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  1. PlurkOAuth
    97 total visits
    PlurkOAuth is a PHP library for the Plurk API. Plurk is a micro-blogging social network platform, similar to Twitter, and mainly popular in Eastern Asia. PlurkOAuth uses Plurk's latest API version, v2, to allow Perl developers to query Plurk services for various data. The library supports OAuth. Requirements:- Plurk API key What's New in This Version:- Fixed bug, which translate ...
  2. Debugging Made Easy
    96 total visits
    This is a PHP debug script to display or e-mail debugging messages to developers. It can add one or more messages to display for debugging purposes.All the messages are gathered and displayed all at a certain point to your current script. The messages may be variables with values to be displayed. The script can display each messages with a given ...
  3. CSS Cacheer
    96 total visits
    This is a PHP script to detect and embed small images inside CSS via the data: protocol and base64 encoding. The script also caches the image for further usage, avoding instances where the server recompiles the same image times and times again.CSS Cacheer looks for image sources inside a CSS stylesheet and if the user's browser supports it, transforms that ...
  4. ExtID
    96 total visits
    ExtID is an external authentication library for CodeIgnite and combines OpenID with OAuth authentication. Meanwhile, Coming with a basic example of authenticating an user.Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- CodeIgniter
  5. No Screenshot
    96 total visits
    wpNoPin is a WordPress plugin to block users from sharing the site's images on Pinterest. It basically adds a special meta tag in the header that tells Pinterest to prevent their users from sharing the site's content on their network. An administration page is also provided for switching the plugin on or off. Requirements:- WordPress 3 or Higher What's New ...
  6. Pawn For Geshi
    96 total visits
    Pawn For Geshi is a GeSHi plugin for highlighting source code from the Pawn language. It is a PHP script for highlighting source code in various programming languages. This file simply adds support to GeSHi for the Pawn scripting language. Requirements:- GeSHi
  7. No Screenshot
    96 total visits
    Bogo is a multilingual plugin for WordPress. It allows creating sites with different interfaces based on the user's/visitor's language. Features of Bogo:- Front-end language switcher- Admin bar language switcher- Based on the official WP language files- Easy posts/pages content translation process Requirements:- WordPress 3.4 or Higher Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the ...
  8. No Screenshot
    96 total visits
    Okay Toolkit is a WordPress plugin for showcasing an user's social media profiles and activity. The Okay Toolkit comes with 4 sidebar widgets. One is a general social profiling widget that allows the admin to show a list of icons in the sidebar with links to his various network profiles. The second, third and forth are widgets for displaying the ...
  9. No Screenshot
    96 total visits
    Clever SEO Keywords is auto-generate SEO keywords for WordPress sites. Using the PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser library, the Clever SEO Keywords plugin can analyze a page's content and generate meta keywords from it. Using a special backend page, SEO keywords can be updated across the whole site with the push of one single button. Installation:- Unpack and upload it ...
  10. No Screenshot
    96 total visits
    PHP sendmail is a universal script for sending e-mail messages from your web site containing any information. The script is manageable, easy to install and handle, cross-functional and uses minimum of hosting requirements. The script uses PHP software programming language and includes a lot of handy functions and attributes such as creation of mailing lists with category sorting, sample letter ...
  11. Constant Array
    95 total visits
    This script can be used to declare arrays as constants.It serializes a given array value to a string and assigns it a given constant.The script can also do the opposite, i.e retrieve the original constant array value by unserializing the value assigned to the constant.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  12. FontRenamer
    95 total visits
    Our Software FontRenamer renames truetype font files (*.ttf) to the real name of the typefaces. Simply select a folder of font files and click Rename button. Features of FontRenamer:- doesn't require runtimes- doesn't require installation- doesn't write to the registry- doesn't modify files outside of its own directories Requirements:- Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 2003, ME, 9x- 100 KB free ...
  13. Simple History
    95 total visits
    Simple History is a plugin that shows recent changes made within WordPress. Users can see what updates where made, what pages where published, what articles have been created, modified or deleted, and what attachments have been uploaded, modified or deleted. Filters exist for seeing only certain type of changes. The plugin adds a widget to the admin dashboard. Requirements:- WordPress ...
  14. No Screenshot
    95 total visits
    WP Auctions is a WordPress plugin for hosting auctions and selling products online. It can also register your auctions with the WPAuctions.com service in order to draw in traffic. Features of WP Auctions:- Backend page for managing auctions- Unlimited auctions on the same time- Add images to products- PayPal payment- HTML auction descriptions- Set end dates per auction- Various included ...
  15. PassGen
    94 total visits
    This PHP Script is created to generate pronounceable passwords, It can output text string given length with alternating consonants and vowels. Optionally it may include digits, repeat letters and use upper and lower case letters.Generated pronounceable passwords can be easily remembered. It can also generate passwords up tp 10 characters and case-sensitive if applicable.Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or Higher
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