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Follow the these steps:

1- Copy the folder "d4wstatslittle" into your web site root directory.

2- Paste this code on your web pages:

<!-- START D4WSTATS CODE --><!-- Powered by Developers4Web:: http://stats-service.developers4web.com --><!-- Dreamweaver extension at http://www.d4wstats.com -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="/d4wstatslittle/logger-v2.js.php"></script></a><noscript><img src="/d4wstatslittle/logger-v2.js.php" alt="" border="0" /></noscript><!-- END D4WSTATS CODE -->

3- Set write permisions on folder "/d4wstatslittle/d4wfiles/logs/" 

4- Visit your web site (this will generate the first stats)

5- Enjoy your web stats at http://YOUR_DOMAIN_NAME/d4wstatslittle/report/

That's all. 

Any problem? Ask for help at http://www.d4wstats.com/contact-us   or directly to  "hide@address.com"  with subject "Contact from Trio (stats)...".
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