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    One or more regular linked banner images are added with a time limit. If time limit was not reached, it returns the HTML to display the banner image as a link. Otherwise it returns the HTML to display a default banner image and a default link.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or higher
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    AD Rotator using PHPAdsNew classes wraps around PHPAdsNew advertisement management program to serve multiple rotationg ads in the same page without duplication.The PHPAdsNew software package must be available in the same Web server on which AD Rotator using PHPAdsNew classes is used.
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    Features of URLManagement:- Easy installation process. - Automatic and Manual URL shortening. - Automatic and Manual URL tracking. - Automatic and Manual Domain WHOIS.- Automatic and Manual Google Ads Stripper (gets AD URL). - Automatic, Manual and API for anonymous URL access. - What Is M IP. - Easy configuration file. - Customizable Ad serving.
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    Ad Rotator script is a simple class that can be used to create ads that rotate according to a random order. It takes an array of image files name strings as parameter but it could also be HTML tags for rich media ads.Then Ad Rotator script shuffles the numbers assigned to each ad array position in a way that the ...
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    phpAdBoard includes everything needed to run your own high quality, maintenance free market place on the internet.Features of phpAdBoard:Easy Installation with the help of user-friendly web installation wizard; Translatable into any language;Fully customizable HTML; Unlimited categories, and ads; Image File uploading; Edit and Delete ads by authors; Powerful search engine to find a topic, message or user; Repeated Ad records ...
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    Ad management in a very simple and useful Script for, uses Mysql for manage and show ads. Limitations:Documentation and comments are in Spanish.
  7. BungeeBones Category and Link Repository
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    BungeeBones Category and Link Repository provides a web directory for your website visitors and comes complete with categories, links, and management that reviews every new website added so you can just install it and sit back and relax! BungeeBones Category and Link Repository works similar to Adsense ads but instead of posting a few links along side your web content ...
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    PHPAds can show random advertising images from a list of images files retrieved from a given directory.PHPAds lists the GIF and JPEG images of a given directory, picks one image file randomly and generates HTML tags to display that image.
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