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Free and open source Date & Time Scripts. These Scripts mainly deal with the time and date in php also database and make the date & time output a easy way.
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    PHPBirthday is a quick and easy to use Birthday reminder. Get automated email reminders using PHP, MySQL and Perl. With PHPBirthday you can add, delete and modify a database of users with an easy to use web control panel.
  2. cronHelper
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    cronHelper is a PHP script for avoiding cron job overlaps. The script uses a locking system to avoid PHP cron jobs to overlap, a process that might damage, corrupt or lose important data. This means every time new cron jobs need to be executed, they will first check for currently running jobs before entering execution.
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    Date Range php script is used to validate the data and statistics for a particular date or for a range of dates. It is a free php script developed for users to input a range of dates in a web page and to validate the result. Hiox date validation form includes a date range input form in your web page. ...
  4. Relative Time Calculator
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    This PHP script calculates and returns an easy-to-read relative time stamp based on how long ago an event occurred in the past.
  5. PHP_Timer
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    This is a PHP script can be used to time events. The script basically counts time, but events can be attached to the timer start and/or stop. Features of PHP_Timer:- Start timer- Stop timer- Return elapsed time- Formats the elapsed time as a string- Returns the resources (time, memory) of the request as a stringInstallation:- PHP_Timer should be installed using ...
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    This is a PHP widget to display an events calendar, It can retrieve calendar data from iCal or Google Calendar formats and display it in the widget. tinycal offers access to calendar information in month, week, day, list and component views and offers also ablility to download a (complete, part of or single event within) calendar file. tinycal is only ...
  7. WP Relative Date
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    This is a WordPress plugin to display time in relative format. Relative dates have been made famous by Twitter. Instead of a clear date like May 23 2011, it will show it in a "4 months ago" format. The dates will be shown in one the following formats, depending on relevance:Years, monthsYears, weeksMonths, weeksMonths, daysWeeks, daysDays, hoursHours, minutesMinutes, secondsSecondsUsage instructions ...
  8. Hsunrise
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    Hsunrise is a free PHP script to calculate the time of Sunset and Sunrise for the given date. Find out the time of sunrise and sunset on different zones.Features of Hsunrise:- The Sunset and Sunrise timings can be calculated easily.- The Script uses php combined with ajax which makes the faster retrival of the timings.- Provides the Sun-rise and Sun-set ...
  9. Multi-format countdown
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    This script can show the time left until a moment in different formats. It can take as parameters the specification of a time remaining to a certain moment given the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.The script can return the remaining time formatted in a a custom way with a given list of time format parameters.
  10. Persian Calendar date function
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    This is a simple PHP Script designed to convert dates in the Persian Jalali Calendar, It provides an exact scientific approach to create Persian calendar with an outpur interface as sililar to as possible. There are equivalent functions to PHP's date and mktime to work with Jalali calendar formats.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
  11. Hijri To Gregorian Date Convert
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    This is a PHP date script to convert dates between Gregorian and Hijri calendar systems. By default it takes dates in the Gregorian calendar and coverts them to Hijri format.The opposite(convert dates from Hijri to the Gregorian calendar) is also possible.Requirements:- PHP 3.0 or Higher
  12. Cool Date
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    This PHP Script is created to calculate the difference of time between two dates. It can take two date and times strings and determines the time interval between them. A string in Spanish that spells the time difference in seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years will return.Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or HigherLimitations:- Comment and output are in Spanish.
  13. Gregorian to Jalali
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    This PHP Script is created to convert a date from the Gregorian to the Jalali format. It can take a date in Gregorian format and then return the date formatted in Jalali format, but it works only in this direction. The current date is used, if no date is supplied. Requirements:-PHP 4.0 or Higher
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    This PHP script is used to convert dates into a relative value. It is a port of John Resig’s JavaScript Pretty Date. The new DateTime object in PHP 5.1 parses strings using the strtotime, so users don’t need to pass in an ISO8601 formatted date, as in JavaScript Pretty Date. This means the library works with “now”, or “next Wednesday”, ...
  15. Utils
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    This PHP script is made of classes with the aim to manipulate date and time, files and directories, etc.. It has wrapper classes to access MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. Requirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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