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  1. KubeStats
    321 total visits
    KubeStats is a free and open source php script which is used to track your website visitors. Get a better understanding of how visitors find your site, what countries most access your site to see if you need to translate your site and whats days people visit most often so you can update your site the day before with new ...
  2. WP-Activity
    98 total visits
    WP-Activity is a WordPress plugin for logging user activity. It tracks for certain changes in the WordPress database and tracks/reports them to the admin. Optionally, user activity can be followed by RSS feed, displayed as a sidebar widget or on a page of its own. Features of WP-Activity:Logged events:- Connections- New comments- Profile update- New post- Post edition- New link- ...
  3. No Screenshot
    566 total visits
    PsychoStats is a PHP script for tracking individual game statistics via log files. Just point the script to a server's log file and it will record, count and summarize a player, clan and server's most important stats. Features of PsychoStats:- Clan rankings- Awards- Individual player details- Rounds tracking- Weapon details- Server management- Graphic installer- Admin panel- Add-ons- Themes- Helper scripts- ...
  4. No Screenshot
    206 total visits
    SHTracker is a PHP click counter which can also be used as a download counter. You can use it to track the number of times a page has been viewed or the number of times a file has been downloaded, it can also be used to hide affiliate links. The script uses SQL databases and comes with an admin panel ...
  5. No Screenshot
    215 total visits
    Free Link Cloaker is a small php script you install on your website that stops those affiliate thieves dead, and tracks every click on every link you create.
  6. No Screenshot
    343 total visits
    This PHP script can keep track of the number of downloads for your files. It keep tracks total downloads, downloads today, yesterday,in this week, in this month. You can active/inactive any of these functionalities. It displays file size. You can specify the file name and file extension in the database table only. You can choose which type of download you ...
  7. Error talk
    259 total visits
    Error talk is a PHP error handling script can be used to track and log PHP runtimes errors. It can register itself as PHP error handler, so when an error happens it can perform several optional actions.It can display the error as the current script output, send the error message to a given e-mail address or record the error in ...
  8. No Screenshot
    1313 total visits
    Free Affiliate Tracking Script allows your affiliates to sign up, get links, change their details and retrieve lost passwords. It includes a banners manager, an admin 'control-panel'page and a stats page. It is a free PHP affiliate program.It's basic but functional!Features of Free Affiliates Tracking Script:- Handles full lifecycle from signup to removal- Tracks down 3 levels of referrals- Works ...
  9. Count Script
    222 total visits
    Count and online script can be inplement to count how many your website has been loaded and how many people are online. It records the data with any specific time interval. It can also to find out how many clicks or average online were there in a specific period of time. Together with the function to analyse the records. The ...
  10. Proof Loaded Files
    141 total visits
    Proof Loaded Files is a PHP script can track and verify if pages files were loaded. It can generate URLs that for links and other page elemements for serving files dynamically.The script can keep track of linked and downloaded files using session variables, so it can verify if the user browser has really loaded the linked files.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or ...
  11. No Screenshot
    1864 total visits
    This isn't just PHP Calendar application. This calendar application was designed with booking and tracking in mind. A unique database design which establishes an index of time slots, enabling more features with less CPU usage.
  12. No Screenshot
    90 total visits
    This is a PHP & MySQL tool to track worked hours on client projects. After installation (via a graphic two-step installer), add clients, assign projects to them and start tracking worked hours on each one of them. Data is kept in a MySQL database.The application can be used to track the time worked on various projects by web-developers, freelancers, copywriters ...
  13. No Screenshot
    2085 total visits
    gStats uses Javascript code to collect information about site visitors and the intercept the links that they click. The collected information is sent to a PHP script that uses the class to record the information on a MySQL database for posterior statistical processing.gStats can keep track of unique visitors using PHP sessions. It also records the information about the browsers ...
  14. No Screenshot
    2186 total visits
    Access Statistics is an Open Source PHP tracking script,Access Statistics is meant to keep track of the statistics of the accesses to the pages of a site.The accesses to site pages that use this class are recorded in log files that can be processed later to present a summary of the accesses.Access Statistics can be configured to ignore accesses to ...
  15. No Screenshot
    1903 total visits
    Plottable Online Script is a free and Open Source php counter script.Plottable Online Script uses a database table to keep track of several statistics about the users online of a site. Features of Plottable Online Script:- Uses a MySql as cc- Determines a new visitor based on IP address and session id- Supports different modes of detect a new visitor- ...
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