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Saurus CMS

Saurus CMS is a free and Open Source PHP CMS project. In Saurus CMS, most content management taks are carried out in the same view shown ot public visitors. The software attachs small v-shaped buttons to all content objects such as sections, articles, documents, image, links etc to enable you to creat, edit and restructure the content. In addition, on top of the page is displayed a toolbar with more general management tools.

Features fo Saurus CMS:
- Text editor
WYSIWYG text editor is the most commonly used content editing tool that allows to combine rich text with images, tables, documents, hyperlinks and feedback forms. The style selector lists site-specific styles exactly as the will appear to the visitor.
- File manager
Explore and handle folders, files, documents and images in web server folders. User access permissions for folders can be set based on individual user, user group or user role.
- Manage structure
Website's hierarchy is a tree-like structure of sections that normally appear as menu items on the site layout.
- Users
Administer hierarchical groups, user information and log-in accounts. Data profiles allow add custom fields to describe users: define additional phone numbers, birthday, sales discount etc.
- Access control (ACL)
Permissions to view, create, modify, delete and publish the content can be set either per individual user, user group or user role
- Multi-site management
Both system messages and software user interface can be translated. Additional glossaries to English and Estonian which ship with the installation package, can be downloaded from Saurus CMS website.
- Site log
System log keeps track of each action made by site editors and administrators. User log-ins and system events such as scheduled publishing, automatic imports and error messages are logged as well.
- many more...

- PHP 5.0.0 to 5.2.1
- MySQL 4.x to 5.1.35
- Apache with mod_rewrite enabled, Linux

License type: MPL
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