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    PlurkRssParser is a PHP script for parsing Plurk profile XML feeds. Plurk is a micro-blogging social network platform, similar to Twitter, and mainly popular in Eastern Asia. PlurkRssParser will parse a Plurk user's XML feed and display items on the site. It includes support for caching updates locally and displaying multiple user feeds in one single stream. A responsive demo ...
  2. Hulu PHP Library
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    Hulu PHP Library is a PHP script for Hulu's API. The Hulu PHP Library allows programmers access to various Hulu details via programmatic calls. All query responses will be retrieved in XML format. Usage instructions are included with the download package. Features of Hulu PHP Library:- Search Hulu- Retrieve show list- Retrieve videos in a genre- Retrieve Hulu companies- Retrieve ...
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    If you want to build a craigslist program or app you need to pull data from Craigslist. This is the easiest way! Place this script on your PHP web server and develop your app or program and use XML to pull the data from the script.
  4. Deefour SpellCheck
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    Deefour SpellCheck is a PHP script for fixing spelling mistakes. It uses the same XML service that the Google Toolbar. Spell Check uses to fix wrongly typed texts. Script usage instructions are provided with the package's README file. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher Limitations:- Deefour SpellCheck is not 100% perfect because it will replace detected spelling mistakes with its top ...
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    Scripts are provided to parse Palm Desktop calendar, memo and address book files, and to convert them into an XML format or into iCalendar and vCard formats.
  6. XML_Atom
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    XML_Atom is a PHP script for parsing Atom feeds which is compatible with PEAR's XML::RSS. It works by parsing an Atom XML file and extracting all the desired data like summary, content, title, link, etc.. Requirements:- PEAR's XML::Parser
  7. queXML
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    queXML is a PHP and XML tool for designing questionnaires which reads a XML schema for questionnaire data and applies XSL styles to it. queXML is compatible with the DDI standard for data description. Outputted queXML documents can easily be converted other formats to use with Limesurvey, queXS or queXF. What's New in This Version:- Responses can now have a ...
  8. Craur
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    Craur is a PHP-based XML to JSON converter, and vice-versa. It can also work with CSV files instead of XML and can be used for writing XML/JSON importers or to implement a convention for converting XML to JSON without loosing any information. What's New in This Version:- XML with 0 as value, did not work.- Calling a class did not ...
  9. Yandex XML
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    Yandex XML is a PHP script for tapping into the Yandex XML service. Developers can now use the power of Yandex's search engine and retrieve search results via a XML feed.
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    Lightning Notes is a simple web-logging system, created as a proof-of-concept. Fully standards compliant and accessible, it is designed to quickly set up a functional and structured site to conveniently track related and unrelated items.It is written in PHP, using a flat-file, XML database, outputting an XHTML page with CSS skins. Features of Lightning Notes:- Text-input with Textile- XHTML-output with ...
  11. rsscalCreator
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    This is a PHP script to implement the rsscal (RDF) specification of iCal, RFC2445. Only the calendar event component is implemented. Documentation and demos are included with the download package.What's New in this version:- Version setting in function createRSS.
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    This is a PHP application to convert Work-like file formats into XML. It takes formats such as MS-Word .DOC and OpenOffice .ODT, parses them and exports the content into XML-based publishing layout formats.It provides the ability to edit document metadata such as the list of authors, as well as robust citation editing, checking and correction.Requirements:- PHP 5.2.4 or Higher- MySQL ...
  13. Simple XML Sitemap
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    This is a WordPress plugin for generating XML sitemaps. Optionally, after generating the sitemap, the plugin can also ping Ask.com. Google and Bing to refresh its listing. The resulted sitemap will be updated daily.Requirements:- WordPress 2.3 or HigherInstallation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  14. XML-To-Array
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    This is a PHP script to convert XML data to an associate array. After the conversion, it also removes recursions in the result array
  15. Curl multi sitemap
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    This script can be used to generate multiple sitemaps crawling sites. It can crawl one or more sites to retrieve its pages and follow links recursively and determine the addresses of all pages to include in a XML sitemap.It can ignore given URLs to avoid crawling and including in the sitemap.The script uses the Curl extension multi-request support to retrieve ...
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