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Datum  , our Tinder clone script for iOS and Android is a fast, beautiful and fun way to find dates and chat with them. Build your own mobile dating empire with our Tinder Swoon Clone.Experience a totally new way to find potential dates , simply swipe left / right to unlike / like people. To give you a better chance we don’t hide the potential dates if you have unliked them , we show them again and again to help you reconsider and not lose out on a potential partner. The  Tinder clone comes with a PHP-MySQL based server backend which we can deploy on-premise on your hosted LAMP server. We have used the latest REST based web services for all data communication on the app which guarantees app agility so your snapchat clone script will provide an excellent user experience to your customers. We have used a completely proprietary chat engine to ensure that the chat history stays on your server and have not used any third party chat engine so you have no license issues at all.Get set to build your own mobile dating empire with or Tinder Swoon Clone and build the best mobile dating app in the Universe :)

Features of Datum:
- Facebook Login : We capture data from your facebook account to make it easier for you to create a user profile , but don’t worry we do not make any posts on facebook so your membership will remain our secret J.

- User Profile: Basic profile is created using facebook data but you can go ahead and edit your profile using facebook albums and create your own About me content just like on Tinder.

- Find Matches:  Find matches based on your search criteria, swipe on the screen to like / unlike profiles just like on Tinder.

- Settings: Configure your criteria for finding matches on the app , find matches based on proximity , age and sex.

- Chat: Chat with matched users , we have programmed in options to block people you don’t wish to chat with and also delete members you don’t wish to communicate with further. This chat works completely on PHP-MySQL so its totally on your server and supports PUSH notifications.

- Browse Profiles: You can browse profiles and explore images and also find mutual friends and mutual interests.

- Push notification enabled so be informed whenever a new message is received or when you get a new match.

- Admin panel: To manage users.

License type: Commercial
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