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    PHP GUI API is packages which can render HTML pages composed programmatically. It is designed in a similar fashion as Java's GUI package, although this one is for HTML components rather than desktop application. It consists of a set of scripts that wrap around several types of HTML page components and css elements that can be composed and configured programmatically ...
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    Stripe PHP bindings is a PHP library for interacting with the Stripe API. Stripe is an online service for handling online money transactions. This library wraps the Stripe API and allows PHP developers to interact with Stripe's service. It supports features like service authentication, account management, money transfers, invoices, customer details, pricing plans, coupons, error handling, refunds and many other ...
  3. WP Flexible Map
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    WP Flexible Map is a WordPress plugin for simple Google Maps embeddings. Using a simple short code or WP function, the user can add maps to his posts, pages or template. The short code is [flexiblemap]. The WP function is flexmap_show_map(). Features of WP Flexible Map:- No special Google Maps key is required because it uses the latest stable Google ...
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    Simple Tagboard is a script allows your visitors to leave messages and comments on your website. On the admin side your are able to view the time the message was sent and the IP address of the user who sent the message and also delete messages. For security reasons there is no live demo of this script so it must ...
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    Try out a new kind of chat script, for free. WSN InstaChat enables real-time communication where you can watch the other person typing in rich text, no pressing enter to send messages.
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    WP Auctions is a WordPress plugin for hosting auctions and selling products online. It can also register your auctions with the WPAuctions.com service in order to draw in traffic. Features of WP Auctions:- Backend page for managing auctions- Unlimited auctions on the same time- Add images to products- PayPal payment- HTML auction descriptions- Set end dates per auction- Various included ...
  7. vAuthenticate Script
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    vAuthenticate is a revolutionary authentication script which uses PHP and MySQL for fast processing. vAuthenticate comes with an admin interface where webmasters and administrators can create new user accounts, new user groups, activate/inactivate groups or individual accounts, set user level, etc. This may be used to protect files for member-only areas. vAuthenticate uses a custom script to handle the bulk ...
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    Genie WP Favicon is a WordPress plugin for customizing the site favicon. Genie WP Favicon creates a page in the WP backend under the "Appearance" settings page, where admins can go and customize their site's favicon image. The entire operation is very simple and relies on the user uploading and saving his desired image as the favicon.Requirements:- WordPress 3 or ...
  9. Image Saver
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    Image Saver can open an uploaded file image in either JPEG, PNG or GIF format and resize it to given width and height. Either the width and height can be set to auto, so it gets adjusted to keep the original image proportion based on the value set to the other dimension value. The processed image can be saved to ...
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    SHDetect is an application statistics tracker. It can be used to collect data from your users, such as application version, build number, operating system and the locale of the user's machine. The script was written as a simple alternative to the Sparkle statistics script.
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    EPILinkedIn is a PHP library to build a "Sign in with LinkedIn" login system. It was created for working with the LinkedIn professionals social network. Basically, the library is a wrapper around the LinkedIn API, supporting basic authentication or via OAuth. The script is based on Jaisen Mathai's Twitter-async library. Requirements:- LinkedIn API key
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    Email Me is a WordPress plugin for hiding email addresses from spam bots. 'Email Me' allows editors to display email addresses on the site without exposing them to email parsers or spam filters. A basic usage of the plugin is done simply by embedding the [emailme] shortcode. More variations of the shortcode are documented in the plugin's README file.Requirements:- WordPress ...
  13. Mobile_Detect
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    Mobile_Detect is a PHP script for server-side mobile device detection. It works as any other detection script by sniffing the visitor's UA (user-agent) string for various details. Because it's written in PHP and it additionally uses HTTP header sniffing techniques as well for better results. Mobile_Detect performs some simple checks and provides a set of results which can then be ...
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    BitlyPHP is a PHP library for the Bit.ly API and it was created to allow PHP developers to shorten or expand Bit.ly links via the Bit.ly REST API. It can also be utilized to retrieve statistics about a shortened link as well. BitlyPHP queries are authenticated and the response is returned in JSON format. Works with the latest version of ...
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    Social Linkz is a WordPress plugin for embedding social sharing buttons in each post. The buttons can be inserted at the bottom or at the top of each post. They can also be shown in the excerpt if needed. Features of Social Linkz:Supported buttons:- Twitter- Facebook- LinkedIn- Viadeo- Google Buzz- Google+- StumbleUpon- Pinterest- Print- Email Requirements:- WordPress 3 or Higher ...
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