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    Professional Share is a top of the line WordPress social sharing plugin. Professional Share helps webmasters easily embed social sharing buttons on their site. It's perfect for webmasters that want users to help them spread the word about their site and its content via today's main news source: social networks. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate ...
  2. Image Override
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    Image Override is a WordPress plugin to override default post image thumbnails. The Image Override plugin adds a meta box to the post/page editing screen where admins can upload new images to use instead of the default cropped images and generated thumbnails. Depending on the Media Library and custom post type settings, the plugin will adapt to cover all available ...
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    PHP-Paginator is a pagination library for PHP. It was inspired by Django's pagination script. PHP-Paginator is also Symfony-ready and can be deployed in a Symfony project within minutes. The library was designed to be 'source' agnostic, meaning it can work with local data or remote data. Data can also come from a database or from other sources as well. Requirements:- ...
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    AutoMOD is a tool designed to parse and automatically install MODX MODifications (mods, modules) for phpBB3. AutoMOD can also handle uninstalls, being very useful for fast module administrations for developers and end-users alike. If AutoMOD is not installed, webmasters have to manually copy the MODs inside a phpBB installation themselves. Requirements:- phpBB 3.x or Higher What's New in This Version:- ...
  5. php-url
    167 total visits
    php-url is a PHP library for working with URL strings and can assemble, breakdown and manipulate URL strings with ease. The library can differentiate between the different parts of an URL (host, path, port, etc.) and work with them accordingly. Features of php-url:- Convert relative to absolute URLs- Convert absolute to relative URLs- Map URLs to a canonical equivalent- Organize ...
  6. DBSQ
    100 total visits
    DBSQ is a PHP script for interacting with MySQL databases. DBSQ allows developers to run MySQL operations from PHP code. DBSQ acts as an intermediary layer between the PHP code and the database itself. The script permits developers to properly authenticate on the database server, query the engine and retrieve results in real-time. Limitations:- Works with local MySQL servers only. ...
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    Buzz is a PHP library for issuing fake HTTP requests. Buzz helps developers issue HTTP requests and fetch the server's response. All is done from PHP code, with no other technology involved or required. Simple usage instructions are included with the package's README. Requirements:- PHP 5.3 or Higher What's New in This Version:- cURL compatibility improvement.
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    Easy Set Favicon is a WordPress plugin allowing webmasters to customize the site's favicon. To do this, Easy Set Favicon adds a special page in the WordPress backend. The webmaster can go there and add the URL (local or remote) of their desired favicon image. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' ...
  9. Smrtr DataGrid
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    Smrtr DataGrid is a PHP library for manipulating tabular data. Smrtr DataGrid was designed to take data from large or small data grids and work with it in different formats. Current supported formats include JSON and CSV, while MySQL and XML are still in the works. Smrtr DataGrid supports operations for loading new data from a remote or local location, ...
  10. Force email login
    97 total visits
    Force email login logins with your email address on WordPress sites. By default, to login on a WordPress-powered site requires an username and password. The Force email login plugin makes fundamental changes to the login system by replacing the username field with the user's email. If the username is used, an error message will be shown. If the user mistypes ...
  11. Hulu PHP Library
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    Hulu PHP Library is a PHP script for Hulu's API. The Hulu PHP Library allows programmers access to various Hulu details via programmatic calls. All query responses will be retrieved in XML format. Usage instructions are included with the download package. Features of Hulu PHP Library:- Search Hulu- Retrieve show list- Retrieve videos in a genre- Retrieve Hulu companies- Retrieve ...
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    ShelfExec is inventory stock management script for any business that needs to manage and control their stock. Manage your inventory and stock operations anywhere at anytime online. Automatically import your inventory and stock into our software from a CSV/Excel file - no manual work to enter hundreds of items and stock operations. Define the stock alert level for every item, ...
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    Picturefill.WP is a WordPress plugin for supporting responsive images. Picturefill.WP basically integrates the Picturefill JavaScript library with WordPress. Picturefill is actually a JavaScript-based implementation of the proposed HTML <picture> element that's still under debate and development at W3C. Picturefill provides a way to show various versions of the same image depending on the available screen size. Installation:- Unpack and upload ...
  14. phat
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    phat is a PHP library for outputting HTML code. It helps developers create HTML tags and content via PHP code. It can be used in template engines or content generators, being able to read text data and outputting it as pure HTML code. This means phat can generate the HTML tag, the content inside the HTML tag and additionally tag ...
  15. BackWPup
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    BackWPup is a backup utility for the WordPress blogging platform. The plugin is not yet fully developed for production usage, but works fine. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Features of BackWPup:- Database Backup- WordPress XML Export- Optimize Database- Check\Repair Database- File Backup- Multisite support only as network ...
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