PHP Redirection

Free and open source PHP Redirection Scripts. These script cotains Form Based, Frame Based, Link Based, Url Based, User Based Redirection Scripts.
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    PHP-Paginator is a pagination library for PHP. It was inspired by Django's pagination script. PHP-Paginator is also Symfony-ready and can be deployed in a Symfony project within minutes. The library was designed to be 'source' agnostic, meaning it can work with local data or remote data. Data can also come from a database or from other sources as well. Requirements:- ...
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    Random Redirect is a simple php script which forwards a user to a random link. You can fill in the links you want in the 'random_redirect.txt' (one website each line). Installation:- The setup is very simple- Edit the links in random_redirect.txt in what you want (one website a line). - Create a link from your website to random_redirect.php. - And ...
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    NSFW-Redirect is a PHP-based URL redirection service and allows redirecting users to prohibited or NSFW sites, but first providing them with a warning screen alerting them to what they're about to access and view. The script can be used successfully for any link, not being affected by frame-busting scripts, since it does not use frames in the first place.
  4. PHP Markov chain text generator
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    PHP Markov chain text generator is a PHP script for rearranging text with the Markov method and takes an input text and creates a gibberish out of it. The Markov chain is a random process characterized as memoryless a mathematical system that undergoes transitions from one state to another.
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    Colossal Mind Language Detector is a script which can detect the preferred language of the user accessing the site. It can look at the HTTP request accept header and determine the preferred language of the user from a list of supported languages. The detected language can fallback to a language associated to the user country in case the Accept header ...
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    Simple PHP URL shortener is a simple PHP-based URL shortener. It supports smart redirection to Google+ posts or individual tweets.Features of Simple PHP URL shortener:- Redirect to Twitter when given a numerical slug- Redirect to a Twitter account when @ is used as a slug- Redirect to a Google Plus account when + is used as a slug- Redirect to ...
  7. Geo Redirect
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    Geo Redirect is a WordPress plugin for redirecting users to custom URLs based on their origin country. It can be used to switch site language according to their country. A backed interface is provided for adding redirection rules.Requirements:- WordPress 3.0 or HigherWhat's new in this version:- New stable improved release.- Added Static URL redirect option.- More friendly user interface.Installation:- Unpack ...
  8. Free Url Shortener Script
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    Scriptoggle Free URL Shortening script is an easy to use, install and looks very simple but shiny. It is based on PHP & MySQL and requires regular LAMP (Linux, Apche, MySQL, PHP) with PHP version 5 or Higher, mod-rewrite apache enabaled and PHP curl module working.Feature of Free URL shortening script:- jQuery based validation- AJAX / jQuery URL shortener returning- ...
  9. LinkShort
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    LinkShort is a url shortening/masking application written in PHP and making use of mod_rewrite. It allows for people to take exceedingly long urls and shorten them to something that will not break in emails. It allows users to mask urls and hide such things as affiliate links. For instance, a user has a url from a site that looks like ...
  10. 301tools - URL Redirection Web Application
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    301tool is a URL Redirection Web Application that is designed to shorten long and unwieldy URLs into smaller, more meaningful URLs. It is a free PHP redirection script. The appliaction also provides similar functionality to online services such as TinyURL or shotURL, but can be used with and hosted on your own domain.Features of 301tool:- Easy to install- Easy to ...
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    Redirection Detector is perfect for detecting if accessing a given page redirects the browser to another page via response headers or via meta tags. The script returns the redirection URL if the browser would be redirected to another page. Requirements: PHP 5 or higher
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    ANM_CI can remap CodeIgniter methods according to given rules. It can also be used to redirect the current page to a specified URI. Requirements: PHP 4 or higher
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    Site Moved Script will help you out if you have changed the url of your site. It will redirect visitors to the same page on your new url. For example lets say that your old site was at and you moved your site to od.A visitor now goes to l they will be taken to a page ...
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    Shorten Urls with this easy to use script. Simple upload and you are ready to go. SourceCrave Url Shortener Script is a script similar to tinyurl except its unique it its own way.
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    With Mozzers SubSystem you can host unlimited subdomains pointing to anywhere. All you need is a PHP enabled web server. Comes with nice, quick installer, Only the admin can add and remove subdomains.
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