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  1. Author+
    82 total visits
    Author+ is a revolutionary WordPress Plugin that turns your author pages into feature rich content. It has three main features which are unique to Author+.Features of Author+:- Give Your Authors A Boost and Exposure Using Extended Author BiosAuthor Pages are previously bland list of posts that offer little value to your readers. With Author+ you can create extended Author Bios ...
  2. Better GitHub Widget
    82 total visits
    Better GitHub Widget is a WordPress sidebar widget for listing info about GitHub-hosted repos. It connects to the GitHub API JSON stream and fetches all the needed data. No styling is applied, so it can easily embed into any WP theme. Fatures of Better GitHub Widget:- Configure GitHub username to present repos from- Configure how many recent repo details to ...
  3. No Screenshot
    82 total visits
    SEO For Images is a WordPress plugin for improving SEO for the site's images. The plugin basically generates automatic ALT and TITLE attributes for the site's images. The 'SEO For Images' plugin is very useful because it uses a content-aware mechanism for generating the ALT and TITLE attributes. It can use anything from the post/page title, the image's file name, ...
  4. No Screenshot
    82 total visits
    Picturefill.WP is a WordPress plugin for supporting responsive images. Picturefill.WP basically integrates the Picturefill JavaScript library with WordPress. Picturefill is actually a JavaScript-based implementation of the proposed HTML <picture> element that's still under debate and development at W3C. Picturefill provides a way to show various versions of the same image depending on the available screen size. Installation:- Unpack and upload ...
  5. No Screenshot
    82 total visits
    A Web-based IRC tool, with support for both client and server packages working on top of AJAX, PHP, Java and PostgreSQL technologies. Tiny Tiny IRC is quite a powerful tool, being able to work with multiple clients connected at the same time and with multiple channel connections for each user individually.Coded on top of the Bootstrap framework, the interface is ...
  6. LinkedIn Share Social Widget
    81 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin for sharing content on LinkedIn. The admin can add a LinkedIn share button to the sidebar via a widget or inside posts or pages via a shortcode. The shortcode syntax is [share mode=”top” url=”http://www.wordpress.org”/], where mode is the button count alignment (top or right).Requirements:- WordPress 3.0 or HigherInstallation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ ...
  7. No Screenshot
    81 total visits
    XooFoo intends sharing tools for the XOOPS community.
  8. No Screenshot
    81 total visits
    This Drupal module provides a role selection system that restricts access to a node and its comments. Selecting the roles and saving the node is all that's required. It will work with any content type, whether it was created in Drupal or by a module.Requirements:- Drupal 6.xWhat's New in This Version:Fixes:- Missing Drupal version compatibility.- Restriction problem with Calendar module.Installation:- ...
  9. No Screenshot
    81 total visits
    Empty Blog is a WordPress plugin for quickly cleaning a site's content, which is perfect for quickly resetting a WP blog to zero. Empty Blog can be used by developers in testing their blog and cleaning it before launching the site to the public. It contains a prompt message window for accidentally deleting content. Requirements:- WordPress 3 or Higher What's ...
  10. No Screenshot
    81 total visits
    Nudalytics is a WordPress plugin for logging frontend and backend traffic. The plugin records various traffic details and presents them in the backend using a nice GUI. Features of Nudalytics:- Records IP addresses- Logs host names- User agent details- Show real-time data Requirements:- WordPress 1 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Newly add the function of recording names of ...
  11. No Screenshot
    81 total visits
    Chroma Corners is a ployfill to support rounded corners in older browsers. Created especially for IE browsers (6, 7 and 8), Chroma Corners uses an HTC file to properly recreate the rounded corners effect, as seen in regular browsers that support this property. Chroma Corners works with solid colors, gradients and even image backgrounds. A sample and usage instructions are ...
  12. No Screenshot
    81 total visits
    Flickr Comments is a WordPress plugin to retrieve users comments from a Flickr photo. The Flickr Comments plugin takes a Flickr photo's ID and retrieves it's user comments. By default it retrieves comments for the last year, but this time period can be shortened or lengthened if needed to. Usage instructions are included with the plugin's README file. Installation:- Unpack ...
  13. No Screenshot
    81 total visits
    MaxButtons is a WordPress plugin for creating and embedding CSS3 buttons. It is perfect for using as a call-to-action button. After creating the button, a shortcode is provided so the admin can embed it on a page or post on the blog/site. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. ...
  14. No Screenshot
    81 total visits
    SEO Redirect 301s is a WordPress plugin to automatically manage 301 redirections. Whenever a page slug is modified, the plugin creates a 301 redirection from the old slug to the new one. This ensures site links don't go dead and affect the website's traffic. 'SEO Redirect 301s' also adds a special page in the WP admin where all active 301 ...
  15. WordPress Meta Keyword
    80 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin to add meta keywords information to pages and posts. It will use the native WP tags as meta keywords. At activation the plugin registers a seprate taxonomy which is independent from post tags.Features of WordPress Meta Keyword:- Adding Keywords for static pages- Automatically adding code in head sectionRequirements:- WordPress 3.0 or HigherWhat's New in this ...
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