PHP Graph & Chart

PHP Graph & Chart script provides an interactive drawing and diagramming solution to render graph visualization, anaylsis and layout.
  1. JpGraph
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    JpGraph is the most powerful Object-Oriented 2D PHP graph plotting library for PHP5. It is designed to significantly simplify the creation of dynamic graphs using PHP scripting, It hides as much as possible all the details necessary to create dynamic images. The project can be used on its own or as an embedded part of a large WEB development undertaking. ...
  2. Max's Chart
    5313 total visits
    Max's Chart is a professional but very easy to use PHP chart generator script. You can create beautiful horizontal or vertical charts fast and easily. No database or an image library needed to generate a full CSS driven output. No tables used at all. You can extend the style by editing a simple CSS file.
  3. phpMyGraph
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    phpMyGraph is an array of chart data parameters can be used to render bar, line and polygon charts. Several chart parameters may be configured such as the colors, borders, fonts, etc.. With a few lines of code, simple PHP graph chart based on a data array can be created.What's New in This Release phpMyGraph:- A display bug occured when sending ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    SimpleExcel.php is a PHP library for dealing Excel spreadsheet files. It can be an important part of any Web service for manipulating Excel files, supporting most formats and common operations. SimpleExcel.php can process various tasks like spreadsheet parsing, generation and conversions. It is also well tested and comes with all the necessary documentation. Features of SimpleExcel.php:Supported formats:- XLSX- XML- CSV- ...
  5. No Screenshot
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    phpmodgraph is a PHP library that displays a graph of functions that where modified since the last release. Besides the modified functions, it shows the functions that are relevant and are dependent on the modified functions. PHPCallGraph v.0.8.0 is used to generate the graphs. An example is included with the download package, along with the documentation.
  6. FormSaver
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    FormSaver is a PHP script which can be used to display form field values submitted by POST without additional markup in the HTML form.
  7. No Screenshot
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    SVG math functions graphics is a script which can render a math formula as a SVG vectorial chart. It takes a string with math formula and creates a chart on which it is drawn a set of lines between consecutive points for the x axis. Meanwhile, the script returns the chart data in SVG format. The size of the chart ...
  8. GD barchart generator
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    GD barchart generator is a PHP library for generating bar charts. It's very easy to configure and relies onPHP's GD library to draw data. Features of GD barchart generator:- Easy to pass data to it- Set custom font- Set axis text angle- Set chart size- Add axis labels- Set bar width- Set the space between blocks- Set bar colors (or ...
  9. PHPlot
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    PHPlot is a PHP graphics script for creating charts and plots. It works with PHP5 and the PHP GD extension to produce PNG, GIF, or JPEG images. TrueType fonts (TTF) are optional, or built-in GD fonts can be used. The available plot types include: area, bars, line/points, lines, pie, points, squared, stacked-bars, and thin bar-line. Labels, tick marks, plot legend, ...
  10. Gantti
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    Gantti is a PHP graphing utility for creating Gantt charts. Just modify the basic project data and the library will do the rest. Features of Gantti:- Rendered via HTML 5- No JS needed- Easy to customize colors and style- SASS stylesheet-based- Cross-browser tested- Set Gantt chart title
  11. No Screenshot
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    myColors can analyze and generate colors according to various relation to given color. It can take a string that identifies a color and detect its format depending on the color syntax that it used.Currently it supports detecting colors represented in the HSL, HSV, RGB models or by name in English, or using the hexadecimal notation.The main class can return an ...
  12. bChart
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    bChart is a simple PHP charting solution which generatesgraphs as PNG files. Future releases will support SVG images via HTML5. Features of bChart:- Customize colors- Customize dimensions- Axis labels- Data labels- Chart titles- Legends- Manage font details Chart types:- Bar- Stacked
  13. SPF30
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    SPF30 is a PHP script for preventing spam submissions via web forms, which uses well established techniques for securing form data and hardening the form submission process against automated spam bots. It works by adding a secret key, the current date, and the user’s user agent to all form submissions. All form submissions can have a period after which they'll ...
  14. Contact-Pop
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    Contact-Pop is a fully working contact form shown inside a modal window which can be easily customized to work on any web page. By default it works by showing the contact form inside a modal window, saving page space. The form success and error messages can be customized to any use scenario. A demo is included with the download package. ...
  15. chart.php
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    chart.php is a PHP script for creating bar charts. It is very customizeable, allows editing of the presented data's labels and values. Graphics are editable via an external CSS file and a small example is included with the download package.
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