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  1. DBHcms
    2293 total visits
    The DBHcms is a small free Open Source content management system for personal and small business websites. DBHcms is 100% flexible but also simple and easy to use.DBHcms is search engine optimized, also for multiple languages simultaneously by allowing the search engine bot to index every single page in each language and avoding content cloning.
  2. Caravel
    3182 total visits
    Caravel is a enterprise-level Content Management System with an intuitive user interface, designed to allow non-technical users to maintain website content. Caravel allows admins to centrally maintain thousands of sites off one code-base.You can use Caravel to manage any type of site that you like, whether it's a single page blog or a corporate site with thousands of pages. Our ...
  3. PHPWPos
    2740 total visits
    PHPWPos is a web based point-of-sale system written in php. It uses a MYSQL database backend to store data.PHPWPos is Free Software released under the GNU/GPL License. The goal is to create a web-based open source Point-of-sale system. Functions of PHPWPos:- Brands- Products categories- Items to be sold- Normal users that can then login to the sales frontend- Customers- Suppliers- ...
  4. AjaxIM
    2508 total visits
    Ajax IM - short for Ajax Instant Messenger, is a browser-centric instant messaging framework. It uses AJAX to create a real-time (or near real-time) IM environment that can be used in conjunction with existing community and commercial software, or simply as a stand-alone product.
  5. No Screenshot
    1799 total visits
    PapyrusBB is designed to be a standalone forum or plugin to the WikyBlog CMS. Installation Instructions:- Downlaod and Install WikyBlog- Upload the plugin code to a folder in your /plugins directory of your WikyBlog installation- Open the Manage Plugins script in the Administrator's Control Panel of your WikyBlog installation- Select the forum from the list of available plugins and select ...
  6. eZ publish CMS
    2641 total visits
    eZ Publish is an enterprise open source web content management. Templates represent the fundamental unit of site design in eZ Publish. For example, a template might dictate that a page should appear with the site's title at the top and with the main content in the middle. When the page is accessed, the Content Management System places the content (the ...
  7. phpDatingClub
    2155 total visits
    phpDatingClub is a perfect choice to start a fully automated dating service and add functionality and appeal to your web site. phpDatingClub is highly scalable, capable to support over 100,000 members, quickly and easily installed. It has more than 35 field types for each user, smart registration, picture uploading, e-mail address confirmation, users can edit and delete profiles, fast and ...
  8. aePartner Free Dating Software
    2796 total visits
    Free pack of PHP scripts that can be downloaded and installed to your domain to run your own dating website. Subscriptions, shopping cart, virtual kisses, advanced search, who's online, multiple languages support, templates support, etc. Easily configurable. Connects to LoveCompass Network members’ database, thus giving immediate access to over 10000 profiles. Immediate money-maker.
  9. No Screenshot
    1791 total visits
    LoudMouth Forum is a clean, robust, fully threaded forum built with PHP/MySQL and is available as a stand-alone package, or built into Mambo Open Source 3.0.6 and above. LoudMouth features the same clean admin interface as Mambo and the display pages are very easy to customize. New security integration with Mambo Open Source 3.0.6.
  10. Power2php
    617 total visits
    Power2php is a simple (very much), open source, easy to expand (upgrade), highly efficient, lightweight object-oriented PHP MVC development framework. Power2php goal is the world's most simple, practical development framework.
  11. No Screenshot
    891 total visits
    web.framework is an MVC framework for PHP5. Features of web.framework:- support templating systems(such as web.template and Smarty)- support AJAX- support action and action-chain- support token
  12. No Screenshot
    611 total visits
    Binarycloud is an application framework for php. It is based on a a scale-free presentation system that is useful to developers creating complex applications from simple components.
  13. Porte
    732 total visits
    Porte has been design to save time and simplify the development of relational database applications written in PHP. Porte can retrieve, search and save object without a single line of Sql. We worked hard to deliver a framework natural and easy to use without being over intrusive. A design goal of Porte was to avoid any external configuration (being XML ...
  14. w-agora
    416 total visits
    W-Agora is a web publishing and forum software. It allows you and your visitors to store and display messages, files, share discussions and other information on your web site.Features of w-agora:- Free: w-agora is Opens In a New Window open source software, you can download, install and even freely modify the code, all free of charge >> see the license ...
  15. PHP Shell
    351 total visits
    PHP Shell is a shell wrapped in a PHP script. It’s a tool you can use to execute arbitrary shell-commands or browse the filesystem on your remote webserver. This replaces, to a degree, a normal telnet connection, and to a lesser degree a SSH connection.You use it for administration and maintenance of your website, which is often much easier to ...
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