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Changes in 2.1.0 (2010-09-27)
*Some API and performance improvements
*Integration of the import and export tool into the admin area. 
*Added a possibilty to set a default newsletter. The default newsletter will be selected when starting a new admin area session and if a visitor access the subscribe/unsubscribe page if no other newsletter was (pre-)selected.
*Added a possibilty to copy drafts from one newsletter to an other.
*Added a possibilty to pause the newsletter sending process each after a number of sent messages to avoid queue problems at some shared hosting providers. 
*Added a request handler for the admin area to separate the request parameters virtually into different scopes.
*Added a possibility to use a selected time zone instead of the server default. 
*Added a session handler for the admin area to separate the session variables virtually into different scopes.
*Correction of some typos in the database structure and folder names:
  -The folder "/protected/localisation/" has been renamed to "/protected/localization/"
  -The mailinglist tables has been renamed from "ADBNS2_Maillinglist_[NewsletterID]" to "ADBNS2_Mailinglist_[NewsletterID]". 
*Upgraded tinyMCE to version 3.3.9.
*Added a "please wait" message to the nl sending page.
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