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Free and open source PHP Counters Scripts. Counters Scripts show you a image based, text based or real-time Counters to help you check the status of the site,
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    146 total visits
    IPv6 Logger is a special counter script written in PHP, that allows you to count the number of IPv4 and IPv6 accesses to your website, and displays the results as a bar chart. IPv6 Logger gives you an overview, how many visitors access your pages via IPv6. The script use cookies to count only unique visitors, cookie lifetime can be ...
  2. Instrumentation for PHP
    130 total visits
    Instrumentation for PHP is a set of PHP scripts for measuring an application's performance via PHP. Instrumentation is a term used to describe the process of measuring an application's performance. This set of PHP scripts allows a PHP developer to target certain variables of his environment and put mechanisms in place for measuring how they react when used with his ...
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    292 total visits
    Ajax Likes-Dislikes Counter is a script ( PHP + jQuery ) which counts "likes" and "dislikes." This single installation allows you to manage any number of instances. No databases are used. All the data are stored as text files in a folder.
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    357 total visits
    HIOX Unique Visitor Counter is a FREE Web Page UNIQUE visitor COUNTER, which can be used in any html page with PHP support, easy and quick to install. This PHP visitor counter is a reliable web page counter to measure number of unique visitors for your website. A page visit from a host will be counting only once per day. ...
  5. PHP hit counter
    881 total visits
    PHP hit counter is a php counter script which use this free php hit counter code on you site and host many stat counters. This package comes with many unique digit images and enables you to make your own counter hosting. It comes with 16 different digit styles in 4 languages including regular digits, Arabic digits, Japanese digits and Thai ...
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    147 total visits
    Silentum Counter Plus is a basic PHP counter that uses individual images to display each number on the counter. There are three different styles for the counter: Regular, which uses the Vivaldi font, making the counter much fancier than regular text, or two different types of Digital, making the counter imitate a digital clock. This is an excellent counter if ...
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    147 total visits
    Silentum Counter is one of the easiest and weightless PHP counters out there. It uses only two text files to store the totals, so no MySQL is required. Both the amount of total hits and the amount of total unique visits, using cookies, are recorded. The counter can also be styled however you like, and integrated with ease into absolutely ...
  8. Banner and Link Click Counter
    509 total visits
    With this free Banner and Link Click Counter PHP script you can count how many times each link on your website is clicked. MySQL table is used to store information about all links and click count for each of them.
  9. Counterize
    407 total visits
    Counterize is a traffic counter and statistics plugin for the WordPress platform and based on the Counterize II plugin. It can record traffic data in a database and show it either in the backend or the front-end. Features of Counterize:- Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly traffic stats- Popular pages and posts stats- IP addresses stats- Countries stats- Referrers stats- Accurate ...
  10. Chilistats
    226 total visits
    Chilistats is a simple, fast and convenient statistic counter. It has simple installation, easy to use and the main information at one view.Features of Chilistats:- Simple installation by the installation script- Optimized and customizable counter display- Of course with IP blocking- Database-friendly, very compact stores only the most necessary.- OneView display with all the important information.- For more details, such ...
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    343 total visits
    This PHP script can keep track of the number of downloads for your files. It keep tracks total downloads, downloads today, yesterday,in this week, in this month. You can active/inactive any of these functionalities. It displays file size. You can specify the file name and file extension in the database table only. You can choose which type of download you ...
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    487 total visits
    This is a simple PHP script which provides a text hit counter for your website.Features of Text hit counter:- Simple to install and use- Ultra lightweight, <1kb scirpt- Option to count only unique hits- Easy to style and integrate with current website- Number formatting (e.g. 4,874,871)- No database required- Stores data in text fileRequirements:- PHP 4.3.0 or Higher
  13. Users online
    590 total visits
    Users online is a PHP and MySQL script which is a great litte addon to your site which allows you to output how many people are currently browsing your website.Features of Users online:- All set up and ready to go - just requires MySQL information!- Automatic installer to make for an easy install- Built in troubleshooter- Record of most users ...
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    617 total visits
    This is a PHP counter script to add a visitors counter to display the number fo people who have accessed a page. The counter is done with pure CSS, with no images needed. Page access statistics are kept in a locat text files. A working demo is included with the download package.
  15. CosmicCounter
    615 total visits
    ComisCounter is a free php counter scipt that will display the number of visitors to each page on your site. This will inform you which of your pages are getting the most hits and where your customers are spending their time.
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