phlyMail Lite 4.0.8

phlyMail Lite

phlyMail Lite is the Open Source edition of phlyMail, an advanced and sophisticated Web 2.0 PHP Groupware/PIM solution. It supports all features of IMAP and offers nearly all the features of MessageCenter, the particular user of the bigger siblings can access. phlyMail Lite is perfect for home use or people, who need access to their mails, contacts, appointments and files from various locations, but do not need any circumstantial user handling.

Features of Lite:
- Complete Folder management: Keep everything in place - the place you want it to be. Create as many folders as you like. Sort your emails the way you want. Apply filtering rules on incoming mails for keeping your inbox clear. 
- Integrated address book: Store all the addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of your business contacts, colleagues or friends and stay in touch. You can even save an image with the record.
- Integrated calendar: Enter all your appointments, dates and tasks into your calendar in phlyMail. Get alerted in time by a popup or email and thus never miss anything again.
- Integrated files manager

- PHP 5.2.0 or Higher
- Webserver capable of running PHP scripts (e.g. Apache)
- MySQL 4.1.1 or Higher
- Sendmail or SMTP (Recommended: SMTP)
- Linux or other UN*X like OS, Windows only in conjunction with Apache as web server
- Correctly set: Access permissions, Owner, Group 2)
- Communication with ports 110 3) (POP3), 25 3) (SMTP) and 80 (HTTP) and so on is possible
- Ability to run CronJobs or Deamons

License type: MPL
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