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    Optin Revolution is a complex WordPress plugin for creating popup windows. It can be integrated with various newsletter and mailing list services and allows advanced customization of the modal window's content. Integrated mailing list services are Constant Contact, AWeber, iContact, GetResponse and MailChimp. Modal customization options include height, width, text color, font size, background color, border color and border thickness. ...
  2. Lightbox Pop
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    Lightbox Pop is a WordPress plugin for creating welcome screen popup windows. The welcome message will be presented at the user's first website load as a configurable modal lightbox window. Features of Lightbox Pop:- Full control on lightbox content- Standard WordPress content editor for editing content of lightbox- Timer based display- Display based on browsed number of pages- Lightbox position ...
  3. Image Zoom
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    This is WordPress plugin for viewing images inside modal popup windows. It automatically attaches itself to every image embedded in the blog, so when user clicks on one, he will view it inside a modal popup viewer. Requirements:- WordPress 3.0 or HigherWhat's new in this version:- Added a new theme with button out of the image. Installation:- Unpack and upload ...
  4. GTK Popup Menu App
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    This is a PHP script to create GTK popup menus Menus are bound to class functions.It retrieves the list of functions of the script and create a popup menu with entries that are handled by the class functions with names which do not start by _ nor are named run.The menu entry titles are taken from the respective class names ...
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    msgbox is meant to create and manage the input events of message box desktop window to wait for the user input using PHP-Gtk extension. You can create a message box window specifying its title message, the icon to present with the message, the buttons with the text of the options that the user can choose, popup or modal window mode. ...
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    TableToHash can convert a MySQL table into a state-maintaining popup menu(box).
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    PopupMenu provides a generic function to generate a menu. Easy to use. Try now!
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    Scripts for image rollovers and menu pop-ups are automatically created along with links. An infinite number of menu levels can be built.
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    The list is presented in a state-maintaining popup menu.
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    class splash opens a pop-up window display a given splash screen image. The image remains displayed for a given period of time.An image file in the XPM format is used as the source for the splash screen image.
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    Scripts for image rollovers and menu pop-ups are automatically created along with links. An infinite number of menu levels are allowed.
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    imGallery can be used to show galleries of images from files stored on the server. It can list a given directories to obtain the paths the images and the respective thumbnails in GIF and JPEG format.imGallery generates pages with thumbnails of the listed images. The pages may be generated with HTML using tables or tableless XHTML.Each page has a limited ...
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    Calendar date can be used to generate a popup control to select a date of the calendar. It is now possible to select as link only a day of week you prefer.Calendar date uses Javascript and HTML open a small layer when a button near a date text input is clicked. The popup layer displays a calendar with links to ...
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    Provides an ISO standard list of countries and abbreviations in a state-maintaining popup menu.Requirements:my popup_menu.php class
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    Interactive Link Info is mean to generate a link that displays information about it in a pop-up when you click on a text icon adjacent to the link.A description paragraph will drop down underneath the link. The paragraph can subsequently be closed by clicking the same icon.This capability is an excellent alternative for when you do not want to use ...
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