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    SKYNET is a Web Framework based on PHP designed for create and manage management applications.
  2. PacerCMS
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    PacerCMS is an open source adaptation of a PHP/MySQL application used to power a small weekly student newspaper Web site. The package serves as a basic framework for student and non-daily community newspapers. The source code for PacerCMS is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Requirements:- Apache or compliant Web server- PHP 4.2 or greater- MySQL 3.23.23 or ...
  3. SimpleTest
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    SimpleTest is an Unit testing, mock objects and web testing framework for PHP built around test cases. If you know JUnit/JMock or some of the PHPUnit clones this will need no explanation. Includes a native web browser for testing web sites directly (no JavaScript).
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    Groux is another PHP MVC framework.Goals of Groux: - cakephp's style, - lightweight, strength javascript/ajax integration,- OO and Coded in PHP5, - ready to move to PHP6.dbo, - url routing, - many helpers, - debugging tools, - scaffolding..
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    Zeroboard is a homepage building framework based on PHP and Database(MySQL/Cubrid/Sqlite). Zeroboard provides various kinds of great features to build a web site, such as web-boards, blogs, member managing, messaging and so on.
  6. UnoCarts
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    Unocarts formerly called PHPMass Shopping Cart. PHPMass Shopping Cart is a FREE Shopping Cart Software as a solution for small companies. PHPMass Products are PHP Object Oriented Software Packages made so satisfy the various companies needs on the internet. The PHPMass Framework actualy is the foundation of the rest of the PHPMass Products and is made up of variou well ...
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    fxFramework is an easy to use PHP web development framework. With fxFramework you can develop great web applications and interactive web sites in a shorter time. It also has database support using the ADOdb library.
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    NoLess is a framework written in PHP integrated with JavaScript. The purpose is to create a lightweight server-friendly versatile tool that can be used for creating any type of object-oriented web application.
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    S-BTS is a PHP web based bug tracking system. It helps you manage software development. It uses a database to store issues to be done, bugs to be fixed, and features to be added.S-BTS is based on 100% all-PRADO framework.
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    Concentr Xml Tools is a Xforms/Xml framework based on 3 differents projects : xslt2xforms, libxforms and on a MVC php 5 framework. The objective is to provide a complete xforms/xml toolbox based only on w3c standards.
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    iPeer - a web-based platform/database independent application (written in PHP) to develop and deliver peer evaluations, review and release student comments, build rubrics and progress report forms online, configure email notifications and etc..Features of iPeer:- Built upon the CakePHP framework.- Redesigned layout.- Flash tutorials for instructors.- Integration with CWL (Campus-Wide Login).- AJAX enabled pages
  12. lowbatCMS
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    lowbatCMS is a content management framework for small to medium-sized web sites. Its primary goals are ease of use, flexibility and portability. lowbatCMS is modular and can be integrated into custom PHP code as well as other CMSs.
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    lINlOUT is a PHP / AJAX / MySQL based authorization library that gives registration and login / logout featureas to a web site. It is completely multilanguage and template (smarty) based. It is an authentication users tool, that supplies a rule to run a registerd users area.Features of lINlOUT:- multilanguage- written in PHP- Open Source- administration interface, with password access, ...
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    v-creator is esigned for Simplicity. It is a powerful development tool for Designers & Developers allowing them to produce results faster than ever.The Advantages of v-creator:- Increased speed of development, faster project turnaround.- Simple to learn and use for developers and designers.- Compatible with all development environments.- Pretested, reliable, extensible and reusable components.- Simple integration into existing development and a ...
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    BRIM is a MVC framework, written in PHP and based on items with a hierarchical relationship.The list of plugins make BRIM a Information Manager with plugins like bookmarks, a calendar, contacts tasks, notes, RSS etc. The application is multilingual.
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