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  1. PHP Guestbook
    2368 total visits
    This PHP Guestbook stores the postings in a simple plain text file so no MySQL database required. The message text of the postings can be formatted bold and italic, smilies are supported too. The style of the guestbook can be easily changed just by modifying the CSS file. The integrated administration area allows you to delete postings, the webmaster will ...
  2. Aardvark Topsites PHP
    1070 total visits
    Aardvark Topsites PHP is a free open source PHP topsites script built on PHP and MySQL, in which a topsites list ranks a group of related sites by popularity. Webmasters join the topsites list and are given a button to put on their site and link back to the topsites list.Features of Aardvark Topsites PHP:- Members ranks can be shown ...
  3. Soraxdesign PHP Guestbook
    1176 total visits
    The Soraxdesign PHP Guestbook is a simple PHP Guestbook with no MySQL database required, which offers a sophisticated administration to help you customize the PHP Guestbook completely with your needs, even though you are equipped with no knowledge about HTML or PHP. You only need to link or embed the boot file by include (), the design can be easily ...
  4. ADOdb Database Library for PHP
    808 total visits
    ADOdb Database Library for PHP is a PHP4 and PHP5 database abstraction library. Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase/Firebird, Oracle (Oci8), MS SQL 7, ADO, Foxpro, Access, Sybase, Sybase SQL Anywhere, DB2, Informix, Frontbase, SQLite, LDAP, Netezza, SAPDB, generic ODBC/ODBTP, PDO etc. It is an OpenSouce PHP database project. ADOdb provides code to handle inserts and updates that can be adapted to ...
  5. PHP Manual Creator
    1235 total visits
    PHP Manual Creator is based on a Cross-Browser WYSIWYG Editor, open WYSIWYG 1.0, and it is a replacement for PDFs or "save as html" for us who want to publish Microsoft Word or OpenOffice Writer documents on the web. Just copy your Word document from the screen and paste it into the editor, add a filename, your e-mail and a ...
  6. Top site PHP script
    1907 total visits
    A free php script that allow you to create a simple top site. The sites are listed by votes order. Users can vote for a website one time per hour. To add a website, the user have to fill a form with the informations of his website. The Admin can accept and reject websites. This script requires MySQL and PHP ...
  7. The Easy and Free PHP guestbook
    1266 total visits
    The Easy and Free PHP Guestbook is a simple FREE yet powerful PHP guestbook script with multiple advanced anti-spam features with no MySQL and other Databases required. Any one of your existing html pages could be turned into an html guestbook with the help of this Guestbook Script, where your website visitors can leave their own comments. The Guestbook makes ...
  8. Free PHP VX Guestbook
    974 total visits
    Free PHP VX Guestbook is a PHP Guestbook requires PHPMyAdmin or other MySQL Database web manager to support. Aim of this Guestbook is allow visitors to comment on your website once this guestbook was added. The Guestbook is Easy to install and use and doesn't request you equipped with great PHP skills. Editable with template is One of the highlighted ...
  9. Maran php Blog
    531 total visits
    Maran php Blog is a simple Blog app, using flat file txt as database store content, is not using mySQL DB. Has archive pages, search, and comments. Is designed for small pages, small projects. Instalation:- Copy file in root site folder. - Create one folder "/imgblog/" and set chmod 666 or 777.- Create one folder "/maranlog/" and set chmod 666 ...
  10. PHP-Fusion
    3540 total visits
    PHP-Fusion is written in PHP 5(compatible with PHP 4). It utilises MySQL database to store your site content and is a light weight PHP CMS system, it can be configured to suit most website owers needs. PHP-Fusion includes a simple, comprehensive administration system. Features of PHP-Fusion:- Discussion Forum- Photo Galleries- Post News and Articles- Member Registration- Downloads- plus many more.Security ...
  11. Ajaxed MySQL Table Editor
    1866 total visits
    Mysql Ajax Table Editor is a very versatile and customizable mysql editor. It is PHP4 and PHP5 compatible and it has incredible join capabilities. Mysql Ajax Table Editor is an OpenSource PHP database project. This mysql editor has the ability to join on multiple tables and maintain search functionality and best of all it is written with ajax. This makes ...
  12. No
    1890 total visits
    class.faqmanager.php allows for easy display of a FAQ that is stored in a MySQL database. You can also perform a rudementary search on the questions and answers. It is an Open Source PHP FAQ script.
  13. No
    2026 total visits
    The support tickets gets stored in a MySQL database.PHP easy ticket and help system can perform several types of operations on the tickets, like: manage user login sessions, display submitted tickets, mark tickets as read, reply to tickets, submit new tickets, delete tickets, send ticket interaction e-mail messages, etc..Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
  14. MicroBlog - web blog PHP script
    2499 total visits
    ApPHP MicroBlog (ApPHP MicroB) is very simple and powerful PHP blog software. MicroBlog - web blog PHP script enables you to start your own blog within minutes. You can easy add and manage your posts and posting categories.This script is perfect for web designers and developers that want to empower their site and save the time on editing web pages ...
  15. No
    1303 total visits
    Blog Script for PHP is a powerful blogging system that requires only PHP and MySQL database. If you may open a free blog on thousands of websites, we recommend you to install Bloly blogging system. Functions of Blog Script for PHP:- Control everything: appearance, design, postings, etc.- Earn money for yourself, not for simebody else- Add value to your websiteFeatures ...
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