PHP Data Type

Modeling and manipulating data types
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    Sorted List extends the double linked list class by Oddleif Halvorsen to implement lists of objects that are sorted. Sorted List can sort the list element objects once they are added to the list. The sorting order is always ascending.
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    Stack provides API to manipulate a stack using two dimensional arrays. Functions of Stack:- Push an element- Pop an element- Retrieve the element at the top of the stack without removing it- Retrieve the size of the stack- Determine whether the stack is empty
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    Polymorphic Queue is a simple class that implements a FIFO stack (First In First Out) of values. It uses arrays to queue values of any type at the end of the queue. Polymorphic Queue can also pop values from the stack by the same order they were queued. It may also return the value at the head of the queue ...
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    iviArray represents the data type of an array, encapsulating PHP array functionality with few additional functions in a unified API (e.g. unified sorting function). See code documentation for exact usage of this class. The examples give a short overview about some important features. The code follows mostly the PEAR Coding Standards.
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    ndArray is a script used for storing and retrieving associative arrays. Once an array is stored, only one value of the desired array is required to retrieve the original values that were stored.
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    dList v3 to manipulate lists. It has many useful functions like ArrayList in .NET . You are able to serialize the list to Db (There is a save functions that manages everything for you). Later you are able to load the list again. Many features how to handle the data. dList v3 is definately something for people who want to ...
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    All the standard array functions are emulated, but loopedArray also adds two additional ones, "before" and "after," which return the element before and after a specified one.
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    gsdPagination takes as parameters a SQL query, the number of the current listing page, the limit of results to show in each page, and the base link URL. It generates an SQL query with the LIMIT clause to retrieve only the records to show in the current page.Navigation links that facilitate browsing the results, are also generated.Requirements: PHP 4.3 or ...
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    Extended MKTime generates HTML for form select inputs of the year, month, day, hour, minute and second.Extended MKTime can also analyze the POST form variable and extract the date and time specified by the user.
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    class_arrays provides additional functions to manipulate arrays. It is able to compact the array values in a in text line, add an array to another and to remove a specified value from an array.
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    Iterator encapsulates an array and providing functions similar to the ones that exist in the vector class in C .Vectors are arrays of values that may have mixed data types. Each value of a vector is accessed by the respective numerical index position.Iterator provides many functions to access vector arrays manipulating their values and indexes.
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    The arrays grow or shrink dynamically to whatever we tweak it.Key Features of tweak_array:- Insert/add elements to any position of your array(s)- Delete elements from your array(s)- Move elements within your array(s)- Replace elements from your array(s)
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    data structure is a PHP implementation of several Java classes for manipulating common data types.Currently data structure provides ports of the classes: String, StringBuffer, StringTokenizer and Vector.
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    An hierarchic data structure, that can be accessed as a tree of nested objects is built from the result of parsing an YAML file.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Constant Management class is a simple class that can be used to define constant values that can be updated.Constant Management class can store and retrieve values from global variables with unique names based on a constant name key. If the constant is already defined, the class can update its value.
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