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  1. CSS Parser
    134 total visits
    CSS Parser is a PHP script for parsing CSS code. It reads CSS code and transforms it into a PHP array. From this array, other applications can extract and/or use the CSS information needed from a page or stylesheet. A few examples are included with the download package to get the developer started with his own implementations.
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    CSS Prefix Spawner is a PHP script to add appropriate browser vendor prefixes to universal CSS code. It can parse CSS (via a remote URL, or from copy&pasted code) and automatically append all known browser vendor prefixes. This makes it a very useful tool, since developers can now write simple CSS rules and easily convert it to browser-specific code in ...
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    97 total visits
    Shareaholic is a WordPress plugin is a social media bookmarker. It uses big and colorful icons to help users promote blog articles on different social networks. The plugin adds a social sharing bar under posts or pages, which visitors can use to share a link of the article on their favorite social network. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the ...
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    68 total visits
    Hide It hide content on WordPress sites via a simple shortcode. The Hide It plugin allows hiding certain HTML elements on the page the Hide It shortcode is embedded on. Hide the sidebar, the menu, one or more widgets, or an entire collection of HTML elements. Hide It is for customizing a page's look without creating complicated page templates. Requirements:- ...
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    323 total visits
    Top Games Script is a PHP Games Script includes more than 3600 flash games. It create your own flash games website in 10 minutes and earn money from advertising. Features of Top Games Script:- Easy to install- More than 3600 flash game included- 16 multiplayer game included- Advertising space- XML sitemap Installation:- Download the script file and extract it .- ...
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    121 total visits
    PHP Setup Wizard is a powerful installation wizard script fr PHP applications. Being a graphic installer, the script does not do anything by itself, but it's perfect for integrating with a CMS, blog, groupware, etc.. Features of PHP Setup Wizard:Free Edition Features:- Unlimited wizard steps- Validation rules- Custom callbacks- Database support- Customizable templates- Multi-language support- Template based layouts Premium Edition ...
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    197 total visits
    Phrozn is a static site generator written in PHP. Phrozn reads content from text files, arranges them based on a template and rule system, adds styles and renders an HTML page out of it. Great tool for managing rarely updated small to medium sites. Phrozn uses code from well-written and well-known open-source projects like PEAR, Zend Framework 2, Pirum, Symfony ...
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    78 total visits
    Role Scoper is a WordPress plugin for providing CMS-like permission settings. The isrestrictedrs() and isteaserrs() functions can be in themes. Features of Role Scoper:- Control Read and/or Edit access- Optionally, assign roles to User Groups- Basic Usage is via tabs in Post/Page Edit Form, no further configuration required- Customize access for any number of Categories, Posts or Pages- Restrictions and ...
  9. Yandex Metrica
    91 total visits
    Yandex Metrica is a plugin to integrate the Yandex Metrica analytics system with WordPress. If webmasters prefer Yandex's interface over Google Analytics, they can simply install the plugin and have its performance and traffic recorded via the Yandex Metrica service. It's very similar to Google's Analytics service, but with a new interface and a new approach to tracking. Installation:- Unpack ...
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    81 total visits
    Chroma Corners is a ployfill to support rounded corners in older browsers. Created especially for IE browsers (6, 7 and 8), Chroma Corners uses an HTC file to properly recreate the rounded corners effect, as seen in regular browsers that support this property. Chroma Corners works with solid colors, gradients and even image backgrounds. A sample and usage instructions are ...
  11. TablePress
    121 total visits
    TablePress is a WordPress plugin for managing HTML tables. Includes lots of options for simplify the tedious process of managing HTML tables. A special page is added in the WP backend for managing tables just like you would custom post types. Under the hood, the WP plugin uses the DataTables JavaScript library. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ ...
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    194 total visits
    PhotoblogX is a lightweight, secure and easy to use photoblog. Only thing needed for this Photoblog script to work properly is MySQL. The script is lightweight, secure, and easy to use. Features of PhotoblogX:- Administration area fully working with automated requests. (AJAX requests thoroughly tested, no bugs).- Rapid uploading of photos, a max of 10 images per time. The image ...
  13. GithubApi
    116 total visits
    GithubApi_v3 is a PHP script to interact with the GitHub API. As the name hints, the script works with GitHub's latest API version, v3. GithubApi_v3 can be used to interface with the GitHub JSON API from PHP and perform the following actions:- authenticate on GitHub- get user details- get a list of issues- close an issue- add a new issue- ...
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    169 total visits
    Employness is a Web-based app for employees to rate their own day at work. Working on top of PHP's Symfony framework and using a MySQL data storage backend, Employness will allow users to register and vote their daily work performance. Over time, as ratings rack up for each users, they can review their progress and evolution at their job. An ...
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    109 total visits
    PdfXtractor is a PHP script to convert PDFs to JPEGs. For the conversion process, PdfXtractor heavily uses GhostScript. For usage instructions, check the package's README file. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Added gs choice in phpunit.xml and in the PdfXtractor scritpt.
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