PHP Affiliate Program

Free and open source PHP Affiliate Program Scripts. You can manage affiliate partners, track referrals, commissions rate and handle payout with these affiliate scripts.
  1. ICAN
    884 total visits
    ICAN is a script which can setup your own instant commission affiliate network for your own products & recruit an army of affiliates who would love to promote your products for instant commissions. For any help, installation, customization or new custom scripts creation, visit
  2. Referrer logger
    640 total visits
    Referrer logger is a simple flat file PHP referrer logger, which simply stores URL referrals in a text file for simple and easy reading.Installation:- To install simply upload the log-referrer.php and refers.txt file. On some webhosts and setups you may have to CHMOD refers.txt to 777 or 755.- Then paste the following PHP code where you wish to track refers ...
  3. Affiliate Referral
    1523 total visits
    This is a free and Open Source PHP affiate and referral script to track multi level affiliates and referral and can be easy implement for user referral tracking.Features of Affilate Referral:- 3 level Referral System- Points calculated level wise- Displays Profiles (only upto 3 levels)- Displays data related to Profile Visits, Referral URL clicks and InvitationsRequirements:- PHP & MySQL
  4. Google Affiliate Network
    543 total visits
    This is a WordPress plugin for display Google Affiliate Network ad. The ads can be displayed via a sidebar widget or shortcode. Text links and image ads can be displayed. The plugin is very useful for monetizing a blog's activity.Requirements:- WordPress 2.7 or HigherWhat's new in this version:- Fix bulk upload to handle unquoted header strings. Installation:- Unpack and upload ...
  5. No Screenshot
    1313 total visits
    Free Affiliate Tracking Script allows your affiliates to sign up, get links, change their details and retrieve lost passwords. It includes a banners manager, an admin 'control-panel'page and a stats page. It is a free PHP affiliate program.It's basic but functional!Features of Free Affiliates Tracking Script:- Handles full lifecycle from signup to removal- Tracks down 3 levels of referrals- Works ...
  6. No Screenshot
    2454 total visits
    Mit diesem Script bieten Sie ein Netzwerk bei dem Sie verschiedene Partnerprogramme für andere Firmen hosten. Jeder Werbetreibende kann automatisch ein Partnerprogramm einrichten. Webmaster melden sich bei Ihrem Netzwerk an und haben dann Zugriff auf all die eingetragenen Partnerprogramme. Sie erhalten von den Programmbetreiber eine Provision für das Hosten und Bereitstellen der Software und der Webmaster. Die Partnerprogramme können nach ...
  7. Post Affiliate Free
    2419 total visits
    Post Affiliate FREE is free,simple, and easy to use PHP affiliate system, in which basic necessary functionality included to allow you to set up and maintain your own affiliate program. Post Affiliate is based on PHP-Affiliate, but rewritten and improved with some features, and several bug and security hole fixes. It is also easy to customize but customizations will require ...
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