}</b>.</div>',
  '_ACTION_NOT_ALLOWED_BEFORE' => '<div style="width: 80%">Your current membership (<b>{2}</b>) doesn\'t allow you to <b>{1}</b> until <b>{6}</b>.</div>',
  '_ACTIVATION_EMAIL_H' => 'Email Confirmation',
  '_ACTIVATION_EMAIL_H1' => 'Your e-mail confirmation',
  '_ADM_PROFILE_SEND_MSG' => 'Your message has been sent.',
  '_ADVICE' => '
<p>"My advice to people today is as follows: if you take the game of life seriously, if you take your nervous system seriously, if you take your sense organs seriously, if you take the energy process seriously, you must turn on, tune in, and drop out."</p>
<p class="bx-def-font-grayed"><i>Timothy Leary</i></p>',
  '_ADVICE_H' => 'Advice',
  '_ADVICE_H1' => 'Advice',
  '_ALREADY_ACTIVATED' => 'Your account is already active..',
  '_ATT_ACTIVE' => '<a href="pedit.php?ID={0}">Edit Profile</a><span class="bullet">&#183;</span><a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="javascript:loadHtmlInPopup(\'explanation_popup\', \'explanation.php?explain=Active\');">Explanation</a><span class="bullet">&#183;</span><a href="change_status.php">Suspend</a>',
  '_ATT_ACTIVE_E' => 'You are an active member. You can suspend your profile to hide it from others, if needed.',
  '_ATT_APPROVAL' => '<a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="javascript:loadHtmlInPopup(\'explanation_popup\', \'explanation.php?explain=Approval\');">Info</a>',
  '_ATT_APPROVAL_E' => 'Your profile activation is in progress. Usually it takes up to 24 hours. Thank you for your patience.',
  '_ATT_REJECTED' => '<a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="javascript:loadHtmlInPopup(\'explanation_popup\', \'explanation.php?explain=Rejected\');">Info</a>',
  '_ATT_REJECTED_E' => 'Your profile was rejected by site administrator due to inacceptable or missing information. If you have any questions, please, <a target=_blank href="contact.php">contact us</a>.',
  '_ATT_SUSPENDED' => '<a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="javascript:loadHtmlInPopup(\'explanation_popup\', \'explanation.php?explain=Suspended\');">Info</a>',
  '_ATT_SUSPENDED_E' => 'Your profile is suspended and is not visible to others. You can activate it <a target=_blank href="change_status.php">here</a>. If you have any questions, please <a target=_blank href="contact.php">contact us</a>.',
  '_ATT_UNCONFIRMED' => '<a href="javascript:void(0);" onclick="javascript:loadHtmlInPopup(\'explanation_popup\', \'explanation.php?explain=Unconfirmed\');">Info</a>',
  '_ATT_UNCONFIRMED_E' => 'Follow the activation link in e-mail we\'ve sent you. <br /><a target=_blank href="activation_email.php">Re-send me the confirmation e-mail</a>.',
  '_About' => 'About',
  '_About Us' => 'About Us',
  '_Access denied' => 'Access denied',
  '_Account' => 'Account',
  '_Account Home' => 'Account Home',
  '_Account Info' => 'Account Info',
  '_Action' => 'Action',
  '_Actions' => 'Actions',
  '_Activate account' => 'Activate account',
  '_Active' => 'Active',
  '_Activity' => 'Connections',
  '_Add Category' => 'Add Category',
  '_Add Post' => 'Add Post',
  '_Add Your Comment' => 'Comment',
  '_Added' => 'Added',
  '_Added by' => 'Added by',
  '_Additional information' => 'Additional information',
  '_Admin' => 'Admin',
  '_Admin Panel' => 'Admin Panel',
  '_Advice' => 'Advice',
  '_All' => 'All',
  '_All Members' => 'All Members',
  '_Allowed Since' => 'Allowed Since',
  '_Allowed Until' => 'Allowed Until',
  '_Allowed actions' => 'Allowed actions',
  '_Anonymous' => 'Anonymous',
  '_Any' => '- Any -',
  '_Approve' => 'Approve',
  '_April' => 'April',
  '_Archive' => 'Archive',
  '_Are you sure?' => 'Are you sure?',
  '_August' => 'August',
  '_Auth type' => 'Auth type',
  '_Author' => 'Author',
  '_Away' => 'Away',
  '_Back' => 'Back',
  '_Back Invite' => 'Cancel Friend Request(s)',
  '_Basic' => 'Basic',
  '_Befriend' => 'Befriend',
  '_Birthdays' => 'Birthdays',
  '_Block' => 'Block',
  '_Block list' => 'Block list',
  '_Bookmark' => 'Bookmark',
  '_BoonEx News' => 'BoonEx News',
  '_Bottom' => 'Bottom',
  '_Browse' => 'Browse',
  '_Browse Profiles' => 'Browse Profiles',
  '_Busy' => 'Busy',
  '_By' => 'By',
  '_By Age' => 'By Age',
  '_By Country' => 'By Country',
  '_By Female' => 'Women',
  '_By Male' => 'Men',
  '_By Sex' => 'By Sex',
  '_CHANGE_STATUS_H' => 'Change Account Status',
  '_CHANGE_STATUS_H1' => 'Suspend/Activate your account',
  '_COMPOSE_H' => 'Write a new message',
  '_COMPOSE_H1' => 'Write and send a message',
  '_CONTACT' => 'Your contact information is here',
  '_CONTACT_H' => 'Contact us',
  '_CONTACT_H1' => 'Feedback section - questions and comments.',
  '_Can not delete comments with replies' => 'Comments with replies cannot be deleted.',
  '_Cancel' => 'Cancel',
  '_Cancel_Uploads' => 'Cancel Uploads',
  '_Captcha check failed' => 'Security image check failed',
  '_Caption' => 'Caption',
  '_Categories' => 'Categories',
  '_CategoriesSettings' => 'Categories Settings',
  '_Category' => 'Category',
  '_Chat' => 'chat',
  '_Choose' => 'Choose',
  '_City' => 'City',
  '_Click here' => 'Click here',
  '_Click to sort' => 'Click to sort',
  '_Close' => 'minimize',
  '_Comment Negative' => 'Negative',
  '_Comment Neutral' => 'Neutral',
  '_Comment Positive' => 'Positive',
  '_Comments' => 'Comments',
  '_Compose' => 'Compose',
  '_Compose new letter' => 'Compose',
  '_Confirm password' => 'Confirm password',
  '_Confirm password descr' => 'Enter the same password here',
  '_Confirmation code' => 'Confirmation code',
  '_Contact' => 'Contact',
  '_Contact information not sent' => 'Contact information not sent',
  '_Contact information sent' => 'Contact information sent',
  '_Contacted' => 'Contacted',
  '_Content' => 'Content',
  '_Continue' => 'Continue',
  '_Control Panel' => 'My Account',
  '_Count' => 'Count',
  '_Counter' => 'Counter',
  '_Country' => 'Country',
  '_Couple' => 'Couple',
  '_Couple profile not found' => 'Couple profile was not found',
  '_Customize' => 'Customize',
  '_DELETE_SUCCESS' => 'Your account was successfully deleted',
  '_DELETE_TEXT' => 'All of your content will be deleted. Are you sure you want to delete your account?',
  '_Dashboard' => 'Account',
  '_Database Error' => 'Database Error',
  '_Date' => 'Date',
  '_De-Feature it' => 'UnFeature',
  '_December' => 'December',
  '_Delete' => 'Delete',
  '_Delete account' => 'Delete account',
  '_Delete image' => 'Delete image',
  '_Description' => 'Description',
  '_Disapprove' => 'Disapprove',
  '_Duplicate vote' => 'Duplicate vote',
  '_E-mail' => 'E-mail',
  '_E-mail or ID' => 'Username',
  '_EMAIL_CONF_FAILED_EX' => 'This could happen because your web mail service displays web links improperly. If you see this message, please try to <u>exactly</u> copy the link from the confirmation e-mail and paste it into your browser\'s address bar <b>or</b> just enter the confirmation code below:',
  '_EMAIL_CONF_NOT_SENT' => '<b>E-mail has NOT been sent.</b><br />Unfortunately we could not send the confirmation e-mail. Please, try again later. We appologize for any inconvenience. <a href="contact.php">Please report this issue to us</a>.',
  '_EMAIL_CONF_SENT' => '<b>E-mail has been successfully sent.</b><br />You should receive it within a minute.',
  '_EMAIL_CONF_SUCCEEDED' => 'Congratulations! Your e-mail is now confirmed.<br /><br />Your profile is created and is awaiting review. Thank you for your patience.',
  '_ENTER_CONF_CODE' => 'Enter confirmation code',
  '_ERROR_WHILE_PROCESSING' => 'Error while processing uploaded image',
  '_EXPLANATION_H' => 'Explanation',
  '_Edit' => 'Edit',
  '_Edit Profile' => 'Edit Profile',
  '_EditProfile' => 'Edit',
  '_Edit_profile_and_settings' => 'Edit profile info and settings',
  '_Email' => 'Email',
  '_Email confirmation' => 'Email confirmation',
  '_Email confirmation Ex' => 'E-mail confirmed',
  '_Email sent failed' => 'Email send failed',
  '_Email was successfully sent' => 'Email was successfully sent',
  '_Embed' => 'Embed',
  '_Empty' => 'Empty',
  '_Enter Captcha' => 'Enter Captcha',
  '_Enter email(s)' => 'Enter email(s)',
  '_Enter new URL' => 'Enter new URL',
  '_Enter what you see' => 'Enter what you see',
  '_Error' => 'Error',
  '_Error Occured' => 'Error Occurred',
  '_Error occured' => 'Error occurred',
  '_Errors in join form' => 'Form contains errors, please review errors and try again.',
  '_Expiration date' => 'Expiration date',
  '_Extended' => 'Extended',
  '_FAILED_TO_SEND_MESSAGE' => 'Failed to send message to one or more recipients.',
  '_FAILED_TO_SEND_MESSAGE_BLOCK' => 'Failed to send message. This member has blocked you.',
  '_FAILED_TO_SEND_MESSAGE_MEMBERSHIP_DISALLOW' => 'Your membership level doesn\'t allow you to send messages',
  '_FAILED_TO_SEND_MESSAGE_NOT_ACTIVE' => 'Failed to send message. Recipient is not an active member. <a href="{0}">[Click here]</a> to send another message.',
  '_FAQ' => 'FAQ',
  '_FAQ_H' => 'FAQ',
  '_FAQ_H1' => 'FAQ',
  '_FAQ_INFO' => '
<h2>How can I upload a primary photo</h2>
<p>Go to Account then click on Avatar.
You will be able to select an Avatar as your primary photo or you can upload a photo from your computer.
If the Photos module is installed, from the View photo page you can set a photo as your Default Avatar.</p>

<h2>How can I edit my profile?</h2>
<p>Go to Account then click Edit Profile.
You will be able to edit your profile details such as Headline, Description, Gender etc.

<h2>How can I send a private message to a user?</h2>
<p>There are 2 ways you can send a private message to a user
1) Click on the Mail icon in member menu and select Compose.
In the Recipient field, type in the username of the user you want to send a message to.
If the username exists, it will populate as you\'re typing in the Username.
This will help to ensure you type in the correct username.
2) From the users profile you can click Send Letter.</p>

<h2>Can I view messages I have sent?</h2>
<p>Click on the Mail icon in member menu and click Outbox.
This will take you to your Outbox which contains Messages and Greetings you have sent.
You can have just messages display or just Greetings by placing a check mark beside what you want to see.
Removing a check mark beside Messages for example will display everything but Messages and vise versa.</p>

<h2>I accidentally removed the wrong message, can I retrieve it?</h2>
<p>Click on the Mail icon in member menu then click on Trash.
This will display all Messages and Greetings you deleted.
Choose what you want to retrieve and click Restore
The message(s) selected will now be back in your Inbox.</p>

<h2>Are my messages on here permanently unless I delete them?</h2>
<p>To save space on our server and to ensure the site is not running what it doesn\'t need to run, old messages maybe removed periodically.</p>

<h2>How does Subscriptions work?</h2>
<p>When you subscribe to another user, that user\'s profile will be listed in your subscriptions page.
This also applies to subscribing to other users activities such as blogs etc.</p>

<h2>A member keeps harassing me, what can I do?</h2>
<p>If a member of the site is harassing you, Ignore or block that user.
If the problem progresses you should contact the site administrator.</p>

<h2>Why was my account terminated?</h2>
<p>We strictly enforce our Terms Of Service and make every effort possible to make sure all users are following them.
Your account may have been terminated due to a breach in the Terms Of Service (aka TOS).
If you felt that your account was terminated for no probable reason, we ask that you contact the site administrator.</p>

<h2>Why does my profile status say Approval?</h2>
<p>The administrator may have chosen to have profiles approved first before joining the site.</p>

<h2>Why can\'t I log in to my account?</h2>
<p>Chances are you may have misspelled your password or had your CAPS LOCK on while typing your password.
Try typing your password with CAPS LOCK off.
If this fails, you can request a password that will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered.</p>

  '_FORGOT' => 'Forgot your ID and/or password? Please, write your e-mail address below and we will send you your account ID and password.',
  '_FREEMAIL_ALREADY_SENT' => 'You have already requested this member\'s contact information for free. You can see it in <a href="profile.php?ID={0}">their profile</a>, or in <a href="communicator.php">your Connections</a>.',
  '_FREEMAIL_BLOCK' => 'Sorry, contact information could not be sent to you. This member has blocked you.',
  '_FREEMAIL_ERROR' => 'Sorry, contact information could not be sent to you at this time. Make sure that you are logged in and  your profile is in active mode.',
  '_FREEMAIL_H' => 'Get contact information for free!',
  '_FREEMAIL_NOT_ALLOWED' => 'Sorry, this member\'s contact information cannot be received for free. You must purchase it.',
  '_FREEMAIL_NOT_KISSED' => 'You haven\'t recevied greetings from this member.',
  '_FREEMAIL_SENT' => 'You have just been sent an e-mail with {0}\'s contact information.',
  '_Failed to apply changes' => 'Failed to apply changes',
  '_Fave' => 'Fave',
  '_Remove Fave' => 'Unfave',
  '_Faves' => 'Faves',
  '_Feature it' => 'Feature it',
  '_Featured' => 'Featured',
  '_February' => 'February',
  '_Female' => 'Woman',
  '_FieldCaption_Admin Controls_View' => 'Admin Controls',
  '_FieldCaption_DateReg_View' => 'Registration Date',
  '_FieldCaption_General Info_View' => 'General Info',
  '_FieldCaption_Misc_View' => 'Misc',
  '_FieldCaption_Sex_Join' => 'Sex',
  '_FieldCaption_Admin Controls_Edit' => 'Admin Controls',
  '_FieldCaption_Admin Controls_Join' => 'Admin Controls',
  '_FieldCaption_Age_View' => 'Age',
  '_FieldCaption_Captcha_Join' => 'Captcha',
  '_FieldCaption_City_Edit' => 'City',
  '_FieldCaption_City_Join' => 'City',
  '_FieldCaption_City_Search' => 'City',
  '_FieldCaption_City_View' => 'City',
  '_FieldCaption_Country_Edit' => 'Country',
  '_FieldCaption_Country_Join' => 'Country',
  '_FieldCaption_Country_Search' => 'Country',
  '_FieldCaption_Country_View' => 'Country',
  '_FieldCaption_Couple_Join' => 'Profile type',
  '_FieldCaption_Couple_Search' => 'Profile type',
  '_FieldCaption_DateLastEdit_View' => 'Last profile edition date',
  '_FieldCaption_DateLastLogin_View' => 'Last Login Date',
  '_FieldCaption_DateOfBirth_Edit' => 'Date Of Birth',
  '_FieldCaption_DateOfBirth_Join' => 'Date of birth',
  '_FieldCaption_DateOfBirth_Search' => 'Age',
  '_FieldCaption_DateOfBirth_View' => 'Date Of Birth',
  '_FieldCaption_DescriptionMe_Edit' => 'Description',
  '_FieldCaption_DescriptionMe_Join' => 'Description',
  '_FieldCaption_DescriptionMe_View' => 'Description',
  '_FieldCaption_Description_Join' => 'Description',
  '_FieldCaption_Description_View' => 'Description',
  '_FieldCaption_Education_Edit' => 'Education',
  '_FieldCaption_Education_View' => 'Education',
  '_FieldCaption_EmailNotify_Edit' => 'Receive site notifications',
  '_FieldCaption_EmailNotify_Join' => 'Receive site notifications',
  '_FieldCaption_Email_Edit' => 'Email',
  '_FieldCaption_Email_Join' => 'Email',
  '_FieldCaption_Email_View' => 'Email',
  '_FieldCaption_Ethnicity_Edit' => 'Ethnicity',
  '_FieldCaption_Ethnicity_View' => 'Ethnicity',
  '_FieldCaption_FavoriteBooks_Edit' => 'Favorite Books',
  '_FieldCaption_FavoriteBooks_View' => 'Favorite Books',
  '_FieldCaption_FavoriteFilms_Edit' => 'Favorite Films',
  '_FieldCaption_FavoriteFilms_View' => 'Favorite Films',
  '_FieldCaption_FavoriteMusic_Edit' => 'Favorite Music',
  '_FieldCaption_FavoriteMusic_View' => 'Favorite Music',
  '_FieldCaption_FavoriteSites_Edit' => 'Favorite Sites',
  '_FieldCaption_FavoriteSites_View' => 'Favorite Sites',
  '_FieldCaption_Featured_Edit' => 'Featured',
  '_FieldCaption_FirstName_Edit' => 'First Name',
  '_FieldCaption_FirstName_Join' => 'First  Name',
  '_FieldCaption_FirstName_View' => 'First Name',
  '_FieldCaption_General Info_Edit' => 'General Info',
  '_FieldCaption_General Info_Join' => 'General Info',
  '_FieldCaption_General Info_Search' => 'Specific',
  '_FieldCaption_Headline_Edit' => 'Headline',
  '_FieldCaption_Headline_Join' => 'Headline',
  '_FieldCaption_Headline_View' => 'Headline',
  '_FieldCaption_Height_Edit' => 'Height',
  '_FieldCaption_Height_View' => 'Height',
  '_FieldCaption_Hobbies_Edit' => 'Hobbies',
  '_FieldCaption_Hobbies_View' => 'Hobbies',
  '_FieldCaption_ID_Search' => 'Member ID',
  '_FieldCaption_ID_View' => 'Member ID',
  '_FieldCaption_Income_Edit' => 'Income',
  '_FieldCaption_Income_View' => 'Income',
  '_FieldCaption_Interests_Edit' => 'Interests',
  '_FieldCaption_Interests_View' => 'Interests',
  '_FieldCaption_Keyword_Search' => 'Keyword',
  '_FieldCaption_LastName_Edit' => 'Last Name',
  '_FieldCaption_LastName_Join' => 'Last Name',
  '_FieldCaption_LastName_View' => 'Last Name',
  '_FieldCaption_Location_Search' => 'Location',
  '_FieldCaption_LookingFor_Edit' => 'Looking For',
  '_FieldCaption_LookingFor_Join' => 'Looking for',
  '_FieldCaption_LookingFor_Search' => 'I am a',
  '_FieldCaption_LookingFor_View' => 'Looking For',
  '_FieldCaption_Membership_Edit' => 'Membership level',
  '_FieldCaption_Misc Info_Edit' => 'Misc Info',
  '_FieldCaption_Misc Info_Join' => 'Miscellaneous Info',
  '_FieldCaption_Misc Info_Search' => 'Options',
  '_FieldCaption_Misc Info_View' => 'Misc Info',
  '_FieldCaption_NickName_Edit' => 'Username',
  '_FieldCaption_NickName_Join' => 'Username',
  '_FieldCaption_NickName_Search' => 'Username',
  '_FieldCaption_NickName_View' => 'Username',
  '_FieldCaption_Occupation_Edit' => 'Occupation',
  '_FieldCaption_Occupation_View' => 'Occupation',
  '_FieldCaption_Password_Edit' => 'Change Password',
  '_FieldCaption_Password_Join' => 'Password',
  '_FieldCaption_Profile Type_Join' => 'Profile type',
  '_FieldCaption_ProfilePhoto_Join' => 'Upload photo',
  '_FieldCaption_RelationshipStatus_Edit' => 'Relationship Status',
  '_FieldCaption_RelationshipStatus_View' => 'Relationship Status',
  '_FieldCaption_Religion_Edit' => 'Religion',
  '_FieldCaption_Religion_View' => 'Religion',
  '_FieldCaption_Religious_Edit' => 'Religion',
  '_FieldCaption_Security Image_Join' => 'Security Image',
  '_FieldCaption_Sex_Edit' => 'Sex',
  '_FieldCaption_Sex_Search' => 'Looking for',
  '_FieldCaption_Sex_View' => 'Sex',
  '_FieldCaption_Status_Edit' => 'Status',
  '_FieldCaption_Status_View' => 'Status',
  '_FieldCaption_Tags_Join' => 'Tags',
  '_FieldCaption_Tags_Search' => 'Tag',
  '_FieldCaption_Tags_View' => 'Tags',
  '_FieldCaption_TermsOfUse_Join' => 'I have read and agreed with <a href="terms_of_use.php" target="_blank">Terms of Use</a> and <a href="privacy.php" target="_blank">Privacy Policy</a>.',
  '_FieldCaption_Weight_Edit' => 'weight',
  '_FieldCaption_Weight_View' => 'Weight',
  '_FieldCaption_allow_view_to_Edit' => 'Profile privacy',
  '_FieldCaption_zip_Edit' => 'Post code (Zip)',
  '_FieldCaption_zip_Join' => 'Post code (Zip)',
  '_FieldDesc_Sex_Join' => 'Please specify your gender',
  '_FieldDesc_Captcha_Join' => 'Let us check that you are not a robot. Just enter the text you see on the picture.',
  '_FieldDesc_City_Join' => 'Specify the city where you live ',
  '_FieldDesc_Country_Join' => 'Select the country where you live ',
  '_FieldDesc_Couple_Join' => 'Select "Couple" if you are joining as a couple',
  '_FieldDesc_DateLastEdit_View' => 'Last profile edit',
  '_FieldDesc_DateLastLogin_View' => 'Last log in',
  '_FieldDesc_DateOfBirth_Join' => 'Please specify your birth date: Year-Month-Day',
  '_FieldDesc_DescriptionMe_Join' => 'Describe yourself in a few words. Your description should be at least {0} characters long.',
  '_FieldDesc_Education_Edit' => 'Your education',
  '_FieldDesc_Email_Join' => 'Enter your Email. Your password will be sent to this email.',
  '_FieldDesc_Ethnicity_Edit' => 'Your ethnicity',
  '_FieldDesc_FavoriteBooks_Edit' => 'Your favorite books',
  '_FieldDesc_FavoriteFilms_Edit' => 'Your favorite films',
  '_FieldDesc_FavoriteMusic_Edit' => 'Your favorite music',
  '_FieldDesc_FavoriteSites_Edit' => 'Your favorite sites',
  '_FieldDesc_Featured_Edit' => 'Show this member in "Featured" block of index page',
  '_FieldDesc_FirstName_Join' => 'Enter your first name',
  '_FieldDesc_Headline_Join' => 'Enter your life headline',
  '_FieldDesc_Height_Edit' => 'Your height',
  '_FieldDesc_Hobbies_Edit' => 'Your hobbies',
  '_FieldDesc_ID_View' => 'ID',
  '_FieldDesc_Income_Edit' => 'Your income',
  '_FieldDesc_Interests_Edit' => 'Your Interests',
  '_FieldDesc_LastName_Join' => 'Enter your last name',
  '_FieldDesc_LookingFor_Join' => 'Please specify whom you are looking for',
  '_FieldDesc_Membership_Edit' => 'Member membership level',
  '_FieldDesc_NickName_Join' => 'Choose a Username which will be used for logging in to the site',
  '_FieldDesc_Occupation_Edit' => 'Your occupation',
  '_FieldDesc_Password_Edit' => 'To save old password, just leave this field empty. To change, enter new password and confirm it below.',
  '_FieldDesc_Password_Join' => 'Choose a password.',
  '_FieldDesc_RelationshipStatus_Edit' => 'Your relationship status',
  '_FieldDesc_Religion_Edit' => 'Your religion',
  '_FieldDesc_Religious_Edit' => 'Your religion',
  '_FieldDesc_Status_Edit' => 'System user status',
  '_FieldDesc_Tags_Join' => 'Enter a few words separated by commas that describe your character',
  '_FieldDesc_Weight_Edit' => 'Your weight',
  '_FieldDesc_zip_Edit' => 'Enter your Post code (Zip)',
  '_FieldDesc_zip_Join' => 'Enter your Post code (Zip)',
  '_FieldError_City_Mandatory' => 'You must specify your city',
  '_FieldError_City_Max' => 'Please, enter {0} character(s) or less',
  '_FieldError_City_Min' => 'Please, enter {0} character(s) or more',
  '_FieldError_Country_Mandatory' => 'You must specify your country',
  '_FieldError_DateOfBirth_Mandatory' => 'You must specify your birth date',
  '_FieldError_DateOfBirth_Max' => 'You cannot join the site if you are older than {0} years',
  '_FieldError_DateOfBirth_Min' => 'You cannot join the site if you are younger than {0} years',
  '_FieldError_DescriptionMe_Mandatory' => 'You must enter your description',
  '_FieldError_DescriptionMe_Min' => 'Your description should be at least 20 letters long',
  '_FieldError_Email_Check' => 'Please enter correct e-mail',
  '_FieldError_Email_Mandatory' => 'E-mail address is required',
  '_FieldError_Email_Min' => 'Your email is too short',
  '_FieldError_Email_Unique' => 'Account with this email already exists.',
  '_FieldError_FirstName_Mandatory' => 'Enter your first name',
  '_FieldError_FirstName_Max' => 'Please, enter {0} character(s) or less',
  '_FieldError_FirstName_Min' => 'Please, enter {0} character(s) or more',
  '_FieldError_Headline_Mandatory' => 'You must specify your headline',
  '_FieldError_Headline_Max' => 'Please, enter {0} character(s) or less',
  '_FieldError_Headline_Min' => 'Please, enter {0} character(s) or more',
  '_FieldError_LastName_Mandatory' => 'Enter your last name',
  '_FieldError_LastName_Max' => 'Please, enter {0} character(s) or less',
  '_FieldError_LastName_Min' => 'Please, enter {0} character(s) or more',
  '_FieldError_NickName_Check' => 'Your Username must contain only latin symbols, numbers or underscore ( _ ) or minus ( - ) signs',
  '_FieldError_NickName_Mandatory' => 'You must enter Username',
  '_FieldError_NickName_Max' => 'Your Username should be no longer than {0} characters long',
  '_FieldError_NickName_Min' => 'Your Username must be at least {0} characters long',
  '_FieldError_NickName_Unique' => 'This Username is already in use by another member. Please select another Username.',
  '_FieldError_Password_Mandatory' => 'Password is required',
  '_FieldError_Password_Max' => 'Your password should be no longer than {0} characters',
  '_FieldError_Password_Min' => 'Your password must be at least {0} characters long',
  '_FieldError_Sex_Mandatory' => 'Please, specify your gender',
  '_FieldError_zip_Mandatory' => 'Please, specify your ZIP code',
  '_FieldError_zip_Max' => 'Please, enter {0} character(s) or less',
  '_FieldError_zip_Min' => 'Please, enter {0} character(s) or more',
  '_FieldValues_Active' => 'Active',
  '_FieldValues_Approval' => 'Approval',
  '_FieldValues_Engaged' => 'Engaged',
  '_FieldValues_In a Relationship' => 'In a Relationship',
  '_FieldValues_In an Open Relationship' => 'In an Open Relationship',
  '_FieldValues_It\'s Complicated' => 'It\'s Complicated',
  '_FieldValues_Married' => 'Married',
  '_FieldValues_Rejected' => 'Rejected',
  '_FieldValues_Single' => 'Single',
  '_FieldValues_Suspended' => 'Suspended',
  '_FieldValues_Unconfirmed' => 'Unconfirmed',
  '_File info was sent' => 'File info was sent',
  '_First' => 'First',
  '_First Person' => 'First Person',
  '_First page' => 'First page',
  '_First value must be bigger' => 'First value must be bigger',
  '_Forgot password?' => 'Forgot Password?',
  '_Friend Requests' => 'Friend Requests',
  '_Friend email' => 'Friend email',
  '_Friend list' => 'Friend list',
  '_Friend was removed' => 'Friend was removed',
  '_FriendRequest' => 'Friend Request',
  '_Friends' => 'Friends',
  '_Friends of' => 'Friends of {0}',
  '_From' => 'From',
  '_Get E-mail' => 'Get E-mail',
  '_Go admin panel' => 'Go in admin panel',
  '_Greet' => 'Greeting',
  '_Greetings' => 'Greetings',
  '_Guest' => 'Guest',
  '_HELP' => '
<p>"If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want."</p>
<p class="bx-def-font-grayed"><i>Zig Ziglar</i></p>',
  '_HELP_H' => 'Help',
  '_HELP_H1' => 'Help',
  '_HTML Block' => 'HTML Block',
  '_Header' => 'Header',
  '_Hello member' => 'Hello, <b>{0}</b>!',
  '_Hide' => 'Hide',
  '_Hide N replies' => '<span>{0}</span> replies',
  '_Home' => 'Home',
  '_I am' => 'I am',
  '_ID' => 'E-Mail or ID',
  '_INVALID_PASSWD' => 'Sorry, invalid password! Please try again.',
  '_INVALID_ROLE' => 'Access denied',
  '_In' => 'In',
  '_Inbox' => 'Inbox',
  '_Incorrect Captcha' => 'Incorrect Security Image Entry',
  '_Incorrect Email' => 'Incorrect Email',
  '_Info' => 'Info',
  '_Invite a friend' => 'Invite A Friend',
  '_January' => 'January',
  '_JOIN_H' => 'Join',
  '_Join' => 'Join',
  '_Join complete' => 'Joining process has been completed.',
  '_Join failed' => 'Join failed',
  '_Join now' => 'Join Now',
  '_July' => 'July',
  '_June' => 'June',
  '_Keyword' => 'Keyword',
  '_Keyword_Search' => 'Keyword Search',
  '_LOGIN_OBSOLETE' => 'Your login information has expired, please re-login.',
  '_LOGIN_REQUIRED_AE1' => 'Sorry, you need to login before you can use this page.',
  '_LOGIN_REQUIRED_AE2' => 'If you are not registered at {2} you can join right now.<br />',
  '_Language' => 'Language',
  '_Last' => 'Last',
  '_Last login' => 'Last login',
  '_Last page' => 'Last page',
  '_Latest' => 'latest',
  '_Latest activity' => 'Latest activity',
  '_Location' => 'Location',
  '_Log In' => 'Log in',
  '_Log Out' => 'Logout',
  '_Login' => 'Login',
  '_LookinFemale' => 'Woman',
  '_LookinMale' => 'Man',
  '_MEMBERSHIP_EXPIRES_IN_DAYS' => 'expires in {0} day(s)',
  '_MEMBERSHIP_EXPIRES_NEVER' => 'expires never',
  '_MEMBERSHIP_EXPIRES_TODAY' => 'expires today at {0}. (Server time: {1})',
  '_MEMBERSHIP_UPGRADE_FROM_STANDARD' => '<a href="{0}">Upgrade Options</a>',
  '_MEMBERS_INVITE_YOU_FRIENDLIST' => 'Friend requests',
  '_MEMBERS_YOU_BLOCKLISTED' => 'Members you have blocked',
  '_MEMBERS_YOU_BLOCKLISTED_BY' => 'Members who blocked you',
  '_MEMBERS_YOU_HOTLISTED' => 'Members you have hotlisted',
  '_MEMBERS_YOU_HOTLISTED_BY' => 'Members who hotlisted you',
  '_MEMBERS_YOU_INVITED_FRIENDLIST' => 'Members who invited you',
  '_MEMBERS_YOU_KISSED' => 'Members you have greeted',
  '_MEMBERS_YOU_KISSED_BY' => 'Members who greeted you',
  '_MEMBER_NOT_RECOGNIZED' => 'Sorry, we could not recognize you. Please, make sure that you entered the e-mail address used when creating your account.',
  '_MEMBER_RECOGNIZED_MAIL_NOT_SENT' => 'You have been recognized as a {0} member, but it was impossible to send you an e-mail with your account details right now. Please, try again later.',
  '_MEMBER_RECOGNIZED_MAIL_SENT' => 'You have been recognized as a {1} member and your account details have just been sent to you. Once you receive the letter from us, <a href="{0}member.php">log-in here</a>.',
  '_MESSAGE_SENT' => 'Message has been successfully sent. <a href="{0}">Send</a> another message or <a href="{1}">view</a> {2}\'s profile.',
  '_Mail' => 'Mail',
  '_Mail box' => 'Mail box',
  '_Mailbox' => 'Mailbox',
  '_Mailbox description empty' => 'Please enter the description',
  '_Mailbox recipient empty' => 'Please enter the recipient\'s nickname',
  '_Mailbox title empty' => 'Please enter the title',
  '_Main' => 'Main',
  '_Male' => 'Man',
  '_Map' => 'Map',
  '_March' => 'March',
  '_Mark as New' => 'Mark as Unread',
  '_Mark as old' => 'Mark as Read',
  '_Match' => 'Match',
  '_May' => 'May',
  '_Member' => 'Member',
  '_Member Friends' => 'Friends',
  '_Member Friends Mutual' => 'Mutual Friends',
  '_Member Friends Requests' => 'Friend Requests',
  '_Member Login' => 'Login',
  '_Member Profile' => 'Member Profile',
  '_Member menu position' => 'Member menu position',
  '_Members' => 'Members',
  '_Members_adm_stats' => 'Pending Members',
  '_Membership2' => 'Membership',
  '_Membership_current' => 'Current',
  '_Membership_days' => 'Duration',
  '_Membership_days_info' => 'in days (leave empty for lifetime)',
  '_Membership_name' => 'Name',
  '_Membership_name_err_empty' => 'You need to select a membership level',
  '_Membership_save' => 'Save',
  '_Membership_save_err_saved' => 'Cannot update membership level. Please report.',
  '_Membership_save_msg_saved' => 'Membership level was updated successfully.',
  '_Membership_starts' => 'Starts<br />immediately',
  '_Message' => 'Message',
  '_Message text' => 'Message text',
  '_Messages' => 'Messages',
  '_More actions' => 'More actions',
  '_Mutual Friends' => 'Mutual Friends',
  '_My Account' => 'My Account',
  '_My Email' => 'My Email',
  '_My Friends' => 'My Friends',
  '_My contacts' => 'My Contacts',
  '_N point' => '<span>{0}</span> point',
  '_N points' => '<span>{0}</span> points',
  '_N times' => '{0} time(s)',
  '_NO_NEED_TO_CONFIRM_EMAIL' => 'There is no need to confirm your account e-mail because it\'s already confirmed.',
  '_Name' => 'Name',
  '_Name is required' => 'Name is required',
  '_New Post' => 'New Post',
  '_News' => 'News',
  '_Next' => 'Next',
  '_Next page' => 'Next page',
  '_NickName' => 'Username',
  '_No' => 'No',
  '_No member specified' => 'No member specified',
  '_No such comment' => 'No such comment',
  '_None' => 'None',
  '_Notify by e-mail' => 'Notify {0} by e-mail',
  '_November' => 'November',
  '_Now online' => 'Now Online',
  '_OUR_SERV' => 'Our services',
  '_October' => 'October',
  '_Offline' => 'Offline',
  '_Online' => 'Online',
  '_Online Friends' => 'Online Friends',
  '_Order by' => 'Order by:',
  '_Outbox' => 'Outbox',
  '_Overview' => 'Overview',
  '_PRIVACY' => '
This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which {0} collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from users (each, a "User") of the <a href="{1}">{1}</a> website ("Site"). This privacy policy applies to the Site and all products and services offered by {0}.<br><br>

<b>Personal identification information</b><br><br>

We may collect personal identification information from Users in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, when Users visit our site, register on the site, subscribe to the newsletter, and in connection with other activities, services, features or resources we make available on our Site. Users may be asked for, as appropriate, name, email address, mailing address. Users may, however, visit our Site anonymously. We will collect personal identification information from Users only if they voluntarily submit such information to us. Users can always refuse to supply personally identification information, except that it may prevent them from engaging in certain Site related activities.<br><br>

<b>Non-personal identification information</b><br><br>

We may collect non-personal identification information about Users whenever they interact with our Site. Non-personal identification information may include the browser name, the type of computer and technical information about Users means of connection to our Site, such as the operating system and the Internet service providers utilized and other similar information.<br><br>

<b>Web browser cookies</b><br><br>

Our Site may use "cookies" to enhance User experience. User\'s web browser places cookies on their hard drive for record-keeping purposes and sometimes to track information about them. User may choose to set their web browser to refuse cookies, or to alert you when cookies are being sent. If they do so, note that some parts of the Site may not function properly.<br><br>

<b>How we use collected information</b><br><br>

{0} may collect and use Users personal information for the following purposes:<br>
<li><i>- To personalize user experience</i><br>
    We may use information in the aggregate to understand how our Users as a group use the services and resources provided on our Site.</li>
<li><i>- To send periodic emails</i><br>
We may use the email address to respond to their inquiries, questions, and/or other requests. If User decides to opt-in to our mailing list, they will receive emails that may include company news, updates, related product or service information, etc. If at any time the User would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, we include detailed unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of each email or User may contact us via our Site.</li>
<b>How we protect your information</b><br><br>

We adopt appropriate data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your personal information, username, password, transaction information and data stored on our Site.<br><br>

<b>Sharing your personal information</b><br><br>

We do not sell, trade, or rent Users personal identification information to others. We may share generic aggregated demographic information not linked to any personal identification information regarding visitors and users with our business partners, trusted affiliates and advertisers for the purposes outlined above.<br><br>

<b>Changes to this privacy policy</b><br><br>

{0} has the discretion to update this privacy policy at any time. When we do, we will revise the updated date at the bottom of this page. We encourage Users to frequently check this page for any changes to stay informed about how we are helping to protect the personal information we collect. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to review this privacy policy periodically and become aware of modifications.<br><br>

<b>Your acceptance of these terms</b><br><br>

By using this Site, you signify your acceptance of this policy and <a href="{1}terms_of_use.php">terms of service</a>. If you do not agree to this policy, please do not use our Site. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes to this policy will be deemed your acceptance of those changes.<br><br>

<b>Contacting us</b><br><br>

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please <a href="{1}contact.php">contact us</a>.

<div class="bx-def-font-small bx-def-font-grayed bx-def-margin-sec-top">Privacy policy created by <a href="http://www.generateprivacypolicy.com" target="_blank">Generate Privacy Policy</a></div>
  '_PRIVACY_H' => 'Privacy Policy',
  '_PRIVACY_H1' => 'Privacy policy',
  '_PROFILE_CANT_ACTIVATE/SUSPEND' => 'You can not change your account status.',
  '_PROFILE_CAN_ACTIVATE' => 'You can activate your account to make it visible again.',
  '_PROFILE_CAN_SUSPEND' => 'You can suspend your account, making it temporarily invisible. You can reactivate it later.',
  '_PROFILE_CONFIRM' => 'Congratulations! Your e-mail confirmation succeeded and your profile has been activated.<br />',
  '_PROFILE_ERR' => 'Error!\\r\\nYour username or password was incorrect. Please try again.',
  '_PROFILE_NOT_AVAILABLE' => 'Profile is not available.',
  '_Page' => 'Page',
  '_Page URI' => 'Page URI',
  '_Page title' => 'Page title',
  '_Password' => 'Password',
  '_Password confirmation failed' => 'Password confirmation failed',
  '_Password retrieval' => 'Member password retrieval at {0}',
  '_People' => 'People',
  '_People_Calendar' => 'Calendar',
  '_People_Search' => 'People Search',
  '_Period_hours' => 'Period (hours)',
  '_Phone' => 'Phone',
  '_Picture' => 'Picture',
  '_Please Wait' => 'Please Wait',
  '_Please enter 3-2048 characters' => 'Please enter 3-2048 characters',
  '_Please specify image file' => 'Please specify image file',
  '_Please, select at least one message' => 'Please, select at least one message',
  '_Please_Select_' => 'Please Select...',
  '_Popular' => 'Popular',
  '_Post' => 'Post',
  '_Presence' => 'Presence',
  '_Preview' => 'Preview',
  '_Previous page' => 'Previous page',
  '_Privacy' => 'Privacy',
  '_Profile' => 'Profile',
  '_Profile NA' => 'Profile not available for view',
  '_Profile Not found' => 'Profile has not been found',
  '_Profile Not found Ex' => 'Specified profile not found in the database. It must have been removed earlier.',
  '_Profile activation failed' => 'Profile activation failed.',
  '_Profile info' => 'Profile information',
  '_Profile not found' => 'Profile not found',
  '_Profile not specified' => 'Profile not specified',
  '_Profile status' => 'Profile status',
  '_ProfilePhotos' => 'Profile Photos',
  '_Profiles' => 'Profiles',
  '_Quick Links' => 'Quick Links',
  '_Quick Search' => 'Quick Search',
  '_RECOGNIZED' => 'You are recognized as a {0} member',
  '_RESULT-1_A' => 'Transaction verification failed.',
  '_RESULT-1_D' => 'We think that what you\'ve done is bad.',
  '_RESULT-1_H' => 'Security breach suspected',
  '_RESULT0' => '<b>The transaction could not proceed.</b> Make sure you have entered your credit card information correctly and try again.',
  '_RESULT0_H' => 'Order failed',
  '_RESULT1000' => 'You do not have enough credits',
  '_RESULT1_DESC' => 'The e-mail with contact information has been just sent to you.',
  '_RESULT1_H' => 'Purchase success',
  '_RESULT1_THANK' => 'Thank you! We appreciate your purchase. You should receive an email at {1}',
  '_RESULT2DESC' => 'You have successfully made a purchase, however the e-mail with contact information could not be sent to you right now. Your purchase has been recorded and you can see all the information in <a href="communicator.php">your Connections</a>.',
  '_RSS' => 'RSS',
  '_RSS Feed' => 'RSS Feed',
  '_RSS_Feed_Title_Common' => '{0} RSS',
  '_RSS_Feed_Title_Profile' => '{0}\'s Recent {1}',
  '_Random' => 'random',
  '_Rate' => 'Rate',
  '_Read' => 'Read',
  '_Read more' => 'Read more',
  '_Recipient' => 'Recipient',
  '_Recognized' => 'Recognized',
  '_Record Your Comment' => 'Record a video comment',
  '_Refresh' => 'Refresh',
  '_Registration' => 'Registration',
  '_Remember password' => 'Remember Me',
  '_Remove' => 'Remove',
  '_Remove friend' => 'Unfriend',
  '_Reply' => 'Reply',
  '_Reply as text' => 'Reply',
  '_Reply as video' => 'Record a video reply',
  '_Reply to this comment' => 'Reply',
  '_Report' => 'Report',
  '_Report Spam' => 'Report Spam',
  '_Report about spam failed to sent' => 'Spam report could not be sent',
  '_Report about spam was sent' => 'Spam report was sent',
  '_Reset' => 'Reset',
  '_Restore' => 'Restore',
  '_Results' => 'Results',
  '_Results per page' => 'Per page:',
  '_Retrieve my information' => 'Retrieve my information',
  '_SEARCH_RESULT_H' => 'Search Result',
  '_SEND_MESSAGE' => 'send message',
  '_SEND_MSG_TO' => 'Recipient:',
  '_SERV_DESC' => 'Your services description here',
  '_SUBSCRIBE_TEXT' => 'Subscribe now for {0} newsletter to receive news, updates, photos of top rated members, feedback and tips to your e-mail.',
  '_Save' => 'Save',
  '_Save Changes' => 'Save Changes',
  '_Save profile successful' => 'The profile was successfully saved',
  '_Saved' => 'Saved',
  '_Search' => 'Search',
  '_Search...' => 'Search...',
  '_Search profiles' => 'Search people',
  '_Search result' => 'Search result',
  '_Search_Home' => 'Search Home',
  '_Second Person' => 'Second Person',
  '_Section' => 'Section',
  '_Select' => 'Select',
  '_Select all' => 'Select all',
  '_Select file' => 'Select file',
  '_Select_all' => 'Select all',
  '_Send' => 'Send',
  '_Send Letter' => 'Send Letter',
  '_Send Message' => 'Send Message',
  '_Send copy to my personal email' => 'Send copy to my personal email',
  '_Send copy to personal email' => 'Send copy to {0} personal email',
  '_Send virtual kiss' => 'Send a greeting',
  '_SendLetter' => 'Contact',
  '_Sent' => 'Sent',
  '_Sent you a' => 'Sent you a',
  '_September' => 'September',
  '_Settings' => 'Settings',
  '_Share' => 'Share',
  '_Show' => 'Show',
  '_Show N replies' => '<span>{0}</span> replies',
  '_Simple' => 'Simple',
  '_Single' => 'Single',
  '_Site Stats' => 'Site Stats',
  '_Sorry, your IP been banned' => 'Sorry, your IP has been banned',
  '_Spam report' => 'Report Spam',
  '_Start date' => 'Start date',
  '_Static' => 'Static',
  '_Status' => 'Status',
  '_Status Message' => 'Status Message',
  '_SubCategory is required' => 'SubCategory is required',
  '_Subject' => 'Subject',
  '_Submit' => 'Submit',
  '_Submit Comment' => 'Post',
  '_Subscribe' => 'Subscribe',
  '_Subscribe_block_caption' => 'Newsletter',
  '_Subscribers' => 'Subscribers',
  '_Success' => 'Success',
  '_Suspend account' => 'Suspend account',
  '_TELLAFRIEND' => 'Invite a friend to {0}',
  '_TELLAFRIEND2' => 'Invite a friend to view the profile',
  '_TERMS_OF_USE' => '
<p><b>1 &nbsp;Acceptance The Use Of {0} Terms and Conditions</b></p>
<p>Your  access  to  and  use  of  {0} is  subject exclusively to these Terms and Conditions. You will not use the Website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these Terms and Conditions. By using  the  Website  you  are  fully  accepting  the  terms,  conditions  and disclaimers contained in this notice. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions you must immediately stop using the Website.</p>

<p><b>2 &nbsp;Credit card details</b></p>
<p>{0} will never ask for Credit Card details and request that you do not enter it on any of the forms on {0}.</p>

<p><b>3 &nbsp;Advice</b></p>
<p>The contents of {0} website do not constitute advice and should not be relied upon in making or refraining from making, any decision.</p>

<p><b>4 &nbsp;Change of Use</b></p>
<p>{0} reserves the right to:<br /> 4.1 &nbsp;change or remove (temporarily or permanently) the Website or any part of it without notice and you confirm that {0} shall not be liable to you for any such change or removal and.<br /> 4.2 &nbsp;change these Terms and Conditions at any time, and your continued use of the Website following any changes shall be deemed to be your acceptance of such change.</p>

<p><b>5 &nbsp;Links to Third Party Websites</b></p>
<p>{0} Website may include links to third party websites that are controlled and maintained by others. Any link to other websites is not an endorsement of such websites and you acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for the content or availability of any such sites.</p>

<p><b>6 &nbsp;Copyright </b></p>
<p>6.1 &nbsp;All  copyright,  trade  marks  and  all  other  intellectual  property  rights  in  the Website and its content (including without limitation the Website design, text, graphics and all software and source codes connected with the Website) are owned by or   licensed to {0} or otherwise used by {0} as permitted by law.<br /> 6.2 &nbsp;In accessing the Website you agree that you will access the content solely for your personal, non-commercial use. None of the content may be downloaded, copied, reproduced, transmitted, stored, sold or distributed without the prior written consent of the copyright holder. This excludes the downloading, copying and/or printing of pages of the Website for personal, non-commercial home use only.</p>

<p><b>7 &nbsp;Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability </b></p>
<p>7.1 &nbsp;The Website is provided on an AS IS and AS AVAILABLE basis without any representation or endorsement made and without warranty of any kind whether express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, security and accuracy.<br /> 7.2 &nbsp;To the extent permitted by law, {0} will not be liable for any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatever (including without limitation loss of business, opportunity, data, profits) arising out of or in connection with the use of the Website.<br /> 7.3 &nbsp;{0} makes no warranty that the functionality of the Website will be uninterrupted or error free, that defects will be corrected or that the Website or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or anything else which may be harmful or destructive.<br /> 7.4 &nbsp;Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be construed so as to exclude or limit the liability of {0} for death or personal injury as a result of the negligence of {0} or that of its employees or agents.</p>

<p><b>8 &nbsp;Indemnity</b></p>
<p>You agree to indemnify and hold {0} and its employees and agents harmless from and against all liabilities, legal fees, damages, losses, costs and other expenses in relation to any claims or actions brought against {0} arising out of any breach by you of these Terms and Conditions or other liabilities arising out of your use of this Website.</p>

<p><b>9 &nbsp;Severance</b></p>
<p>If any of these Terms and Conditions should be determined to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable for any reason by any court of competent jurisdiction then such Term or Condition shall be severed and the remaining Terms and Conditions shall survive and remain in full force and effect and continue to be binding and enforceable.</p>

<p><b>10 &nbsp;Governing Law</b></p>
<p>These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law and you hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts.</p>

For any further information please <a href="{1}contact.php">contact us</a>
  '_TERMS_OF_USE_H' => 'Terms of use',
  '_TERMS_OF_USE_H1' => 'Terms',
  '_Tag' => 'Tag',
  '_Tags' => 'Tags',
  '_Tags_desc' => 'Enter a few words delimited by commas or semicolon',
  '_Tell a friend' => 'Invite a friend',
  '_Template' => 'Template',
  '_Terms_of_use' => 'Terms',
  '_Text' => 'Text',
  '_There are no comments yet' => 'There are no comments yet',
  '_Thumb Down' => 'Thumbs Down',
  '_Thumb Up' => 'Thumbs Up',
  '_Times allowed' => 'Times allowed',
  '_Title' => 'Title',
  '_To' => 'to',
  '_Top' => 'Top',
  '_Top Rated' => 'Top Rated',
  '_Trash' => 'Trash',
  '_Type' => 'Type',
  '_URL' => 'URL',
  '_USER_ACTIVATION_SUCCEEDED' => 'Congratulations!<br /><br />Your account has been successfully confirmed and activated.',
  '_USER_CONF_SUCCEEDED' => 'Congratulations! Your account has been successfully confirmed.<br /><br />Your profile has been successfully created, but it is awaiting review. Thank you for your patience.',
  '_Unconfirmed' => 'Unconfirmed',
  '_Unblock' => 'Unblock',
  '_Unread' => 'Unread',
  '_Unregister' => 'Unregister',
  '_User was added to block list' => 'User was added to block list',
  '_User was added to favourites' => 'User was added to favourites',
  '_User was removed from favourites' => 'User was removed from favourites',
  '_User was added to friend list' => 'User was added to friend list',
  '_User was invited to friend list' => 'User was invited to friend list',
  '_User was removed from block list' => 'User was removed from block list',
  '_VIEW_MEMBERSHIP_ACTIONS' => 'Allowed Actions',
  '_VKISS_BAD' => 'Sorry, a greeting has <b>not</b> been sent.',
  '_VKISS_BAD_COUSE_A3' => 'Profile authentication failed',
  '_VKISS_BAD_COUSE_B' => 'Member not available',
  '_VKISS_BAD_COUSE_C' => 'Email send failed. Please, try later.',
  '_VKISS_BAD_COUSE_X' => 'Sorry, max number of greetings per day reached',
  '_VKISS_BAD_COUSE_Y' => 'Sorry, you have been blocked by this member',
  '_VKISS_OK' => 'Greeting has been successfully sent.',
  '_Vacant' => 'Vacant',
  '_View' => 'View',
  '_View All' => 'View All',
  '_View friends' => 'View friends',
  '_Views' => 'Views',
  '_Visitor' => 'Visitor',
  '_Why join' => 'Why join',
  '_With photos only' => 'with photos only',
  '_With status' => 'With status',
  '_World_Map' => 'World Map',
  '_XX match' => '{0}% match',
  '_YOUR PROFILE_IS_NOT_ACTIVE' => 'Your profile is not active for this operation.',
  '_Yes' => 'Yes',
  '_You are' => 'You are',
  '_You cannot edit this profile' => 'You cannot edit this profile',
  '_You have blocked by this profile' => 'You have been blocked by this profile',
  '_You have to wait for PERIOD minutes before you can write another message!' => 'You have to wait for {0} minute(s) before you can write another message! <a href="{1}">[Click here]</a> to send another message.',
  '_You must agree with terms of use' => 'You must agree with terms of use',
  '_You need to select the mood' => 'You need to select the mood',
  '_Your email' => 'Your email',
  '_Your name' => 'Your name',
  '_add' => 'add',
  '_adm_admtools_Audit' => 'Audit',
  '_adm_admtools_Bad_files' => 'The following files and directories have inappropriate permissions',
  '_adm_admtools_Current_level' => 'Current level',
  '_adm_admtools_Desired_level' => 'Desired level',
  '_adm_admtools_Directories' => 'Directories',
  '_adm_admtools_Elements' => 'Elements',
  '_adm_admtools_Executable' => 'Executable',
  '_adm_admtools_Files' => 'Files',
  '_adm_admtools_Flash' => 'Flash',
  '_adm_admtools_Non_Executable' => 'Non-Executable',
  '_adm_admtools_Non_Writable' => 'Non-Writable',
  '_adm_admtools_Not_Exists' => 'Does Not Exists',
  '_adm_admtools_Only_bad_files' => 'Show only files and directories with inappropriate permissions',
  '_adm_admtools_Perm_description' => 'Dolphin needs special access for certain files and directories. Please, change permissions as specified in the chart below. Helpful info about permissions is <a href="http://www.boonex.com/trac/dolphin/wiki/DetailedInstall#Permissions" target="_blank">available here</a>.',
  '_adm_admtools_Permissions' => 'Permissions',
  '_adm_admtools_Writable' => 'Writable',
  '_adm_admtools_cache_engines' => 'Cache Engines',
  '_adm_admtools_phpinfo' => 'PHP Info',
  '_adm_admtools_title' => 'Admin Tools',
  '_adm_ambuilder_Big_Icon' => 'Big Icon',
  '_adm_ambuilder_Check' => 'Check',
  '_adm_ambuilder_Check_desc' => 'Some specific check (PHP-expression). For example, for checking Email, etc. Attention! Do not put here min/max/unique checks. They are defined above.',
  '_adm_ambuilder_Icon' => 'Icon',
  '_adm_ambuilder_Small_Icon' => 'Small Icon',
  '_adm_ambuilder_title' => 'Admin Menu Builder',
  '_adm_at_title' => 'Admin Tools',
  '_adm_bann_HShift' => 'HShift',
  '_adm_bann_Insert_as_new' => 'Insert as new',
  '_adm_bann_Left' => 'Left',
  '_adm_bann_Position_on_the_page' => 'Position on the page',
  '_adm_bann_Right' => 'Right',
  '_adm_bann_VShift' => 'VShift',
  '_adm_bann_clicks' => 'clicks',
  '_adm_bann_clicks_chart' => 'Banner Clicks',
  '_adm_bann_impressions' => 'impressions',
  '_adm_bann_title' => 'Manage banners',
  '_adm_bmbuilder_box_title' => 'Bottom Menu Builder',
  '_adm_bmbuilder_page_title' => 'Bottom Menu Builder',
  '_adm_box_cpt_admin_password' => 'Admin Password',
  '_adm_box_cpt_available_updates' => 'Available Updates',
  '_adm_box_cpt_boonex_news' => 'BoonEx News Feed',
  '_adm_box_cpt_charts' => 'Growth Charts',
  '_adm_box_cpt_content' => 'Content',
  '_adm_box_cpt_design_templates' => 'Design templates from Unity Market',
  '_adm_box_cpt_email_templates' => 'Email Templates',
  '_adm_box_cpt_help' => 'Initial Steps',
  '_adm_box_cpt_fapps' => 'Flash Apps',
  '_adm_box_cpt_featured_modules' => 'Featured Modules',
  '_adm_box_cpt_installed_modules' => 'Installed Modules',
  '_adm_box_cpt_lang_available' => 'Languages',
  '_adm_box_cpt_lang_edit_language' => 'Edit Language',
  '_adm_box_cpt_lang_files' => 'Language files from Unity Market',
  '_adm_box_cpt_lang_key' => 'Key',
  '_adm_box_cpt_license' => 'Current License',
  '_adm_box_cpt_logo' => 'Logo',
  '_adm_box_cpt_mlevel_action' => 'Manage Action',
  '_adm_box_cpt_mlevel_actions' => 'Actions of \'{0}\' membership level',
  '_adm_box_cpt_mlevel_memberships' => 'Memberships',
  '_adm_box_cpt_mlevel_prices' => 'Pricing for \'{0}\' membership level',
  '_adm_box_cpt_mp_controls' => 'Overview',
  '_adm_box_cpt_mp_members' => 'Members',
  '_adm_box_cpt_not_installed_modules' => 'Not Installed Modules',
  '_adm_box_cpt_operation_results' => 'Operation Results',
  '_adm_box_cpt_pvalues_manage' => 'Predefined Values',
  '_adm_box_cpt_settings_advanced' => 'Advanced Settings',
  '_adm_box_cpt_settings_main' => 'Main Settings',
  '_adm_box_cpt_splash' => 'Splash',
  '_adm_box_cpt_upload' => 'Upload',
  '_adm_btn_Column' => 'Column',
  '_adm_btn_Create_page' => 'Create page',
  '_adm_btn_Go' => 'Go',
  '_adm_btn_add_column' => 'Add Column',
  '_adm_btn_add_page' => 'Add Page',
  '_adm_btn_email_save' => 'Save',
  '_adm_btn_lang_import' => 'Import',
  '_adm_btn_lang_save' => 'Save',
  '_adm_btn_login_login' => 'Login',
  '_adm_btn_mlevels_add' => 'Add',
  '_adm_btn_mlevels_add_price' => 'Add',
  '_adm_btn_mlevels_delete' => 'Delete',
  '_adm_btn_mlevels_disable' => 'Disable',
  '_adm_btn_mlevels_enable' => 'Enable',
  '_adm_btn_mlevels_save' => 'Save',
  '_adm_btn_modules_delete' => 'Delete',
  '_adm_btn_modules_install' => 'Install',
  '_adm_btn_modules_recompile_languages' => 'Recompile language(s)',
  '_adm_btn_modules_uninstall' => 'Uninstall',
  '_adm_btn_modules_update' => 'Update',
  '_adm_btn_mp_activate' => 'Activate',
  '_adm_btn_mp_ban' => 'Ban',
  '_adm_btn_mp_browse' => 'Browse',
  '_adm_btn_mp_calendar' => 'Calendar',
  '_adm_btn_mp_confirm' => 'Confirm Email',
  '_adm_btn_mp_deactivate' => 'Deactivate',
  '_adm_btn_mp_delete' => 'Delete',
  '_adm_btn_mp_extended' => 'Extended',
  '_adm_btn_mp_geeky' => 'Geeky',
  '_adm_btn_mp_qlinks' => 'Quick Links',
  '_adm_btn_mp_search' => 'Search',
  '_adm_btn_mp_simple' => 'Simple',
  '_adm_btn_mp_tags' => 'Tags',
  '_adm_btn_mp_unban' => 'Unban',
  '_adm_btn_ms_delete' => 'Delete',
  '_adm_btn_settings_save' => 'Save',
  '_adm_btn_settings_upload' => 'Upload',
  '_adm_btn_settings_delete' => 'Delete',
  '_adm_charts_date_from' => 'from',
  '_adm_charts_date_to' => 'to',
  '_adm_charts_select' => 'Display new',
  '_adm_dbtools_Backup_content' => 'Backup content only',
  '_adm_dbtools_Backup_database' => 'Backup database',
  '_adm_dbtools_Backup_structure' => 'Backup structure only',
  '_adm_dbtools_Backup_structure_content' => 'Backup structure and content',
  '_adm_dbtools_Backup_table' => 'Backup table',
  '_adm_dbtools_Choose_operation' => 'Choose operation',
  '_adm_dbtools_Choose_operation_and_table' => 'Choose operation and table',
  '_adm_dbtools_Data_succefully_restored_from_PC' => 'Data successfully restored',
  '_adm_dbtools_Data_succefully_restored_from_dump' => 'Data successfully restored from server',
  '_adm_dbtools_Database_backup_tools' => 'Database backup tools',
  '_adm_dbtools_Database_restore' => 'Database restore',
  '_adm_dbtools_Database_restore_from_your_PC' => 'Database restore from your PC',
  '_adm_dbtools_Delete_dump_from_server' => 'Delete dump from server',
  '_adm_dbtools_Dump_file_succefully_deleted' => 'Dump file successfully deleted',
  '_adm_dbtools_Please_select_correct_dump_file' => 'Please select correct dump file (only *.sql)',
  '_adm_dbtools_Please_select_dump_file' => 'Please select dump file',
  '_adm_dbtools_Restore_data_from_dump' => 'Restore data from dump',
  '_adm_dbtools_Save_to_server' => 'Save to server',
  '_adm_dbtools_Save_to_your_PC' => 'Save to your PC',
  '_adm_dbtools_Show_on_the_screen' => 'Show on the screen',
  '_adm_dbtools_Tables_backup_tools' => 'Tables backup tools',
  '_adm_dbtools_succ_dumped_into_file' => 'Data successfully dumped into file',
  '_adm_dbtools_title' => 'Database tools',
  '_adm_dsc_settings_splash_editor' => 'HTML Editor may break some code',
  '_adm_fields_admin' => 'Admin',
  '_adm_fields_advanced' => 'Advanced',
  '_adm_fields_advanced_search' => 'Advanced Search',
  '_adm_fields_box_cpt_field' => 'Field',
  '_adm_fields_box_title' => 'Fields builder',
  '_adm_fields_caption_desc' => 'Translation of the item caption on the {0} page to default language. Used key: <b>{1}</b>. Do not type HTML code here!',
  '_adm_fields_check_error_message' => 'Check error message',
  '_adm_fields_check_error_message_desc' => 'Error message returned if field Check is failed. Translated to default language (for other languages - use key: _FieldError_{0}_Check). Non-mandatory if Check is not defined.',
  '_adm_fields_default_value' => 'Default value',
  '_adm_fields_default_value_desc' => 'Default value set into database(!) if not set by user. Non-mandatory. For boolean fields use 0 or 1. For dates use format: YYYY-MM-DD. Please do not change it if in doubt!',
  '_adm_fields_delete_item_desc' => 'Are you sure want to delete this item? Attention! The field will be deleted forever. This operation irreversible!',
  '_adm_fields_description_desc' => 'Translation of the item description on the {0} page to default language. Used key: <b>{1}</b>.',
  '_adm_fields_edit_profile' => 'edit profile',
  '_adm_fields_error_field_cannot_be_deleted' => 'The field cannot be deleted.',
  '_adm_fields_error_field_not_found' => 'Error. Field not found',
  '_adm_fields_error_i_dont_know_this_control_type' => 'I don\'t know this control type.',
  '_adm_fields_error_i_dont_know_this_type' => 'I don\'t know this type.',
  '_adm_fields_error_name_already_exists' => 'A field with such name already exists. Please select another.',
  '_adm_fields_error_name_latin' => 'The name must begin with a latin letter and contain only latin letters, numbers or underscores.',
  '_adm_fields_error_you_entered_incorrect_link' => 'You entered an incorrect link',
  '_adm_fields_error_you_entered_incorrect_value' => 'You entered an incorrect value',
  '_adm_fields_error_you_must_enter_caption' => 'You must enter the caption.',
  '_adm_fields_error_you_must_enter_name' => 'You must enter the name.',
  '_adm_fields_error_you_must_enter_values' => 'You must enter values',
  '_adm_fields_general' => 'General',
  '_adm_fields_join_form' => 'join form',
  '_adm_fields_join_page' => 'Join Page',
  '_adm_fields_loading' => 'loading ...',
  '_adm_fields_mandatory' => 'Mandatory',
  '_adm_fields_mandatory_desc' => 'It will display red asterisk near the field only. For real checking you need to fill in min/max values or custom check field.',
  '_adm_fields_mandatory_error_message' => 'Mandatory error message',
  '_adm_fields_mandatory_error_message_desc' => 'Error message returned if user didn\'t specify value when field is mandatory. Translated to default language (for other languages - use key: _FieldError_{0}_Mandatory). This texts is non-mandatory field is non-mandatory.',
  '_adm_fields_match_percent' => 'Match percent',
  '_adm_fields_match_percent_desc' => 'Enter percentage that this field will match',
  '_adm_fields_match_with_field' => 'Match with field',
  '_adm_fields_match_with_field_desc' => 'Select a field which will be matched with the current.<br /> <b>Note:</b> We recommend using the same field.',
  '_adm_fields_matching' => 'Matching',
  '_adm_fields_maximum_exceed_error_message' => 'Maximum exceeded error message',
  '_adm_fields_maximum_exceed_error_message_desc' => 'Error message returned when field maximum limit exceeded. Translated to default language (for other languages - use key: _FieldError_{0}_Max). Non-mandatory if maximum limit is not defined.',
  '_adm_fields_maximum_value' => 'Maximum value',
  '_adm_fields_maximum_value_desc' => 'For "text" or "password" - maximum length, for "number" - maximum number, etc. Leave it empty for no restriction.',
  '_adm_fields_member' => 'Member',
  '_adm_fields_messages' => 'Messages',
  '_adm_fields_minimum_exceed_error_message' => 'Minimum exceed error message',
  '_adm_fields_minimum_exceed_error_message_desc' => 'Error message returned when field minimum limit exceeded. Translated to default language (for other languages - use key: _FieldError_{0}_Min). Non-mandatory if minimum limit is not defined.',
  '_adm_fields_minimum_value' => 'Minimum value',
  '_adm_fields_minimum_value_desc' => 'For "text" or "password" - minimum length, for "number" - minimum number, etc. Leave it empty for no restriction.',
  '_adm_fields_multiple_selector_control' => 'Multiple selector control',
  '_adm_fields_multiple_selector_control_desc' => 'The type of form input (HTML-element).',
  '_adm_fields_mutual_couple_fields' => 'Mutual couple fields',
  '_adm_fields_mutual_couple_fields_desc' => 'Select fields which will be used as mutual for both persons in a couple. Use Ctrl key to select few fields.<br /><b>Note:</b> NickName, Password and Email are mandatory mutual.',
  '_adm_fields_name_desc' => 'System name used for database. It must begin with a latin letter and contain only latin letters, numbers or underscores.',
  '_adm_fields_non_unique_error_message' => 'Non-unique error message',
  '_adm_fields_non_unique_error_message_desc' => 'Error message returned if user entered non-unique value. Translated to default language (for other languages - use key: _FieldError_{0}_Unique). Non-mandatory if Unique is not set.',
  '_adm_fields_owner' => 'Owner',
  '_adm_fields_possible_values' => 'Possible values',
  '_adm_fields_possible_values_desc' => 'List of possible values for selectors. Use new line as divider. Also it can be link to predefined list. Please do not change it if in doubt!',
  '_adm_fields_quick_search' => 'Quick Search',
  '_adm_fields_search_in_fields' => 'Search in fields',
  '_adm_fields_search_in_fields_desc' => 'Select fields in which the Keyword will be able to search. Use Ctrl key to select few fields.',
  '_adm_fields_search_profiles' => 'search profiles',
  '_adm_fields_selector_control' => 'Selector control',
  '_adm_fields_selector_control_desc' => 'The type of form input (HTML-element).',
  '_adm_fields_simple_search' => 'Simple Search',
  '_adm_fields_title' => 'Fields builder',
  '_adm_fields_unique' => 'Unique',
  '_adm_fields_unique_desc' => 'Define if field value for member must be unique. For example, NickName or Email.',
  '_adm_fields_used_lang_key' => 'Used lang. key',
  '_adm_fields_used_lang_key_desc' => 'For selectors with "linked" values list you can use different language keys. We recommend to not change it if you are in doubt. The default is "LKey".',
  '_adm_fields_view_profile' => 'view profile',
  '_adm_fields_visitor' => 'Visitor',
  '_adm_fields_warning_field_not_found' => 'Warning! Field not found.',
  '_adm_fields_warning_item_not_found' => 'Warning! Item not found.',
  '_adm_ipbl_Date_of_finish' => 'Expiration date',
  '_adm_ipbl_IP_Role' => 'IP Role',
  '_adm_ipbl_Stored_members_caption' => 'Stored Logged Members IPs',
  '_adm_ipbl_manage' => 'Manage',
  '_adm_ipbl_sample' => 'sample',
  '_adm_ipbl_title' => 'IP Blacklist system',
  '_adm_ipbl_Type0_desc' => 'IP List Type is 0 : disabled',
  '_adm_ipbl_Type1_desc' => 'IP List Type is 1 : All IPs allowed except listed',
  '_adm_ipbl_Type2_desc' => 'IP List Type is 2 : All IPs blocked except listed',
  '_adm_license_trial_copy_login_text' => 'This is a trial copy of Dolphin software. <a href="http://www.boonex.com/paymentprovider/payment" target="_blank">Get a license from BoonEx.</a>',
  '_adm_license_note_permanent' => 'Commercial License',
  '_adm_license_note_unregistered' => '<a href="http://www.boonex.com/paymentprovider/payment"><b>Buy a license</b></a> to remove BoonEx links and trial alerts.',
  '_adm_license_continue' => 'or <a href="{0}">continue trial</a>',
  '_adm_license_popup_continue' => 'continue trial',
  '_adm_license_popup_license' => 'License:',
  '_adm_license_popup_note' => 'Trial copy! <b><a href="http://www.boonex.com/paymentprovider/payment">Get a license</a></b> and register it:',
  '_adm_license_popup_or' => 'or',
  '_adm_license_popup_register' => 'Register',
  '_adm_license_register' => 'Register',
  '_adm_license_register_new' => 'Register a new license',
  '_adm_license_unregistered' => 'Trial',
  '_adm_license_warning' => 'Are you sure you want to register a new license? The old license will be deleted!',
  '_adm_mbuilder_All_Items' => 'All Items',
  '_adm_mbuilder_Could_not_delete_the_item' => 'Could not delete the item',
  '_adm_mbuilder_Default_Name' => 'Default Name',
  '_adm_mbuilder_Item_ID_not_specified' => 'Item ID is not specified',
  '_adm_mbuilder_Item_is_non_deletable' => 'Item is non-deletable',
  '_adm_mbuilder_Item_is_non_editable' => 'Item is non-editable',
  '_adm_mbuilder_Item_not_found' => 'Item not found',
  '_adm_mbuilder_Language_Key' => 'Language Key',
  '_adm_mbuilder_New' => 'New',
  '_adm_mbuilder_Quick_Link' => 'Quick Link',
  '_adm_mbuilder_Same' => 'Same',
  '_adm_mbuilder_Sorry_could_not_insert_object' => 'Sorry could not insert object',
  '_adm_mbuilder_System_Name' => 'System Name',
  '_adm_mbuilder_Target_Window' => 'Target Window',
  '_adm_mbuilder_This_items_are_non_editable' => 'This items are non-editable',
  '_adm_mbuilder_Visible_for' => 'Visible for',
  '_adm_mbuilder_active_items' => 'Active Items',
  '_adm_mbuilder_all_items' => 'All Items',
  '_adm_mbuilder_edit_item' => 'Edit Item',
  '_adm_mbuilder_icon' => 'Icon',
  '_adm_mbuilder_inactive_items' => 'Inactive Items',
  '_adm_mbuilder_legend' => 'Legend',
  '_adm_mbuilder_legend_custom' => 'Second level items(subitems)',
  '_adm_mbuilder_legend_inact' => 'Inactive items',
  '_adm_mbuilder_legend_system' => 'System items',
  '_adm_mbuilder_legend_top' => 'Top level items',
  '_adm_mbuilder_script' => 'Script',
  '_adm_mbuilder_title' => 'Menu Builder',
  '_adm_mbuilder_title_box' => 'Menu Builder',
  '_adm_mmail_Age' => 'Age',
  '_adm_mmail_All_Messages' => 'All Messages',
  '_adm_mmail_Body' => 'Body',
  '_adm_mmail_Cupid_mails_status' => 'Cupid mail status',
  '_adm_mmail_Email_message' => 'Email message',
  '_adm_mmail_Email_not_added_to_queue_X' => 'Email <b><u>{0}</u></b> was not added to queue.<br>',
  '_adm_mmail_Empty_Queue' => 'Empty Queue',
  '_adm_mmail_Failed_to_queue_emails_X' => 'Failed to queue emails (ID: {0}).',
  '_adm_mmail_Message_was_deleted' => 'Message was deleted',
  '_adm_mmail_Message_was_not_deleted' => 'Message was not deleted',
  '_adm_mmail_Queue_empty' => 'Queue empty',
  '_adm_mmail_Queue_emptying_failed' => 'Queue emptying failed',
  '_adm_mmail_Queue_message' => 'Queue message',
  '_adm_mmail_Queue_status' => 'Queue status',
  '_adm_mmail_Send_to_members' => 'Send to members',
  '_adm_mmail_Send_to_members_info' => '{0} members agreed to receive newslatters',
  '_adm_mmail_Send_to_subscribers' => 'Send to subscribers',
  '_adm_mmail_Text_email_body' => 'Text email body',
  '_adm_mmail_X_emails_was_succ_added_to_queue' => '{0} emails were successfully added to queue.',
  '_adm_mmail_emails' => 'emails',
  '_adm_mmail_mails_in_queue' => '{0} mails in the queue',
  '_adm_mmail_no_emails_in_queue' => 'There are no emails in queue',
  '_adm_mmail_title' => 'Massmailer',
  '_adm_mmi_admin_menu' => 'Admin Menu',
  '_adm_mmi_admin_password' => 'Admin Password',
  '_adm_mmi_advanced_settings' => 'Advanced Settings',
  '_adm_mmi_antispam' => 'Antispam Tools',
  '_adm_mmi_banners' => 'Banners',
  '_adm_mmi_basic_settings' => 'Basic Settings',
  '_adm_mmi_bottom_menu' => 'Bottom Menu',
  '_adm_mmi_builders' => 'Builders',
  '_adm_mmi_cache' => 'Cache',
  '_adm_mmi_categories_settings' => 'Categories Settings',
  '_adm_mmi_dashboard' => 'Dashboard',
  '_adm_mmi_database_backup' => 'Database Backup',
  '_adm_mmi_email_templates' => 'Email Templates',
  '_adm_mmi_flash_apps' => 'Flash Apps',
  '_adm_mmi_host_tools' => 'Host Tools',
  '_adm_mmi_ip_blacklist' => 'IP Blacklist',
  '_adm_mmi_languages_settings' => 'Languages Settings',
  '_adm_mmi_license' => 'License',
  '_adm_mmi_manage_modules' => 'Add & Manage',
  '_adm_mmi_mass_mailer' => 'Mass Mailer',
  '_adm_mmi_member_menu' => 'Member Menu',
  '_adm_mmi_membership_levels' => 'Membership Levels',
  '_adm_mmi_mobile_pages' => 'Mobile Pages',
  '_adm_mmi_modules' => 'Modules',
  '_adm_mmi_navigation_menu' => 'Navigation Menu',
  '_adm_mmi_pages_blocks' => 'Pages Builder',
  '_adm_mmi_predefined_values' => 'Predefined Values',
  '_adm_mmi_profile_fields' => 'Profile Fields',
  '_adm_mmi_service_menu' => 'Service Menu',
  '_adm_mmi_settings' => 'Settings',
  '_adm_mmi_sitemap' => 'Sitemap',
  '_adm_mmi_templates' => 'Templates',
  '_adm_mmi_tools' => 'Tools',
  '_adm_mmi_users' => 'Members',
  '_adm_mmi_watermark' => 'Watermark',
  '_adm_mobile_builder_cont_active' => 'Active Items',
  '_adm_mobile_builder_cont_inactive' => 'Inactive Items',
  '_adm_mobile_builder_title' => 'Mobile Pages Builder',
  '_adm_mobile_page_homepage' => 'Homepage',
  '_adm_mobile_page_profile' => 'Profile',
  '_adm_mobile_page_search' => 'Search',
  '_adm_page_cpt_dashboard' => 'Dashboard',
  '_adm_page_cpt_email_templates' => 'Email Templates',
  '_adm_page_cpt_fapps' => 'Flash Apps',
  '_adm_page_cpt_lang_file' => 'Language Settings',
  '_adm_page_cpt_license' => 'License',
  '_adm_page_cpt_login' => 'Login',
  '_adm_page_cpt_manage_members' => 'Members',
  '_adm_page_cpt_manage_subscribers' => 'Manage Subscribers',
  '_adm_page_cpt_memb_levels' => 'Membership Levels',
  '_adm_page_cpt_pvalues_manage' => 'Predefined Values',
  '_adm_page_cpt_settings' => 'Settings',
  '_adm_page_cpt_settings_advanced' => 'Advanced Settings',
  '_adm_page_cpt_settings_basic' => 'Basic Settings',
  '_adm_pbuilder_Add_column' => 'Add column',
  '_adm_pbuilder_Block' => 'Block',
  '_adm_pbuilder_Caption_Cache' => 'Cache',
  '_adm_pbuilder_Caption_Lang_Key' => 'Caption Lang Key',
  '_adm_pbuilder_Column_delete_confirmation' => 'Do you really want to delete this column',
  '_adm_pbuilder_Column_non_enough_width_warn' => 'The column containing this block should be at least {0} px wide; narrower width may result in design corruption.',
  '_adm_pbuilder_Create_new_page' => 'Create new page',
  '_adm_pbuilder_HTML_Block' => 'HTML Block',
  '_adm_pbuilder_Info_Cache' => 'In seconds, 0 - disable cache',
  '_adm_pbuilder_Number_RSS_items' => 'Number of RSS items (0 - all)',
  '_adm_pbuilder_Profile_Fields' => 'Profile Fields',
  '_adm_pbuilder_RSS_Feed' => 'RSS Feed',
  '_adm_pbuilder_Reset_page_warning' => 'Are you sure want to reset this page?\\nThe page contents will be reset to factory state!',
  '_adm_pbuilder_Special_Block' => 'Special Block',
  '_adm_pbuilder_This_block_has_no_properties' => 'This block has no properties',
  '_adm_pbuilder_Url_of_RSS_feed' => 'Url of RSS feed',
  '_adm_pbuilder_Want_to_delete' => 'Are you sure want to delete this item?',
  '_adm_pbuilder_XML_Block' => 'XML Block',
  '_adm_pbuilder_XML_path' => 'XML-path',
  '_adm_pbuilder_box_title' => 'Page Builder',
  '_adm_pbuilder_title' => 'Page Builder',
  '_adm_pbuilder_title_info' => 'Use any chars you want ;)',
  '_adm_pbuilder_uri_info' => 'Unique page name. Will be used in its address: <b>{0}</b> Use only alphanumeric chars',
  '_adm_smbuilder_box_title' => 'Service Menu Builder',
  '_adm_smbuilder_page_title' => 'Service Menu Builder',
  '_adm_tmi_extensions' => 'Add Modules',
  '_adm_tmi_home' => 'Site Home',
  '_adm_tmi_info' => 'Documentation',
  '_adm_tmi_logout' => 'Logout',
  '_adm_txt_cache' => 'Cache',
  '_adm_txt_clear_cache' => 'Clear Cache',
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_cache' => 'Clear Cache:',
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_cache_all' => 'All',
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_cache_clean_failed' => 'Failed to clean cache',
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_cache_clean_success' => 'Cache was successfully cleaned',
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_cache_css' => 'CSS',
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_cache_db' => 'DB',
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_cache_js' => 'JavaScript',
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_cache_member_menu' => 'Member Menu',
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_cache_pb' => 'Page Blocks',
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_cache_template' => 'Templates',
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_cache_users' => 'Users',
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_help' => '
<ol class="adm-ds-help bx-def-font-large">
        Change the site logo to your own
        <a href="{0}basic_settings.php">here</a>
        <a target="_blank" href="http://www.boonex.com/trac/dolphin/wiki/TutorialHowToPersonalizeYourDolphinSite#point2"><i class="sys-icon question-sign"></i></a>
        <a target="_blank" href="http://www.google.com/recaptcha">Generate your own Captcha keys</a> and fill them in
        <a href="{0}advanced_settings.php?c=Security">here</a>
        Write your own copyright notice text
        <a href="{0}lang_file.php">here</a>
        <a target="_blank" href="http://www.boonex.com/trac/dolphin/wiki/TutorialHowToPersonalizeYourDolphinSite#point5"><i class="sys-icon question-sign"></i></a>
        Change \'about\' and other information pages text
        <a href="{0}lang_file.php">here</a>
        <a target="_blank" href="http://www.boonex.com/trac/dolphin/wiki/TutorialHowToPersonalizeYourDolphinSite#point12"><i class="sys-icon question-sign"></i></a>
        Install modules of your choice
        <a href="{0}modules.php">here</a>
        <a target="_blank" href="http://www.boonex.com/trac/dolphin/wiki/DolphinAdminModules"><i class="sys-icon question-sign"></i></a>
        If using Facebook Connect, Generate your own Facebook keys and fill them in
        <a href="{1}modules/?r=facebook_connect/administration/">here</a>
        Build your site homepage blocks
        <a href="{0}pageBuilder.php?Page=index">here</a>
        <a target="_blank" href="http://www.boonex.com/trac/dolphin/wiki/DolphinAdminPagesBlocks"><i class="sys-icon question-sign"></i></a>
        Setup site permissions settings
        <a href="{0}memb_levels.php">here</a>
        <a target="_blank" href="http://www.boonex.com/trac/dolphin/wiki/DolphinAdminMembershipLevels"><i class="sys-icon question-sign"></i></a>
        When ready to buy a full license, order it
        <a target="_blank" href="http://www.boonex.com/paymentprovider/payment">here</a>
        Register your license <a href="{0}license.php">here</a>
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_help_dont_show' => 'Don\'t show it anymore',
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_update_now' => 'now!',
  '_adm_txt_dashboard_update_to' => 'Update to',
  '_adm_txt_default' => 'Default',
  '_adm_txt_email_body' => 'Body',
  '_adm_txt_email_language' => 'Language',
  '_adm_txt_email_list' => 'Templates',
  '_adm_txt_email_nothing_changed' => 'Nothing was changed',
  '_adm_txt_email_settings' => 'Settings',
  '_adm_txt_email_subject' => 'Subject',
  '_adm_txt_email_success_save' => 'Templates were successfully saved',
  '_adm_txt_get_new_modules' => 'Get new modules',
  '_adm_txt_hosting_text' => '90% of configuration and installation issues result from incorrect hosting setup. BoonEx constantly works with a number of quality hosts and we recommend the best ones. Moreover, BoonEx customers generally receive better deals and accounts tailored specifically for Dolphin.',
  '_adm_txt_hosting_title' => 'Recommended Hosting',
  '_adm_txt_keys_category' => 'Category',
  '_adm_txt_keys_name' => 'Key name',
  '_adm_txt_keys_string_for' => 'String text for {0} language',
  '_adm_txt_langs_add_key' => 'Add key',
  '_adm_txt_langs_already_exists' => 'Language key already exists',
  '_adm_txt_langs_cannot_add_string' => 'Could not add a language string to the database',
  '_adm_txt_langs_cannot_compile' => 'Could not compile a language file',
  '_adm_txt_langs_cannot_create' => 'Could not add a new language to the database',
  '_adm_txt_langs_cannot_delete' => 'Could not delete a language file',
  '_adm_txt_langs_cannot_delete_default' => 'Cannot delete the default language',
  '_adm_txt_langs_cannot_upload_file' => 'Cannot upload the file',
  '_adm_txt_langs_code' => 'Code',
  '_adm_txt_langs_compile' => 'Compile',
  '_adm_txt_langs_copy_from' => 'Copy from',
  '_adm_txt_langs_def_lang' => 'Default site language',
  '_adm_txt_langs_default' => 'default',
  '_adm_txt_langs_delete' => 'Delete',
  '_adm_txt_langs_edit' => 'Edit',
  '_adm_txt_langs_empty_name' => 'Please specify a code for the new language',
  '_adm_txt_langs_empty_title' => 'Please specify a title for the new language',
  '_adm_txt_langs_export' => 'Export',
  '_adm_txt_langs_file' => 'Browse',
  '_adm_txt_langs_flag' => 'Flag',
  '_adm_txt_langs_keys' => 'Keys',
  '_adm_txt_langs_languages' => 'Languages',
  '_adm_txt_langs_languages_add' => 'Add Language',
  '_adm_txt_langs_languages_import' => 'Import Language',
  '_adm_txt_langs_settings' => 'Settings',
  '_adm_txt_langs_success_compile' => 'Language file(s) was compiled successfully',
  '_adm_txt_langs_success_create' => 'Language file was created',
  '_adm_txt_langs_success_delete' => 'Language file(s) has been successfully removed',
  '_adm_txt_langs_success_import' => 'Language file was imported',
  '_adm_txt_langs_success_key_save' => 'Language key was successfully saved',
  '_adm_txt_langs_success_updated' => 'Language file has been successfully updated',
  '_adm_txt_langs_title' => 'Title',
  '_adm_txt_list' => 'List',
  '_adm_txt_login_password' => 'Password',
  '_adm_txt_login_username' => 'Username',
  '_adm_txt_make_default' => 'Make Default',
  '_adm_txt_manage' => 'Manage',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_action_cannot_save' => 'Cannot save the action\'s settings',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_action_saved' => 'Action\'s settings were saved successfully',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_actions' => 'Actions',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_actions_avail_desc' => 'Leave it blank if the action is available every time',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_actions_avail_end' => 'This action is available until',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_actions_avail_start' => 'This action is available since',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_actions_number' => 'Number of allowed actions',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_actions_number_desc' => 'Leave it blank for unlimited actions',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_actions_reset' => 'Number of actions is reset every',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_actions_reset_desc' => 'In hours. Leave it blank if you don\'t want to reset counter',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_cannot_remove' => 'The membership cannot be removed',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_custom' => 'Custom Levels',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_description' => 'Description',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_edit' => 'Edit',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_icon' => 'Image Icon',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_icon_err' => 'You need to select an image for thumbnail',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_is_used' => 'There are members using the level so it cannot be deleted',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_levels' => 'Levels',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_levels_add' => 'Add Level',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_name' => 'Name',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_name_err' => 'You need to enter name(3, 100) for membership level',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_not_found' => 'Requested membership level is not found',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_order' => 'Order',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_order_err' => 'You need to enter order for membership level. It should be more then zero.',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_price' => 'Pricing',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_price_add_days' => 'Number of days (0 = life-time):',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_price_add_price' => 'Price:',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_price_exists' => 'Similar pricing option already exists',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_price_info' => '{0} days - {1}{2}',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_price_info_lifetime' => 'lifetime - {0}{1}',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_settings' => 'Settings',
  '_adm_txt_mlevels_system' => 'System Levels',
  '_adm_txt_modules_already_installed' => 'The module is already installed.',
  '_adm_txt_modules_already_uninstalled' => 'The module is already uninstalled.',
  '_adm_txt_modules_cannot_connect_to_ftp' => 'Cannot connect to FTP server',
  '_adm_txt_modules_cannot_recompile_lang' => 'Cannot recompile the following languages:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_cannot_remove_package' => 'Cannot remove package.',
  '_adm_txt_modules_cannot_unzip_package' => 'Cannot unarchive the package',
  '_adm_txt_modules_cannot_upload_package' => 'Cannot upload the package',
  '_adm_txt_modules_change_permissions' => 'Checking permissions:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_check_dependencies' => 'Check module dependencies:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_check_module_exists' => 'Check module for existence:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_check_module_hash' => 'Check module hash:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_check_module_version' => 'Check module version:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_check_script_version' => 'Check the Dolphin version for compatibility:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_clear_db_cache' => 'Clear database cache:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_destination_not_valid' => 'Destination FTP folder doesn\'t look like valid Dolphin root folder',
  '_adm_txt_modules_executable' => 'Executable',
  '_adm_txt_modules_execute_sql' => 'Changing database:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_ftp_access' => 'FTP access',
  '_adm_txt_modules_ftp_copy_failed' => 'FTP transfer failed, please check write permission for this FTP user',
  '_adm_txt_modules_has_dependents' => 'Failed to uninstall. The module has the following dependent modules. You need to uninstall them first.',
  '_adm_txt_modules_login' => 'Login',
  '_adm_txt_modules_module' => 'Module',
  '_adm_txt_modules_module_config_not_found' => 'Module\'s config file was not found',
  '_adm_txt_modules_module_not_found' => 'Module not found',
  '_adm_txt_modules_module_was_modified' => 'Module was modified',
  '_adm_txt_modules_operation_install' => 'Installation of: <b>{0}</b>',
  '_adm_txt_modules_operation_recompile' => 'Recompilation of language file(s) in <b>{0}</b>',
  '_adm_txt_modules_operation_uninstall' => 'Uninstallation of: <b>{0}</b>',
  '_adm_txt_modules_operation_update' => 'Installation of update <b>{0}</b> from {1} up to {2}',
  '_adm_txt_modules_package_to_upload' => 'Package to upload',
  '_adm_txt_modules_params_used' => 'A module with similar unique parameters is already installed.',
  '_adm_txt_modules_path_to_dolphin' => 'Path to Dolphin\'s folder',
  '_adm_txt_modules_process_action_failed' => 'An error occurred. Contact with module\'s vendor.',
  '_adm_txt_modules_process_action_success' => 'Done',
  '_adm_txt_modules_process_failed' => 'Failed',
  '_adm_txt_modules_process_operation_failed' => 'Cannot {0} module from "{1}" directory',
  '_adm_txt_modules_process_success' => 'Done',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_alerts' => 'Recompiling alerts:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_categories' => 'Recompiling categories:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_comments' => 'Recompiling comments:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_global_paramaters' => 'Recompiling global parameters:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_injections' => 'Recompiling injections:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_main_menu' => 'Recompiling main menu:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_member_actions' => 'Recompiling member actions:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_member_menu' => 'Recompiling member menu:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_page_builder' => 'Recompiling page builder:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_permalinks' => 'Recompiling permalinks:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_profile_fields' => 'Recompiling profile fields:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_search' => 'Recompiling search:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_site_stats' => 'Recompiling site statistics:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_tags' => 'Recompiling tags:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_recompile_votes' => 'Recompiling votes:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_show_conclusion' => 'Conclusion from vendor:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_show_introduction' => 'Introduction from vendor:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_success_delete' => 'The package(s) was successfully deleted',
  '_adm_txt_modules_success_upload' => 'The package was uploaded successfully',
  '_adm_txt_modules_title_module' => '<span class="modules-item-title">{0}</span> version {1} by {2}',
  '_adm_txt_modules_title_update' => '<span class="modules-item-title">{0}</span> ({1} - {2})',
  '_adm_txt_modules_update_files' => 'Update files:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_update_languages' => 'Update languages:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_update_latest' => 'You have the most current version.',
  '_adm_txt_modules_update_text' => 'New version {0} is available.',
  '_adm_txt_modules_writable' => 'Writable',
  '_adm_txt_modules_wrong_dependency_uninstall' => 'The following modules should be uninstalled first:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_wrong_dependency_install' => 'The following modules should be installed first:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_wrong_mysql_query' => 'There are errors in the following MySQL queries:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_wrong_mysql_query_msg' => 'Error: {0}',
  '_adm_txt_modules_wrong_package_format' => 'Wrong package format',
  '_adm_txt_modules_wrong_permissions' => 'You need to change permissions for the following files and folders:',
  '_adm_txt_modules_wrong_permissions_msg' => '{0} - {1}',
  '_adm_txt_modules_wrong_version' => 'The module has incompatible version',
  '_adm_txt_modules_wrong_version_script' => 'The module is not compatible with your version of Dolphin script',
  '_adm_txt_modules_zip_not_available' => 'ZIP functions aren\'t available, please check server requirements',
  '_adm_txt_mp_active' => 'active',
  '_adm_txt_mp_admins' => 'admins',
  '_adm_txt_mp_all' => 'all',
  '_adm_txt_mp_approval' => 'approval',
  '_adm_txt_mp_banned' => 'banned',
  '_adm_txt_mp_couple' => 'couple',
  '_adm_txt_mp_featured' => 'featured',
  '_adm_txt_mp_female' => 'female',
  '_adm_txt_mp_male' => 'male',
  '_adm_txt_mp_promotion' => 'Promotion',
  '_adm_txt_mp_rejected' => 'rejected',
  '_adm_txt_mp_single' => 'single',
  '_adm_txt_mp_suspended' => 'suspended',
  '_adm_txt_mp_unconfirmed' => 'unconfirmed',
  '_adm_txt_mp_activation_sent' => 'Confirmation email messages were successfully sent',
  '_adm_txt_mp_email' => 'Email',
  '_adm_txt_mp_filter' => 'Filter',
  '_adm_txt_mp_last_activity' => 'Last Activity',
  '_adm_txt_mp_mlevel' => 'Membership',
  '_adm_txt_mp_order_by' => 'Order by:',
  '_adm_txt_mp_order_last_activity' => 'Last Activity',
  '_adm_txt_mp_order_last_join' => 'Last Join',
  '_adm_txt_mp_order_none' => 'None',
  '_adm_txt_mp_order_user_name' => 'User Name',
  '_adm_txt_mp_registration' => 'Registered',
  '_adm_txt_mp_username' => 'Username',
  '_adm_txt_pb_active_blocks' => 'Active Blocks',
  '_adm_txt_pb_inactive_blocks' => 'Inactive Blocks',
  '_adm_txt_pb_loading' => 'loading ...',
  '_adm_txt_pb_other_pages_width' => 'Other Pages Width',
  '_adm_txt_pb_page' => 'Pages:',
  '_adm_txt_pb_page_width' => 'Page Width',
  '_adm_txt_pb_samples' => 'Samples',
  '_adm_txt_pb_select_page' => 'Select page',
  '_adm_txt_pb_view_page' => 'View page',
  '_adm_txt_settings_conf_password' => 'Confirm Password',
  '_adm_txt_settings_error' => 'Cannot save settings',
  '_adm_txt_settings_file_cannot_move' => 'Couldn\'t move uploaded file',
  '_adm_txt_settings_file_not_image' => 'The uploaded file is not an image',
  '_adm_txt_settings_file_wrong_format' => 'The uploaded file is not a JPEG, GIF or PNG file',
  '_adm_txt_settings_image_cannot_resize' => 'Resize failed',
  '_adm_txt_settings_logo_header' => 'Upload',
  '_adm_txt_settings_logo_upload' => 'Browse',
  '_adm_txt_settings_logo_wrong_size' => 'You\'ve entered incorrect sizes',
  '_adm_txt_settings_new_password' => 'New Password',
  '_adm_txt_settings_old_password' => 'Old Password',
  '_adm_txt_settings_resize_enable' => 'Enable resizing',
  '_adm_txt_settings_resize_header' => 'Resize',
  '_adm_txt_settings_resize_height' => 'Height',
  '_adm_txt_settings_resize_width' => 'Width',
  '_adm_txt_settings_splash_editor' => 'Enable HTML Editor',
  '_adm_txt_settings_splash_logged' => 'Hide for logged in users',
  '_adm_txt_settings_splash_visibility' => 'Visibility',
  '_adm_txt_settings_splash_visibility_all' => 'show on all pages',
  '_adm_txt_settings_splash_visibility_disable' => 'disable',
  '_adm_txt_settings_splash_visibility_index' => 'show on homepage',
  '_adm_txt_settings_splash_warning' => 'Note, that improper use of HTML may break the site layout.',
  '_adm_txt_settings_success' => 'Settings were successfully saved',
  '_adm_txt_settings_wrong_conf_pasword' => 'Confirmation does not match password',
  '_adm_txt_settings_wrong_new_pasword' => 'Wrong new password',
  '_adm_txt_settings_wrong_old_pasword' => 'Wrong old password',
  '_adm_txt_templ_alt_desc' => 'Alternative template with slightly different color scheme and background image. ALT is an example of how only a few basic changes to UNI template can create different "feel".',
  '_adm_txt_templ_uni_desc' => 'The default template for Dolphin, universally suitable for variety of social networking website niches. UNI is optimized for large screen resolutions and features minimalistic layout with vector-based icons (good for "retina" screens).',
  '_adm_txt_template_preview_na' => 'Preview Not Available',
  '_adm_txt_templates' => 'Templates',
  '_all' => 'all',
  '_all_tags' => 'All Tags',
  '_allow_view_to' => 'Who can<br />see you',
  '_already_in_friend_list' => 'This user already in your friend list!',
  '_are you sure?' => 'Are you sure?',
  '_associated_image' => 'associated image',
  '_bad comment parent id' => 'bad comment parent id',
  '_bottom_text' => '2002-{0}. Product of <a class="bottom_text" href="http://www.boonex.com/">BoonEx Group</a>.',
  '_categ_admin_pending' => 'Pending Approval',
  '_categ_admin_settings' => 'Settings',
  '_categ_all' => 'All Categories',
  '_categ_btn_activate' => 'Activate',
  '_categ_btn_delete' => 'Delete',
  '_categ_btn_disable' => 'Disable',
  '_categ_by_day' => 'Categories By Day: ',
  '_categ_caption_all' => 'All Categories',
  '_categ_caption_calendar' => 'Calendar',
  '_categ_caption_common' => 'Common Categories',
  '_categ_caption_day' => 'Empty',
  '_categ_caption_founded' => 'Search Results',
  '_categ_caption_keyword' => 'Keyword',
  '_categ_caption_search_form' => 'Search Form',
  '_categ_caption_users' => 'User Categories',
  '_categ_err_keyword' => 'Please specify keyword from 1 to 100 characters',
  '_categ_exist_err' => 'Category named \'%s\' already exists',
  '_categ_form_add' => 'Add Category',
  '_categ_form_field_name_err' => 'Please specify name from 3 to 100 characters',
  '_categ_form_name' => 'Name',
  '_categ_form_type' => 'Type',
  '_categ_modules' => 'Modules',
  '_categ_order_none' => 'None',
  '_categ_order_order_by' => 'Order by: ',
  '_categ_order_popular' => 'Popular',
  '_categ_order_recent' => 'Recent',
  '_categ_plural' => 'Categories',
  '_categ_single' => 'Category',
  '_categ_users' => 'User Categories',
  '_chars_to_chars' => '{0} to {1} characters',
  '_comments' => 'comments',
  '_contact_us' => 'Contact Us',
  '_copyright' => '&copy; {0} YourCompany',
  '_created' => 'created',
  '_days' => ' days',
  '_delete' => 'delete',
  '_download' => 'download',
  '_edit_available_for_N_seconds' => 'Edit available for <span><b>{0}</b></span> seconds',
  '_edit_profile_info' => 'Edit profile info',
  '_edit_profile_membership' => 'Edit profile membership',
  '_edit_profile_privacy' => 'Edit profile privacy',
  '_edit_profile_privacy_save' => 'Save',
  '_expand all' => 'expand all',
  '_failed_to_delete_post' => 'failed to delete post',
  '_featured members' => 'featured members',
  '_female' => 'Woman',
  '_forgot_your_password' => 'Forgot password',
  '_from' => 'from',
  '_from zip/postal code' => 'from zip/postal code',
  '_greeting' => 'greeting',
  '_help' => 'Help',
  '_hidden_comment' => 'Comment by <b>{0}</b> is hidden.',
  '_in_x_days' => 'in {0} days',
  '_in_x_hour' => 'in an hour',
  '_in_x_hours' => 'in {0} hours',
  '_in_x_minute' => 'in a minute',
  '_in_x_minutes' => 'in {0} minutes',
  '_item' => 'item',
  '_items' => 'items',
  '_kilometers' => 'kilometers',
  '_letter' => 'letter',
  '_living within' => 'living within',
  '_loading ...' => 'loading ...',
  '_login_form_description2join' => '<div class="usualHeader">Not a member yet? <a href="{0}join.php">Join now!</a></div>Join our community now to meet new people; share photos, videos and music; create your own blog; post ads; chat online and more!',
  '_male' => 'Man',
  '_media_flash_warning' => 'If you have problems with the flash uploader, we recommend that you use a regular uploader.',
  '_member_banned' => 'Sorry, you\'ve been banned',
  '_membership' => 'Membership',
  '_message_subject' => 'Message Subject',
  '_miles' => 'miles',
  '_mma_comments_edit_own' => 'comments edit own',
  '_mma_comments_post' => 'comments post',
  '_mma_comments_remove_own' => 'comments remove own',
  '_mma_comments_vote' => 'comments vote',
  '_mma_get_other_members_emails' => 'get other members\' emails',
  '_mma_send_greetings' => 'send greetings',
  '_mma_send_messages' => 'send messages',
  '_mma_view_profiles' => 'view profiles',
  '_mma_vote' => 'vote',
  '_mmbuilder_box_title' => 'Member Menu Builder',
  '_mmbuilder_page_title' => 'Member Menu Builder',
  '_month_next' => 'Next Month',
  '_month_next_mini' => 'Next Mon &#8250;',
  '_month_prev' => 'Previous Month',
  '_month_prev_mini' => '&#8249; Prev Mon',
  '_more' => 'more',
  '_new' => 'new',
  '_newest first' => 'newest first',
  '_no limit' => 'no limit',
  '_not_a_member' => 'Not a member?',
  '_of' => 'of',
  '_oldest first' => 'oldest first',
  '_online only' => 'online only',
  '_or' => 'or',
  '_pending_friend_request' => 'Your friend request is awaiting confirmation',
  '_pending_friend_request_answer' => '<a href="{0}">Click here</a> to respond to the friend request.',
  '_pfm_unlimited' => 'unlimited',
  '_please_fill_next_fields_first' => 'please fill in these fields first',
  '_popular_tags' => 'Popular Tags',
  '_post_successfully_deleted' => 'post successfully deleted',
  '_powered_by_Dolphin' => 'Our website is powered by <a href="http://www.boonex.com/dolphin">BoonEx Dolphin</a>. Anyone can create their own niche social network using BoonEx software.',
  '_prof_status' => '{0} is {1} now',
  '_profile_comments' => 'Profile Comments',
  '_profile_info' => 'Info',
  '_ps_bcpt_add_members' => 'Add members',
  '_ps_bcpt_block_privacy' => 'Privacy',
  '_ps_bcpt_create_group' => 'Create a New Privacy Group',
  '_ps_bcpt_default_group' => 'Default Privacy Group',
  '_ps_bcpt_default_values' => 'Default values',
  '_ps_bcpt_delete_members' => 'Delete members',
  '_ps_bcpt_my_groups' => 'My Privacy Groups',
  '_ps_btncpt_add' => 'Add',
  '_ps_btncpt_create' => 'Create',
  '_ps_btncpt_delete' => 'Delete',
  '_ps_btncpt_save' => 'Save',
  '_ps_btncpt_search' => 'Search',
  '_ps_cpt_extended' => 'extended from',
  '_ps_cpt_none' => 'None',
  '_ps_fcpt_extends' => 'Extends',
  '_ps_fcpt_groups' => 'Groups',
  '_ps_fcpt_keyword' => 'Keyword',
  '_ps_fcpt_title' => 'Title',
  '_ps_ferr_incorrect_length' => 'You need to enter text',
  '_ps_ferr_incorrect_select' => 'You need to select some values',
  '_ps_fnote_default_group' => 'When you post content you can choose "default" privacy group and then change the "default" value anytime. Thus, you can start posting for your friends only, and later, for example, open everything for all members or even go public. Define "default" value here and choose "default" when posting content to have this global control.',
  '_ps_group_1_title' => 'Default',
  '_ps_group_2_title' => 'Me Only',
  '_ps_group_3_title' => 'Public',
  '_ps_group_4_title' => 'Members',
  '_ps_group_5_title' => 'Friends',
  '_ps_group_6_title' => 'Faves',
  '_ps_group_7_title' => 'Contacts',
  '_ps_lcpt_add' => 'Add Members',
  '_ps_lcpt_delete' => 'Delete Members',
  '_ps_pcpt_privacy_settings' => 'Privacy Groups',
  '_ps_tmenu_privacy_settings' => 'Privacy Groups',
  '_ps_view_block' => 'Allow to view blocks',
  '_public' => 'public',
  '_rate profile' => 'rate profile',
  '_registration by invitation only' => 'registration by invitation only',
  '_sbd_Android_desc' => 'Have an Android device?\\r\\nAccess our site on your handset!',
  '_sbd_Android_title' => 'Android App',
  '_sbd_iPhone_desc' => 'Have an iPhone, iPod or iPad?\\r\\nAccess our site on your iOS device!',
  '_sbd_iPhone_title' => 'iOS App',
  '_sbs_tmenu_my_subscriptions' => 'Subscriptions',
  '_sbs_txt_sbs_mass_mailer' => 'Admin Mass Mails',
  '_sbs_txt_sbs_profile' => '{0}',
  '_sbs_txt_sbs_profile_comments' => '{0} (New Profile Comments)',
  '_sbs_txt_sbs_profile_edit' => '{0} (New Profile Updates)',
  '_sbs_txt_title_profile' => 'Profile',
  '_sbs_txt_title_system' => 'System',
  '_sbs_wrn_email_notify_disabled' => 'You will not receive any subscription emails because you have chosen to not receive any site notifications. You can change this setting <a href="{0}">here</a>.',
  '_sbs_wrn_unsubscribe' => 'Are you sure you want to unsubscribe?',
  '_search_tab_Adv' => 'Adv',
  '_search_tab_quick' => 'Quick',
  '_search_tab_simple' => 'Simple',
  '_services' => 'services',
  '_show_replacement' => 'Show',
  '_sys_add_content' => 'Add New ...',
  '_sys_adm_akismet_key_empty' => 'Your Akismet key is not specified - get <a target="_blank" href="http://wordpress.com/api-keys/">WordPress API key</a>',
  '_sys_adm_akismet_key_invalid' => 'Your Akismet key is invalid.',
  '_sys_adm_akismet_key_valid' => 'Your Akismet key is valid.',
  '_sys_adm_available' => 'Available',
  '_sys_adm_btn_dnsbl_activate' => 'Activate',
  '_sys_adm_btn_dnsbl_add' => 'Add',
  '_sys_adm_btn_dnsbl_deactivate' => 'Deactivate',
  '_sys_adm_btn_dnsbl_delete' => 'Delete',
  '_sys_adm_btn_dnsbl_help' => 'Help',
  '_sys_adm_btn_dnsbl_help_text' => 'DNSBL - <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNSBL">Domain Name Service Block Lists</a>.
This functionality allows to block by IP address if it exists in one of available blocklists.
Originally it is designed to identify email spammers, but it is suitable for websites too.<br /><br />
Use many services which provides lists of spammer IPs for blocking.
You can refer to the following sites for more such services: <br />
<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_DNS_blacklists">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_DNS_blacklists</a><br />
<a href="http://www.dnsbl.info/">http://www.dnsbl.info/</a><br />
<a href="http://stats.dnsbl.com/">http://stats.dnsbl.com/</a><br />
<a href="http://www.moensted.dk/spam/">http://www.moensted.dk/spam/</a>',
  '_sys_adm_btn_dnsbl_log' => 'Log',
  '_sys_adm_btn_dnsbl_recheck' => 'Recheck',
  '_sys_adm_btn_dnsbluri_help_text' => 'A URI DNSBL is a DNSBL that lists the domain names and IP addresses which are found in the "clickable" links contained in the body of spams, but generally not found inside legitimate messages.
This antispam method scan submitted content for the urls and check them if any of them is a link to spam site. If such url detected in the text then content is not submitted.
<br /><br />
More info about URI DNSBL: <br />
<a href="http://www.surbl.org/">http://www.surbl.org/</a> <br />
<a href="http://dnsbl.invaluement.com/ivmuri/">http://dnsbl.invaluement.com/ivmuri/</a>',
  '_sys_adm_cache_support' => 'Cache Support',
  '_sys_adm_disabled' => 'Disabled',
  '_sys_adm_dnsbl_failed' => 'Failed',
  '_sys_adm_dnsbl_listed' => 'LISTED',
  '_sys_adm_dnsbl_not_listed' => 'Not Listed',
  '_sys_adm_enabled' => 'Enabled',
  '_sys_adm_fld_dnsbl_active' => 'Active',
  '_sys_adm_fld_dnsbl_chain' => 'Chain',
  '_sys_adm_fld_dnsbl_comment' => 'Comment',
  '_sys_adm_fld_dnsbl_postvresp' => 'Return value ("any" - any result)',
  '_sys_adm_fld_dnsbl_recheck' => 'Recheck IP',
  '_sys_adm_fld_dnsbl_recheck_url' => 'Recheck URL',
  '_sys_adm_fld_dnsbl_url' => 'URL',
  '_sys_adm_fld_dnsbl_zonedomain' => 'Domain zone',
  '_sys_adm_fld_dnsbluri_recheck' => 'Recheck Domain',
  '_sys_adm_form_err_required_field' => 'This is a required field',
  '_sys_adm_installed' => 'Installed',
  '_sys_adm_page_cpt_akismet' => 'Akismet',
  '_sys_adm_page_cpt_dnsbl' => 'DNS Blocklists',
  '_sys_adm_page_cpt_uridnsbl' => 'URI DNS Blocklists',
  '_sys_adm_title_akismet_log' => 'Akismet Block Log',
  '_sys_adm_title_dnsbl_log' => 'DNSBL Block Log',
  '_sys_adm_title_dnsbl_recheck' => 'Recheck IP',
  '_sys_adm_title_dnsbluri_log' => 'DNSBL URI Block Log',
  '_sys_adm_title_dnsbluri_recheck' => 'Recheck URL',
  '_sys_admin_apply' => 'Apply',
  '_sys_admin_filter' => 'Filter:',
  '_sys_album' => 'Album',
  '_sys_album_add' => 'Add items',
  '_sys_album_cancel' => 'Cancel',
  '_sys_album_caption_capt' => 'Album name',
  '_sys_album_caption_desc' => 'Description',
  '_sys_album_caption_loc' => 'Location',
  '_sys_album_caption_new' => '{0} ({1})',
  '_sys_album_create' => 'Create album',
  '_sys_album_create_new' => 'Create New Album...',
  '_sys_album_delete' => 'Delete album',
  '_sys_album_edit_info' => '<a href="{0}">Edit album</a> to change privacy.',
  '_sys_album_edit_items' => 'Edit items',
  '_sys_album_err_desc' => 'Description error',
  '_sys_album_move_to_another' => 'Move to another album',
  '_sys_album_organize' => 'Organize',
  '_sys_album_privacy_me_info' => 'This album privacy is set to "Me Only".',
  '_sys_album_private' => 'Private Album',
  '_sys_album_save_changes' => 'Save changes',
  '_sys_am_account_profile_page' => 'My Profile',
  '_sys_am_mailbox_compose' => 'New Message',
  '_sys_am_profile_account_page' => 'My Account',
  '_sys_am_profile_friend_accept' => 'Accept Friend Request',
  '_sys_am_profile_friend_add' => 'Add Friend',
  '_sys_am_profile_friend_cancel' => 'Unfriend',
  '_sys_am_profile_message' => 'Message',
  '_sys_bcpt_member_account_control' => 'Account Control',
  '_sys_bcpt_member_friend_requests' => 'Friend Requests',
  '_sys_bcpt_member_new_messages' => 'New Messages',
  '_sys_bcpt_my_subscriptions' => 'Subscriptions',
  '_sys_bcpt_subscribe' => 'Subscribe',
  '_sys_block_title_social_sharing' => 'Recommend',
  '_sys_bm_design' => 'Design ({0})',
  '_sys_bm_language' => 'Language ({0})',
  '_sys_bm_popup_cpt_design' => 'Select Design',
  '_sys_bm_popup_cpt_language' => 'Select Language',
  '_sys_box_title_download' => 'Download',
  '_sys_box_title_search_keyword' => 'Keyword Search',
  '_sys_box_title_search_people' => 'People Search',
  '_sys_btn_fans_add_to_admins' => 'Add To Admins',
  '_sys_btn_fans_confirm' => 'Confirm',
  '_sys_btn_fans_move_admins_to_fans' => 'Demote Admins',
  '_sys_btn_fans_reject' => 'Reject',
  '_sys_btn_fans_remove' => 'Remove',
  '_sys_btn_sbs_send' => 'Send',
  '_sys_btn_sbs_subscribe' => 'Subscribe',
  '_sys_btn_sbs_unsubscribe' => 'Unsubscribe',
  '_sys_calendar' => 'Calendar',
  '_sys_city_country_format' => '{0}, {1}',
  '_sys_cnts_bcpt_connections' => 'Connections',
  '_sys_cnts_bcpt_fave' => 'Favourites',
  '_sys_cnts_bcpt_fave_remove' => 'Remove from Favourites',
  '_sys_cnts_bcpt_friend_requests' => 'Friend Requests',
  '_sys_cnts_btn_fave' => 'Fave',
  '_sys_cnts_btn_fr_accept' => 'Accept',
  '_sys_cnts_btn_fr_reject' => 'Reject',
  '_sys_cnts_msg_fr_empty' => 'No friend requests. Get pro-active and <a href="browse.php">look for new friends</a>.',
  '_sys_cnts_txt_blocked' => 'Blocked',
  '_sys_cnts_txt_favorites' => 'Favorites',
  '_sys_cnts_txt_frients' => 'Friends',
  '_sys_cnts_txt_mf_no' => 'No',
  '_sys_cnts_txt_mutual_friends' => '{0} Mutual Friends',
  '_sys_email_footer_info' => 'To unsubscribe - login to your account, edit your profile and uncheck \'Receive site notifications\'.',
  '_sys_err_categories' => 'please specify at least one category',
  '_sys_invitation_step_additional_emails' => 'Additional Emails',
  '_sys_invitation_step_additional_emails_info' => 'Add limited number of emails to send invitation to',
  '_sys_invitation_step_invitation_text' => 'Invitation Text',
  '_sys_invitation_step_invitation_text_info' => 'Invitation text will appear in invitation message along with basic event info',
  '_sys_invitation_step_select_users' => 'Select Users',
  '_sys_invitation_step_select_users_info' => 'Users are from your contacts, friends and favorites',
  '_sys_member_info_username' => 'Username',
  '_sys_member_info_first_name' => 'First Name',
  '_sys_member_info_first_name_last_name' => 'First Name + Last Name',
  '_sys_member_info_last_name_firs_name' => 'Last Name + First Name',
  '_sys_member_info_headline' => 'Headline',
  '_sys_member_info_status_message' => 'Status Message',
  '_sys_member_info_age_sex' => 'Age + Sex',
  '_sys_member_info_location' => 'Location',
  '_sys_member_thumb_avatar' => 'Avatar',
  '_sys_member_thumb_icon_avatar' => 'Avatar Icon',
  '_sys_mobile_friends' => 'Friends',
  '_sys_mobile_info' => 'My Info',
  '_sys_mobile_mail' => 'Messages',
  '_sys_mobile_profile_contact' => 'Contact',
  '_sys_mobile_profile_friends' => 'Friends',
  '_sys_mobile_profile_info' => 'Profile Info',
  '_sys_mobile_search' => 'Search',
  '_sys_mobile_search_by_keyword' => 'Search By Keyword',
  '_sys_mobile_search_by_location' => 'Location Search',
  '_sys_mobile_status' => 'Status',
  '_sys_outdated_browser' => 'You are using an outdated browser',
  '_sys_outdated_browser_explain' => 'For a better experience using this site, please upgrade to a modern web browser.',
  '_sys_pcpt_my_subscriptions' => 'Subscriptions',
  '_sys_private' => 'Private',
  '_sys_profile' => 'profile',
  '_sys_profile_private_text' => 'Information availability is limited by member privacy.',
  '_sys_profile_private_text_title' => 'Limited Visibility',
  '_sys_profiles' => 'profiles',
  '_sys_profiles_caption_browse_by_day' => 'Browse profiles by date {0}',
  '_sys_request_method_not_found_cnt' => 'Method({0}) was not found in module({1})',
  '_sys_request_method_not_found_cpt' => 'Method was not found',
  '_sys_request_module_not_found_cnt' => 'Module({0}) was not found',
  '_sys_request_module_not_found_cpt' => 'Module was not found',
  '_sys_request_page_not_found_cnt' => 'Page({0}) was not found in module({1})',
  '_sys_request_page_not_found_cpt' => 'Page was not found',
  '_sys_save_nothing' => 'Nothing was changed',
  '_sys_search_main_title' => 'Search Home',
  '_sys_sitemap' => 'Sitemap',
  '_sys_sitemap_desc' => '<p>Sitemaps are an easy way to inform search engines about pages on you site that are available for crawling.
Once you activated sitemap and it was generated, you need to inform the search engines that your site supports sitemaps.
You can do this by:
        <b>submiting it via the search engine\'s submission interface:</b>
        please refer to particular search engine\'s documentation on how to do this.
        <b>specifying it in robots.txt file:</b>
        simply add the following line to <b>robots.txt</b> file:
        <pre class="code">Sitemap: {0}</pre>
  '_sys_sitemap_form_caption' => 'Enable sitemap generation',
  '_sys_sitemap_form_caption_sitemap_generated' => 'Sitemap file is generated',
  '_sys_sitemap_list' => 'The following content pages are included in sitemap:',
  '_sys_sitemap_profiles' => 'Profiles',
  '_sys_sitemap_profiles_info' => 'Profile Info Pages',
  '_sys_sitemap_system' => 'System Pages',
  '_sys_sm_account' => 'Account',
  '_sys_sm_join' => 'Join',
  '_sys_sm_login' => 'Login',
  '_sys_sm_logout' => 'Logout',
  '_sys_sm_profile' => 'Profile',
  '_sys_spam_detected' => 'Sorry, it looks like you are trying to submit spam. If you believe that this is a mistake, please submit a false positive report here: %s',
  '_sys_status_default' => 'Your status message is here',
  '_sys_status_update' => 'update status',
  '_sys_sucess_result' => 'Data has been successfully submitted.',
  '_sys_tags_note' => 'Enter a few words delimited by commas',
  '_sys_top_menu_more' => 'More',
  '_sys_txt_ac_manage_subscriptions' => '<a href="member_subscriptions.php">Manage Subscriptions</a>',
  '_sys_txt_btn_loading' => 'Loading...',
  '_sys_txt_captcha_not_available' => 'Security image is not available',
  '_sys_txt_cmt_loading' => 'Loading...',
  '_sys_txt_cmt_mood_negative' => 'negative',
  '_sys_txt_cmt_mood_neutral' => 'neutral',
  '_sys_txt_cmt_mood_positive' => 'positive',
  '_sys_txt_form_toggle_html_editor' => 'Toggle HTML Editor',
  '_sys_txt_sbs_already_subscribed' => 'You are already subscribed to this content.',
  '_sys_txt_sbs_already_unsubscribed' => 'You are not subscribed to this content.',
  '_sys_txt_sbs_cannot_find_subscription' => 'Cannot find the subscription.',
  '_sys_txt_sbs_cannot_save_visitor' => 'Cannot save private data. Please report.',
  '_sys_txt_sbs_email' => 'Email',
  '_sys_txt_sbs_empty_name_email' => 'Enter your name and correct email address.',
  '_sys_txt_sbs_error_occured' => 'Unknown error occurred. Please report.',
  '_sys_txt_sbs_name' => 'Name',
  '_sys_txt_sbs_success_subscribe' => 'You were successfully subscribed.',
  '_sys_txt_sbs_success_unsubscribe' => 'Your subscription was successfully canceled.',
  '_sys_upload' => 'Upload',
  '_sys_media_disapproved' => 'File not approved yet',
  '_sys_media_processing' => 'File not processed yet',
  '_sys_media_not_found' => 'File not found',
  '_sys_x_byte' => '{0} bytes',
  '_sys_x_gigabyte' => '{0} Gb',
  '_sys_x_kilobyte' => '{0} Kb',
  '_sys_x_megabyte' => '{0} Mb',
  '_sys_x_terabyte' => '{0} Tb',
  '_tags_by_day' => 'Tags By Day: ',
  '_tags_calendar' => 'Calendar',
  '_tags_caption_keyword' => 'Keyword',
  '_tags_caption_module' => 'Module',
  '_tags_err_keyword' => 'Specify keywords, 1 to 100 letters',
  '_tags_founded_tags' => 'Search Results',
  '_tags_plural' => 'Tags',
  '_tags_recent' => 'Recently Added Tags',
  '_tags_search_form' => 'Search Form',
  '_tags_single' => 'Tag',
  '_td_caption' => 'Caption',
  '_td_content' => 'Content',
  '_td_date' => 'Date',
  '_td_edit' => 'Update',
  '_td_err_empty_value' => 'You need to fill in the field',
  '_td_err_incorrect_length' => 'Incorrect length',
  '_td_post' => 'Post',
  '_td_snippet' => 'Snippet',
  '_td_tags' => 'Tags',
  '_title_min_lenght' => 'Title should be {0} characters minimum ',
  '_to' => 'to',
  '_tomorrow' => 'Tomorrow',
  '_top' => 'Top',
  '_top_extra' => 'Top extra',
  '_uknown' => 'unknown',
  '_undefined' => 'undefined',
  '_votes' => 'votes',
  '_week_fri' => 'Friday',
  '_week_mon' => 'Monday',
  '_week_sat' => 'Saturday',
  '_week_sun' => 'Sunday',
  '_week_thu' => 'Thursday',
  '_week_tue' => 'Tuesday',
  '_week_wed' => 'Wednesday',
  '_week_fri_mini' => 'Fr',
  '_week_mon_mini' => 'Mo',
  '_week_sat_mini' => 'Sa',
  '_week_sun_mini' => 'Su',
  '_week_thu_mini' => 'Th',
  '_week_tue_mini' => 'Tu',
  '_week_wed_mini' => 'We',
  '_x_days_ago' => '{0} days ago',
  '_x_hour_ago' => 'an hour ago',
  '_x_hours_ago' => '{0} hours ago',
  '_x_minute_ago' => 'a minute ago',
  '_x_minutes_ago' => '{0} minutes ago',
  '_y/o' => '{0} y/o',
  '_yesterday' => 'Yesterday',

  '__$10,000-$30,000/year' => '$10,000-$30,000/year',
  '__$10,000/year and less' => '$10,000/year and less',
  '__$30,000-$50,000/year' => '$30,000-$50,000/year',
  '__$50,000-$70,000/year' => '$50,000-$70,000/year',
  '__$70,000/year and more' => '$70,000/year and more',

  '__Average' => 'Average',
  '__Ample' => 'Ample',
  '__Athletic' => 'Athletic',
  '__Cuddly' => 'Cuddly',
  '__Slim' => 'Slim',
  '__Very Cuddly' => 'Very Cuddly',

  '__Afghanistan' => 'Afghanistan',
  '__Albania' => 'Albania',
  '__Algeria' => 'Algeria',
  '__American Samoa' => 'American Samoa',
  '__Andorra' => 'Andorra',
  '__Angola' => 'Angola',
  '__Anguilla' => 'Anguilla',
  '__Antarctica' => 'Antarctica',
  '__Antigua and Barbuda' => 'Antigua and Barbuda',
  '__Argentina' => 'Argentina',
  '__Armenia' => 'Armenia',
  '__Aruba' => 'Aruba',
  '__Australia' => 'Australia',
  '__Austria' => 'Austria',
  '__Azerbaijan' => 'Azerbaijan',
  '__Bahrain' => 'Bahrain',
  '__Bangladesh' => 'Bangladesh',
  '__Barbados' => 'Barbados',
  '__Belarus' => 'Belarus',
  '__Belgium' => 'Belgium',
  '__Belize' => 'Belize',
  '__Benin' => 'Benin',
  '__Bermuda' => 'Bermuda',
  '__Bhutan' => 'Bhutan',
  '__Bolivia' => 'Bolivia',
  '__Botswana' => 'Botswana',
  '__Bouvet Island' => 'Bouvet Island',
  '__Brazil' => 'Brazil',
  '__Brunei Darussalam' => 'Brunei',
  '__Bulgaria' => 'Bulgaria',
  '__Burkina Faso' => 'Burkina Faso',
  '__Burma' => 'Burma',
  '__Burundi' => 'Burundi',
  '__Cambodia' => 'Cambodia',
  '__Cameroon' => 'Cameroon',
  '__Cape Verde' => 'Cape Verde',
  '__Cayman Islands' => 'Cayman Islands',
  '__Chad' => 'Chad',
  '__Canada' => 'Canada',
  '__Chile' => 'Chile',
  '__China' => 'China',
  '__Christmas Island' => 'Christmas Island',
  '__Cote d\'Ivoire' => 'Cote d\'Ivoire',
  '__Colombia' => 'Colombia',
  '__Comoros' => 'Comoros',
  '__Cook Islands' => 'Cook Islands',
  '__Costa Rica' => 'Costa Rica',
  '__Croatia' => 'Croatia',
  '__Cuba' => 'Cuba',
  '__Cyprus' => 'Cyprus',
  '__Czech Republic' => 'Czech Republic',
  '__Denmark' => 'Denmark',
  '__Djibouti' => 'Djibouti',
  '__Dominica' => 'Dominica',
  '__Dominican Republic' => 'Dominican Republic',
  '__East Timor' => 'East Timor',
  '__Ecuador' => 'Ecuador',
  '__Egypt' => 'Egypt',
  '__El Salvador' => 'El Salvador',
  '__Equatorial Guinea' => 'Equatorial Guinea',
  '__Eritrea' => 'Eritrea',
  '__Estonia' => 'Estonia',
  '__Ethiopia' => 'Ethiopia',
  '__Faroe Islands' => 'Faroe Islands',
  '__Fiji' => 'Fiji',
  '__Finland' => 'Finland',
  '__Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)' => 'Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)',
  '__France' => 'France',
  '__Gabon' => 'Gabon',
  '__Georgia' => 'Georgia',
  '__Germany' => 'Germany',
  '__Ghana' => 'Ghana',
  '__Gibraltar' => 'Gibraltar',
  '__Greece' => 'Greece',
  '__Greenland' => 'Greenland',
  '__Grenada' => 'Grenada',
  '__Guadeloupe' => 'Guadeloupe',
  '__Guam' => 'Guam',
  '__Guatemala' => 'Guatemala',
  '__Guinea' => 'Guinea',
  '__Guinea-Bissau' => 'Guinea-Bissau',
  '__Guyana' => 'Guyana',
  '__Haiti' => 'Haiti',
  '__Holy See (Vatican City)' => 'Holy See (Vatican City)',
  '__Hong Kong (SAR)' => 'Hong Kong (SAR)',
  '__Honduras' => 'Honduras',
  '__Hungary' => 'Hungary',
  '__Iceland' => 'Iceland',
  '__India' => 'India',
  '__Indonesia' => 'Indonesia',
  '__Iran' => 'Iran',
  '__Iraq' => 'Iraq',
  '__Ireland' => 'Ireland',
  '__Israel' => 'Israel',
  '__Italy' => 'Italy',
  '__Jamaica' => 'Jamaica',
  '__Japan' => 'Japan',
  '__Jordan' => 'Jordan',
  '__Kazakhstan' => 'Kazakhstan',
  '__Kenya' => 'Kenya',
  '__Kiribati' => 'Kiribati',
  '__Kuwait' => 'Kuwait',
  '__Kyrgyzstan' => 'Kyrgyzstan',
  '__Latvia' => 'Latvia',
  '__Lebanon' => 'Lebanon',
  '__Lesotho' => 'Lesotho',
  '__Liberia' => 'Liberia',
  '__Liechtenstein' => 'Liechtenstein',
  '__Lithuania' => 'Lithuania',
  '__Luxembourg' => 'Luxembourg',
  '__Madagascar' => 'Madagascar',
  '__Malawi' => 'Malawi',
  '__Malaysia' => 'Malaysia',
  '__Maldives' => 'Maldives',
  '__Mali' => 'Mali',
  '__Malta' => 'Malta',
  '__Marshall Islands' => 'Marshall Islands',
  '__Martinique' => 'Martinique',
  '__Mauritania' => 'Mauritania',
  '__Mauritius' => 'Mauritius',
  '__Mayotte' => 'Mayotte',
  '__Mexico' => 'Mexico',
  '__Moldova' => 'Moldova',
  '__Monaco' => 'Monaco',
  '__Mongolia' => 'Mongolia',
  '__Montserrat' => 'Montserrat',
  '__Morocco' => 'Morocco',
  '__Mozambique' => 'Mozambique',
  '__Namibia' => 'Namibia',
  '__Nauru' => 'Nauru',
  '__Nepal' => 'Nepal',
  '__Netherlands' => 'Netherlands',
  '__New Caledonia' => 'New Caledonia',
  '__New Zealand' => 'New Zealand',
  '__Nicaragua' => 'Nicaragua',
  '__Niger' => 'Niger',
  '__Nigeria' => 'Nigeria',
  '__Niue' => 'Niue',
  '__Norfolk Island' => 'Norfolk Island',
  '__Norway' => 'Norway',
  '__Oman' => 'Oman',
  '__Pakistan' => 'Pakistan',
  '__Palau' => 'Palau',
  '__Panama' => 'Panama',
  '__Papua New Guinea' => 'Papua New Guinea',
  '__Paraguay' => 'Paraguay',
  '__Peru' => 'Peru',
  '__Philippines' => 'Philippines',
  '__Poland' => 'Poland',
  '__Portugal' => 'Portugal',
  '__Puerto Rico' => 'Puerto Rico',
  '__Qatar' => 'Qatar',
  '__Reunion' => 'Reunion',
  '__Romania' => 'Romania',
  '__Russia' => 'Russia',
  '__Rwanda' => 'Rwanda',
  '__Saint Lucia' => 'Saint Lucia',
  '__Samoa' => 'Samoa',
  '__San Marino' => 'San Marino',
  '__Saudi Arabia' => 'Saudi Arabia',
  '__Senegal' => 'Senegal',
  '__Seychelles' => 'Seychelles',
  '__Sierra Leone' => 'Sierra Leone',
  '__Singapore' => 'Singapore',
  '__Slovakia' => 'Slovakia',
  '__Solomon Islands' => 'Solomon Islands',
  '__Somalia' => 'Somalia',
  '__South Africa' => 'South Africa',
  '__Spain' => 'Spain',
  '__Sri Lanka' => 'Sri Lanka',
  '__Sudan' => 'Sudan',
  '__Suriname' => 'Suriname',
  '__Swaziland' => 'Swaziland',
  '__Sweden' => 'Sweden',
  '__Switzerland' => 'Switzerland',
  '__Syria' => 'Syria',
  '__Taiwan' => 'Taiwan',
  '__Tajikistan' => 'Tajikistan',
  '__Tanzania' => 'Tanzania',
  '__Thailand' => 'Thailand',
  '__Togo' => 'Togo',
  '__Tokelau' => 'Tokelau',
  '__Tonga' => 'Tonga',
  '__Trinidad and Tobago' => 'Trinidad and Tobago',
  '__Tunisia' => 'Tunisia',
  '__Turkey' => 'Turkey',
  '__Turkmenistan' => 'Turkmenistan',
  '__Tuvalu' => 'Tuvalu',
  '__Uganda' => 'Uganda',
  '__Ukraine' => 'Ukraine',
  '__United Arab Emirates' => 'United Arab Emirates',
  '__United Kingdom' => 'United Kingdom',
  '__Uruguay' => 'Uruguay',
  '__Uzbekistan' => 'Uzbekistan',
  '__Vanuatu' => 'Vanuatu',
  '__Venezuela' => 'Venezuela',
  '__Virgin Islands' => 'Virgin Islands',
  '__Western Sahara' => 'Western Sahara',
  '__Yemen' => 'Yemen',
  '__Zambia' => 'Zambia',
  '__Zimbabwe' => 'Zimbabwe',
  '__Netherlands Antilles' => 'Netherlands Antilles',
  '__Bosnia and Herzegovina' => 'Bosnia and Herzegovina',
  '__The Bahamas' => 'The Bahamas',
  '__Cocos (Keeling) Islands' => 'Cocos (Keeling) Islands',
  '__Congo, Democratic Republic of the' => 'Congo, Democratic Republic of the',
  '__Central African Republic' => 'Central African Republic',
  '__Congo, Republic of the' => 'Congo, Republic of the',
  '__Micronesia, Federated States of' => 'Micronesia, Federated States of',
  '__French Guiana' => 'French Guiana',
  '__The Gambia' => 'The Gambia',
  '__South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands' => 'South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands',
  '__Heard Island and McDonald Islands' => 'Heard Island and McDonald Islands',
  '__British Indian Ocean Territory' => 'British Indian Ocean Territory',
  '__Saint Kitts and Nevis' => 'Saint Kitts and Nevis',
  '__Korea, North' => 'Korea, North',
  '__Korea, South' => 'Korea, South',
  '__Laos' => 'Laos',
  '__Libya' => 'Libya',
  '__Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of' => 'Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of',
  '__Macao' => 'Macao',
  '__Northern Mariana Islands' => 'Northern Mariana Islands',
  '__French Polynesia' => 'French Polynesia',
  '__Saint Pierre and Miquelon' => 'Saint Pierre and Miquelon',
  '__Pitcairn Islands' => 'Pitcairn Islands',
  '__Palestinian Territory, Occupied' => 'Palestinian Territory, Occupied',
  '__Saint Helena' => 'Saint Helena',
  '__Slovenia' => 'Slovenia',
  '__Svalbard' => 'Svalbard',
  '__Sao Tome and Principe' => 'Sao Tome and Principe',
  '__Turks and Caicos Islands' => 'Turks and Caicos Islands',
  '__French Southern and Antarctic Lands' => 'French Southern and Antarctic Lands',
  '__United States Minor Outlying Islands' => 'United States Minor Outlying Islands',
  '__United States' => 'United States',
  '__Saint Vincent and the Grenadines' => 'Saint Vincent and the Grenadines',
  '__British Virgin Islands' => 'British Virgin Islands',
  '__Vietnam' => 'Vietnam',
  '__Aland_Islands' => 'Aland Islands',
  '__Saint_Barthelemy' => 'Saint Barthelemy',
  '__Guernsey' => 'Guernsey',
  '__Isle_of_Man' => 'Isle of Man',
  '__Jersey' => 'Jersey',
  '__Montenegro' => 'Montenegro',
  '__Saint_Martin_French_part' => 'Saint Martin (French part)',
  '__Serbia' => 'Serbia',
  '__Wallis and Futuna' => 'Wallis and Futuna',

  '__All' => 'All',
  '__Active' => 'Active',
  '__Approval' => 'Approval',
  '__Suspended' => 'Suspended',
  '__Unconfirmed' => 'Unconfirmed',

  '__AA (2 years college)' => 'AA (2 years college)',
  '__BA/BS (4 years college)' => 'BA/BS (4 years college)',
  '__High School graduate' => 'High School graduate',
  '__Some college' => 'Some college',
  '__College student' => 'College student',
  '__Some grad school' => 'Some grad school',
  '__Grad school student' => 'Grad school student',
  '__MA/MS/MBA' => 'MA/MS/MBA',
  '__PhD/Post doctorate' => 'PhD/Post doctorate',
  '__JD' => 'JD',

  '__African' => 'African',
  '__African American' => 'African American',
  '__Asian' => 'Asian',
  '__Caucasian' => 'Caucasian',
  '__East Indian' => 'East Indian',
  '__Hispanic' => 'Hispanic',
  '__Indian' => 'Indian',
  '__Latino' => 'Latino',
  '__Mediterranean' => 'Mediterranean',
  '__Middle Eastern' => 'Middle Eastern',
  '__Mixed' => 'Mixed',
  '__English' => 'English',
  '__Afrikaans' => 'Afrikaans',
  '__Arabic' => 'Arabic',
  '__Bulgarian' => 'Bulgarian',
  '__Burmese' => 'Burmese',
  '__Cantonese' => 'Cantonese',
  '__Croatian' => 'Croatian',
  '__Danish' => 'Danish',
  '__Dutch' => 'Dutch',
  '__Esperanto' => 'Esperanto',
  '__Estonian' => 'Estonian',
  '__Finnish' => 'Finnish',
  '__French' => 'French',
  '__German' => 'German',
  '__Greek' => 'Greek',
  '__Gujrati' => 'Gujarati',
  '__Hebrew' => 'Hebrew',
  '__Hindi' => 'Hindi',
  '__Hungarian' => 'Hungarian',
  '__Icelandic' => 'Icelandic',
  '__Indonesian' => 'Indonesian',
  '__Italian' => 'Italian',
  '__Japanese' => 'Japanese',
  '__Korean' => 'Korean',
  '__Latvian' => 'Latvian',
  '__Lithuanian' => 'Lithuanian',
  '__Malay' => 'Malay',
  '__Mandarin' => 'Mandarin',
  '__Marathi' => 'Marathi',
  '__Moldovian' => 'Moldavian',
  '__Nepalese' => 'Nepalese',
  '__Norwegian' => 'Norwegian',
  '__Persian' => 'Persian',
  '__Polish' => 'Polish',
  '__Portuguese' => 'Portuguese',
  '__Punjabi' => 'Punjabi',
  '__Romanian' => 'Romanian',
  '__Russian' => 'Russian',
  '__Serbian' => 'Serbian',
  '__Spanish' => 'Spanish',
  '__Swedish' => 'Swedish',
  '__Tagalog' => 'Tagalog',
  '__Taiwanese' => 'Taiwanese',
  '__Tamil' => 'Tamil',
  '__Telugu' => 'Telugu',
  '__Thai' => 'Thai',
  '__Tongan' => 'Tongan',
  '__Turkish' => 'Turkish',
  '__Ukrainian' => 'Ukrainian',
  '__Urdu' => 'Urdu',
  '__Vietnamese' => 'Vietnamese',
  '__Visayan' => 'Visayan',

  '__Single' => 'Single',
  '__Attached' => 'Attached',
  '__Divorced' => 'Divorced',
  '__Married' => 'Married',
  '__Separated' => 'Separated',
  '__Widow' => 'Widow/er',

  '__Adventist' => 'Adventist',
  '__Agnostic' => 'Agnostic',
  '__Atheist' => 'Atheist',
  '__Baptist' => 'Baptist',
  '__Buddhist' => 'Buddhist',
  '__Caodaism' => 'Caodaism',
  '__Catholic' => 'Catholic',
  '__Christian' => 'Christian',
  '__Hindu' => 'Hindu',
  '__Iskcon' => 'Iskcon',
  '__Jainism' => 'Jainism',
  '__Jewish' => 'Jewish',
  '__Methodist' => 'Methodist',
  '__Mormon' => 'Mormon',
  '__Moslem' => 'Muslim',
  '__Orthodox' => 'Orthodox',
  '__Pentecostal' => 'Pentecostal',
  '__Protestant' => 'Protestant',
  '__Quaker' => 'Quaker',
  '__Scientology' => 'Scientology',
  '__Shinto' => 'Shinto',
  '__Sikhism' => 'Sikhism',
  '__Spiritual' => 'Spiritual',
  '__Taoism' => 'Taoism',
  '__Wiccan' => 'Wiccan',
  '__Other' => 'Other',

  '__No' => 'No',
  '__Rarely' => 'Rarely',
  '__Often' => 'Often',
  '__Very often' => 'Very often',
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