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/* $Id: english.php 39 2005-11-23 19:23:47Z schmalls $ */
 * english.php
 * <p>English language file.</p>
 * @package ANJEL
 * @subpackage languages
 * @copyright © 2004-2005 Schmalls / Joshua Thompson / All Rights Reserved
 * @license http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html GNU/GPL
 * @author Schmalls / Joshua Thompson <hide@address.com>
 * @version 0.6.1
 * @since 0.4.3
 * @link http://www.schmalls.com

  * Makes sure this is included by a parent file
 defined( '_VALID_MOS' ) or die('Direct Access to this location is not allowed.');
 * Language definitions
define("_CONFIRMLINKTEKST", "Click here to confirm your subscription");												//will only be used when sending html emailings
define("_UNSUBSCRIBELINKTEKST", "Click here to unsubscribe yourself from the newsletters"); 	//will only be used when sending html emailings

define("_WELCOME_SUBJECT", "Welcome to the newsletters");
define("_UNSUBSCRIBE_SUBJECT", "Your email address has been removed from the newsletters");

define("_NEWSLETTERHEADING", "Welcome to The Newsletters");
define("_NEWSLETTERDESCRIPTION", "Please subscribe below");

define("_HEADER_TITLE_NEWSLETTER", "Newsletter name");
define("_HEADER_DESCIPTION_NEWSLETTER", "Newsletter description");

define("_SUBSCRIBE", "Subscribe");
define("_UNSUBSCRIBE", "Unsubscribe");

define("_INPUT_DETAILS", "Input your details:");
define("_INPUT_NAME", "Name:");
define("_INPUT_EMAIL", "Email:");
define("_RECEIVE_HTML", "Receive HTML mailings?");

define("_DESCRIPTION", "Description");
define("_EMAIL_ALLREADYONLIST", "Your email address is already on this newsletter.");
define("_EMAIL_ADDED", "Your email address has been added.");
define("_EMAIL_REMOVED", "Your email address has been removed.");
define("_NOACCOUNTFOUND", "There was no account found matching the data you've entered");
define("_ACCOUNTCONFIRMED", "Your account has been activated.");
define("_RETURNTOLISTS", "Click here to return to the newsletter overview");

//for newsletter archive
define("_HEADER_NEWSLETTER_DATE", "Send date");
define("_HEADER_NEWSLETTER_SUBJECT", "Mailing subject");
define("_HEADER_NEWSLETTER_CONTENT", "Mailing content");
define("_ATTACHEDFILES", "Attached files");

// new stuff after here
define("_INFO_UPDATED_SUCCESSFULLY", "Your information has been updated successfully.");
define("_NOT_AUTHORIZED", "You are not authorized to view this page. If you believe you received this message in error please contact the administrator.");
define("_ALREADY_REGISTERED", "You are already registered.");
define("_UNREGISTERED_OFF", "Unregistered user subscriptions have been turned off by an administrator.");
define("_PLEASE", "Please");
define("_LOGIN", "login");
define("_OR", "or");
define("_REGISTER", "register");
define("_TOCHANGESUBS", "to change subscriptions.");

define("_WELCOME_MESSAGE", "Welcome to the newsletter section of the site. You can subscribe to and unsubscribe from newsletters here.");
define("_REGISTERED_OPTIONS", "Please %Login% or %Register% to update subscriptions.");
define("_ORUNREGISTERED", "Or you can subscribe without registering to the site by clicking");
define("_HERE", "here");
define("_SUBSCRIPTIONSFOR", "Subscriptions for");
define("_VIEWARCHIVE", "View archive");
define("_CREATELETTER", "Create letter");
define("_RECEIVEHTML", "Receive html?");
define("_CHANGEEMAIL", "You can change your email address under \"Your Details\".");
define("_SUBSCRIPTIONS", "Subscriptions");
define("_CANNOTCHANGE", "Sorry you cannot change this email addresses subscriptions. If you clicked on this link from your email, please contact the website's administratror.");
define("_MAKESELECTION", "Please make a selection from the list to");
define("_UPDATED_SUCCESSFULLY", "The information has been updated successfully.");
define("_EMAIL_ALREADY_REGISTERED", "This email address has already been registered.");
define("_SUBSCRIBER_DELETED", "Subscriber deleted.");
define("_MAILSENDMETHOD", "Mail send method:");
define("_SENDMAILPATH", "Sendmail path:");
define("_SMTPHOST", "SMTP host:");
define("_SMTPAUTHREQUIRED", "SMTP Authentication required:");
define("_SMTPAUTHREQUIRED_EXAMPLE", "Select yes if your SMTP server requires authentication");
define("_SMTPUSERNAME", "SMTP username:");
define("_SMTPUSERNAME_EXAMPLE", "Enter the SMTP username when your SMTP server requires authentication");
define("_SMTPPASSWORD", "SMTP password:");
define("_SMTPPASSWORD_EXAMPLE", "Enter the SMTP password when your SMTP server requires authentication");
define("_ENABLEREADSTATS", "Enable read statistics:");
define("_ENABLEREADSTATS_EXAMPLE", "Select yes if you want to log the number of views. This technique can only be used with html mailings");
define("_LOGVIEWSPERSUB", "Log views per subscriber:");
define("_LOGVIEWSPERSUB_EXAMPLE", "Select yes if you want to log the number of views per subscriber. This technique can only be used with html mailings");
define("_PAUSEX", "Pause x seconds every configured amount of emails:");
define("_PAUSEX_EXAMPLE", "Enter a number of seconds ANJEL will give the SMTP server the time to send out the messages before proceeding with the next configured amount of messages.");
define("_SENDPERFDATA", "Send out performance data:");
define("_SENDPERFDATA_EXAMPLE", "Select yes if you want to allow ANJEL to send out anonymous reports about your server configuration, the number of subscribers to a list and the time it took to send the mailing. This will give us an idea about what ANJEL is capable of.");
define("_ALLOWUNREG", "Allow unregistered:");
define("_ALLOWUNREG_EXAMPLE", "Select yes if you want to allow users to subscribe to newsletters without registering at the site.");
define("_REQCONFIRM", "Require confirmation:");
define("_REQCONFIRM_EXAMPLE", "Select yes if you require that unregistered subscribers confirm their email address.");
define("_SUBMESSAGE", "Subscribe message:");
define("_USABLETAGS", "Usable tags:");
define("_NAMEANDCONFIRM", "[CONFIRM] = This creates a clickable link where the subscriber can confirm their subscription. This is <strong>required</strong> to make ANJEL work properly.<br />[NAME] = This will be replaced by the name the subscriber entered, you'll be sending personalized email when using this.<br />");
define("_CONFIRMFROMNAME", "Confirm from name:");
define("_CONFIRMFROMNAME_EXAMPLE", "Enter the from name to display on confirmation letters.");
define("_CONFIRMFROMEMAIL", "Confirm from email:");
define("_CONFIRMFROMEMAIL_EXAMPLE", "Enter the email address to display on confirmation letters.");
define("_CONFIRMBOUNCE", "Confirm bounce address:");
define("_CONFIRMBOUNCE_EXAMPLE", "Enter the bounce address to display on confirmation letters.");
define("_HTMLCONFIRM", "HTML confirm:");
define("_HTMLCONFIRM_EXAMPLE", "Select yes if confirmation letters should be html if the user allows html.");
define("_USEEMBEDDED", "Use embedded images:");
define("_USEEMBEDDED_EXAMPLE", "Select yes if the images in attached content items should be embedded in the email for html messages, or no to use default image tags that link to the images on the site.");
define("_CONFIGUPDATED", "The configuration details have been updated!");
define("_UNABLECONFIG", "An Error Has Occurred! Unable to open config file to write! You should verify the file's permissions.");

// letters:
define("_SELECTLISTLETTER", "Select the list you wish to edit below:");
define("_SELECTLISTSUBSCRIBER", "Select a list to manage subscribers from:");
define("_SELECTLISTMAILING", "Select the list you wish to edit a mailing from:");
define("_SELECTLISTSTATS", "Select the list you wish to view statistics of:");
define("_LISTNAME", "List name");
define("_LISTSENDER", "List sender");
define("_CHANGE", "Change");
define("_ENTER", "Enter");
define("_LISTVALUESBELOW", "the list values below:");
define("_LISTDESC", "List description");
define("_SENDERNAME", "Sender name");
define("_SENDEREMAIL", "Sender email");
define("_SENDERBOUNCE", "Sender bounce address");
define("_LAYOUT", "Layout");
define("_CONTENTREP", "[CONTENT] = This will be replaced with the content of the mailing. This is <strong>required</strong> to make ANJEL work properly.<br />");
define("_HTMLMAILING", "HTML mailing? (if you change this, you'll have to save and return to this screen to see the changes.)");
define("_HIDEFROMFRONTEND", "Hide from frontend?");
define("_SUBSCRIBEALL", "Subscribe all users to this list?");
define("_SELECTIMPORTFILE", "Select a file to import");
define("_FILE", "file");
define("_IMPORTFINISHED", "Import finished");
define("_DELETIONOFFILE", "Deletion of file");
define("_MANUALLYDELETE", "failed, you should manually delete the file");
define("_CANNOTWRITEDIR", "Cannot write directory");
define("_STANDBYBACKUP", "Please stand by, the backup is being generated...");

// mailer
define("_CREATEMAILINGBELOW", "Create mailing below");
define("_SUBJECT", "Subject");
define("_LEAVEBLANKFORDEF", "(leave blank for default)");
define("_CONTENT", "Content");
define("_NAMEREP", "[NAME] = This will be replaced by the name the subscriber entered, you'll be sending personalized email when using this.<br />");
define("_NONHTML", "Non-html version");
define("_ATTACHMENTS", "Attachments");
define("_SELECTMULTIPLE", "Hold control (or command) to select multiple attachments..");
define("_CONTENTITEM", "Content item");
define("_CONTENTITEMSELECT", "Select a content item to append to the message");
define("_SENDINGEMAIL", "Sending email");
define("_MESSAGENOT", "Message could not be sent");
define("_MAILERERROR", "Mailer error");
define("_MESSAGESENTSUCCESSFULLY", "Message sent successfully");
define("_SENDINGTOOK", "Sending this mailing took");
define("_SECONDS", "seconds");
define("_NOADDRESSENTERED", "No address entered");
define("_CHANGESUBSCRIPTIONS", "Change subscriptions");
define("_WHICHEMAILTEST", "To which email address do you want to send this test?");
define("_SENDINHTML", "Send in HTML (for html mailings)?");
define("_VISIBLE", "Visible");
define("_INTROONLY", "Intro only");

// anjeluser
define("_USERERROR", "There was an error adding your newsletter subscription preferences");

// subscribers
define("_SIGNUPDATE", "Signup date");
define("_CONFIRMED", "Confirmed");
define("_SUBHTML", "HTML");
define("_FIRST", "First");
define("_LAST", "Last");
define("_RESULTS", "Results");

// upgrade
define("_UPGRADEINST", "If you plan to upgrade please select \"Leave Tables\", uninstall the component, and then install the new component like normal. Otherwise, if you want all tables deleted please select \"Delete Tables\", then uninstall the component.");
define("_LEAVETABLES", "Leave tables");
define("_DELETETABLES", "Delete tables");
define("_LEAVETABLES_RES", "The tables will be left on uninstall");
define("_DELETETABLES_RES", "The tables will be deleted on uninstall");

// stats
define("_GLOBALSTATS", "Global stats");
define("_DETAILEDSTATS", "Detailed stats");
define("_MAILINGLISTDETAILS", "Newsletter details");
define("_MAILINGNAME", "Mailing name");
define("_SENDON", "Send on");
define("_SENDINHTMLFORMAT", "Send in HTML format");
define("_VIEWSFROMHTML", "Views (from html mails)");
define("_SENDINTEXTFORMAT", "Send in text format");
define("_HTMLREAD", "HTML read");
define("_HTMLUNREAD", "HTML unread");
define("_TEXTONLYSENT", "Text only");

// module
define("_MODSUBSCRIBE", "Subscribe");
define("_MODINTRO", "Subscribe to a newsletter:");
define("_MODEMAILADDRESS", "Email address");
define("_MODRECEIVEHTML", "Receive HTML?");

define("_EMAILINVALID", "The email entered is invalid.");

// new with 0.4.3
define("_UNREGISTEREDADDED", "Your information has been added.");
define("_PLEASECONFIRM", "You should receive an email to confirm you subscriptions. You must confirm before you will receive any mailings.");
define("_NEWSLETTERDELETED", "Newsletter deleted");
define("_NEWSLETTERADDED", "Newsletter added");
define("_NEWSLETTERUPDATED", "Newsletter updated");
define("_UNSUBMESSAGE", "Unsubscribe message:");
define("_MAILINGSAVED", "The mailing was saved successfully.");
define("_SHOWFOOTER", "Show the footer.");
define("_SHOWFOOTER_EXAMPLE", "Whether or not the footer copyright notice should be displayed.");
define("_AUTO_ADD_NEW_USERS", "Automatically subscribe new users to this list?");
define("_NO_UPDATES", "There are currently no updates available.");
define("_NEED_UPDATED", "Files that need updated:");
define("_NEED_ADDED", "Files that need added:");
define("_NEED_REMOVED", "Files that need removed:");
define("_FILENAME", "Filename:");
define("_CURRENT_VERSION", "Current version:");
define("_NEWEST_VERSION", "Newest version:");
define("_UPDATING", "Updating");
define("_UPDATE_UPDATED_SUCCESSFULLY", "Updated successfully.");
define("_UPDATE_FAILED", "Update failed!");
define("_ADDING", "Adding");
define("_ADDED_SUCCESSFULLY", "Added successfully.");
define("_ADDING_FAILED", "Adding failed!");
define("_REMOVING", "Removing");
define("_REMOVED_SUCCESSFULLY", "Removed successfully.");
define("_REMOVING_FAILED", "Removing failed!");
define("_UPDATE_URL", "Update URL");
define("_UPDATE_URL_EXAMPLE", "For example: http://anjel.schmalls.com/update/ (include the closing slash)");
define("_EMAILS_BETWEEN_PAUSES", "Emails between pauses");
define("_EMAILS_BETWEEN_PAUSES_EXAMPLE", "The number of emails to send before pausing.");
define("_WAIT_FOR_USER_AT_PAUSE", "Wait for user input at pause");
define("_WAIT_FOR_USER_AT_PAUSE_EXAMPLE", "Whether the script should wait for user input when paused between sets of mailings.");
define("_SCRIPT_TIMEOUT", "Script timeout");
define("_SCRIPT_TIMEOUT_EXAMPLE", "The number of minutes the script should be able to run.");
define("_CONTINUE_SENDING", "Continue sending");
define("_INSTALL_DIFFERENT_VERSION", "Install a different version");
define("_PREVIEW", "Preview");

// new with 0.6.1
define("_CONTENT_ADD", "Add content");
define("_COPY_PLACEHOLDER", "Copy and paste the placeholder into the mailing.");
define("_MAIL_CONFIG", "Mail");
define("_STAT_CONFIG", "Statistics");
define("_SENDING_CONFIG", "Sending");
define("_LOGGING_CONFIG", "Logging");
define("_SUBSCRIBER_CONFIG", "Subscriber");
define("_MISC_CONFIG", "Miscellaneous");
define("_SENDLOG", "Send log");
define("_SENDLOG_EXAMPLE", "Whether a log of the mailing should be emailed to the email address of the user who sent the mailing.");
define("_SENDLOGDETAIL", "Send log detail");
define("_SENDLOGDETAIL_EXAMPLE", "Detailed includes the success or failure information for each subscriber and an overview of the information. Simple only sends the overview.");
define("_SENDLOGCLOSED", "Send log if connection closed");
define("_SENDLOGCLOSED_EXAMPLE", "If the browser window is closed while sending a mailing, the mailing should continue to send. With this option on the user who sent the mailing will still receive a report by email.");
define("_SAVELOG", "Save log");
define("_SAVELOG_EXAMPLE", "Whether a log of the mailing should be appended to the log file.");
define("_SAVELOGDETAIL", "Save log detail");
define("_SAVELOGDETAIL_EXAMPLE", "Detailed includes the success or failure information for each subscriber and an overview of the information. Simple only saves the overview.");
define("_SAVELOGFILE", "Save log file");
define("_SAVELOGFILE_EXAMPLE", "File to which log information is appended. This file could become rather large.");
define("_CLEARLOG", "Clear log");
define("_CLEARLOG_EXAMPLE", "Clears the log file.");
define("_ADMINANDPUBLISHER", "Click the title of the newsletter to add admin and publishers.");
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