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<!--------------- Here you can edit the Layout of the page that displays your archivated newsletters

Don't change placeholder names like <-placeholder-> or field-names! 
If you change the position of a variable please take it in <- and -> (fe. <-variable->)

Meaning of placeholders:

BacktoHeadlinesLink: displays link to go back to the last viewed page in headline overwiew.
ArchiveName: Shows the name of this Archive.

PrintNLSubject: displays the subject of the viewed entry
PrintNLDate:  displays the send-date of the viewed entry
PrintNLBody: displays the message of the entry.

TXTSubject: displays the text "Subject" in selected language.
TXTDate: displays the text "Date" in selected language.
TXTMessage: displays the text "Message" in selected language.

To change Texts, please edit lang-archive.php.inc in your language folder!

<-TXTSubject-> <-PrintNLSubject->
<br><-TXTDate-> <-PrintNLDate-><br>
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