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  1. OptionTree
    90 total visits
    OptionTree is a plugin to migrate and manage theme options in WordPress. OptionTree is a project sponsored by ThemeForest, the largest WordPress theme marketplace on the web, and was originally conceived to help ThemeForest authors quickly power up their themes. This plugin practically allows users to migrate theme options across various themes, layouts and frameworks. OptionTree can handly any kind ...
  2. Image
    89 total visits
    Image 1.0 is a free and open source PHP image script that can manage uploaded files of the GIF or JPEG format and resize them if they exceed a given width or height limit. A specified directory is used to store the resized images, while preserving the original images aspect.
  3. Vimeo Short Code
    89 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin to embed Vimeo videos. To embed a video, just add the [vimeo] shortcode to a post/page.Features of Vimeo Short Code:Shortcode attributes:- 'clip_id' => '',- 'width' => '400',- 'height' => '225',- 'title' => '1',- 'byline' => '1',- 'portrait' => '1',- 'color' => '',- 'html5' => '1'Requirements:- WordPress 2.5 or Higher What's New in this version 1.1: ...
  4. Ghost Tags
    89 total visits
    Ghost Tags is a free WordPress Widget that can display all tags associated with your posts in a Tag Cloud that animates each Tag in an alternating carousel motion.Features of Ghost Tags:- Use web fonts to set alternating font-styles for each tag.- Adds spice to your otherwise not so spicy blog.- Displays all used or associated Tags on your site.- ...
  5. Help for WP
    89 total visits
    Help for WP is a WordPress plugin which adds access to a series of WP training videos from the admin panel. After activation, register/authenticate on the service, and a series of tutorials and training videos about the WordPress system will be available. The plugin can be installed and activated for clients unfamiliar with WordPress. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to ...
  6. iRedis
    89 total visits
    iRedis is a PHP script to interface with Redis databases. The script supports the Unified Request protocol. It can handle anything from simple database authentication operations to server commands and bulk replies. Requirements:- Redis 1.2 or Higher
  7. CloudWork Verifi
    89 total visits
    CloudWork Verifi is a WordPress plugin to allow user registration only for Envato clients. Envato is a collection of open marketplaces where normal people can sell anything from tutorials, audio files, graphics, Web templates, CMS themes, plugins, code, videos, photos, and many other more. If you manage to get a massive client base selling your materials on Envato, you might ...
  8. AssetsMinify
    89 total visits
    AssetsMinify merge and minify all scripts and stylesheets in a WordPress site. AssetsMinify doesn't know any better. It takes all CSS and JS files included with a WordPress site, concatenates and minifies them. Besides just squishing code together, it can also interpret SCSS (SASS), LESS and Compass files as well. This allows developers to simply put their files on the ...
  9. No Screenshot
    88 total visits
    Add Social Bookmarks is a wordpress plugin automatically adds social sharing icons on WordPress pages and posts. By default, the social sharing icon toolbar shows at the end of posts/pages, and underneath the posts on the main loop page. No settings need to be done, just install and activate. Features of Add Social Bookmarks:Supported services:- Facebook- Twitter- Delicious- Reddit- Digg- ...
  10. The Boiler
    88 total visits
    The Boiler is a framework for developing WordPress themes, which is built with modern technology like CSS 3 and HTML 5. Features of The Boiler:- Responsive design- Theme customizer- Options panel- Custom header- Custom background- Custom templates- Shortcodes Requirements:- WordPress
  11. Bulk User Management
    88 total visits
    Bulk User Management is a WordPress plugin which can manage entire user databases across a multitude of WP installations. It brings the entire collection of user databases inside a WP multi-site installation together for easier management. Requirements:- WordPress 3.4 or Higher- WordPress multi-site enabled What's New in This Version:- Adds a screen option for number of users per page.- Makes ...
  12. Custom CSS Manager
    88 total visits
    Custom CSS Manager is a WordPress plugin for embedding custom CSS code. The code is added to a custom.css file. If the file does not exist, it will be embedded in the site's head section in a style tag. Requirements:- WordPress 2.9 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Updated plugin to use WordPress settings API.- Reorganized entire plugin file ...
  13. KKRetinaPlease
    88 total visits
    KKRetinaPlease is a PHP script for serving Retina images to appropriate devices. KKRetinaPlease was designed to help developers implement Apple's new fad, Retina quality images. KKRetinaPlease sniffs the visitor's device for Retina support and delivers appropriate images to those devices. The only thing that changes with KKRetinaPlease in the developer's process is the way he writes the 'src' attribute for ...
  14. Comment Redlist
    88 total visits
    Comment Redlist is an extra spam and bad words filter for WordPress. By default there a bad word filter included with WordPress. Unfortunately that filter only works with full matches. Comment Redlist comes as an alternative, allowing partial matches of selected strings inside other words. To setup the filtering words, just go to the WP backend "Settings" section. Installation:- Unpack ...
  15. No Screenshot
    87 total visits
    Sightings is a WordPress plugin for geo-tagging content. For every page or post, the editor can add a Google Map, showing a location from that post, or where it was written. It uses the latest Google Maps API, for quickly embedding a map without the API key. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through ...
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