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  1. PHP Chord
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    This PHP script can render images with Guitar chords, it can also render chords for other musical instruments. PHP Chord takes as parameters the notes of the chord that should be used for each string. Images can also be generated by this script with the string and the positions and representation of the chord not positions, the generated image then ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    This script can render images with text using graphics as fonts. It takes a text string and creates an image on which the characters of the string are displayed using separate image files to render each character. The text may be aligned to the left, right, center or be justified. The image width may be limited so the text is ...
  3. HTMList
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    To create and manipulate HTML output programatically is the goal of this PHP script. It can be used to render HTML code blocks from parameters passed to the class functions. Many other types of functions are provided by HTMList to implement operations to manipulate the created HTML blocks, such as adding tags or content before or after a block and ...
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