PHP Auction

Free and open source PHP Auction Scripts which allow you to start your own auction site like eBay. These scripts will handle user registration, bidding process and payment handling.
  1. PHP Auction Script
    5444 total visits
    Begin your own professional online auction website right now. We are offering a fully developed PHP auction software with well designed, easy customizable templates for the lowest price in the market. It is a full featured E-Bay type auction system. General features included: BUY-it-Now function, Dutch fixed price, Main page featured auctions, Multi gallery feature and so on. Visit us ...
  2. ILance Auction Marketplace Software
    2254 total visits
    Looking for an auction powered marketplace solution? ILance offers a feature packed and fully automated auction software that can be geared to your own unique business plans. Supporting Service/Supplies freelance/ RFQ type events that work in a reverse bidding environment or forward bidding Product events including buy now and lot auctions. Categories/Subcats with Advanced Filters for specific search results, Custom ...
  3. enuuk Auction platform
    3475 total visits
    enuuk Auction platform is the definitive solution if are you planning on building a solid, professional auction site. You can charge fees for services rendered with payment flexibility, an invoicing system, Web store, Classifieds, Lot, Standard & Reverse auction and Penny Auction. Your most powerful and robust business partner!Focus on what is important; your business, and forget about the software. ...
  4. Bid2Low - Reverse Auction Script
    2534 total visits
    Bid2low is a PHP-based reverse auction script that you can open your own website and run your own auction company. With Bid2low you can easily start earning your own money and find popular things you can offer in an auction to the public. With our built-in payment system Paypal and Swedish MO-sms, you will easily get started with your own ...
  5. PHPauction
    4061 total visits
    phpAuction is the unprecedented and definitive one-stop shop for building your independent online auction business. You will remain in full control of your business development with this PHP auction project. It can either be deployed on a Web server for online auctions or as stand-alone software for live auctions, that handles all aspects of conducting an auction. It provides the ...
  6. PHP Freelancers
    4526 total visits
    PHP Freelancers allows anyone to run a professional site like only large companies could. How this PHP auction project fulfills its function? People looking for freelance work ("providers") signup, and companies ("buyers") looking for professionals post their projects on your site. Providers bid on the projects, the buyer picks the bid he likes, and the project begins. You can take ...
  7. WeBid
    3032 total visits
    WeBid is a fully featured open source php auction project based on MySQL. It is especially designed for those who want to start their own auction sites. WeBid should be the prefect choice for setting up any auction site because it is written in the popular scripting language PHP and with a large collection of highly customisable features.Key Features of ...
  8. Phpbb-Auction
    4644 total visits
    Phpbb-Auction is a free and open source PHP auction project designed to be used as an add-on for the phpBB community software. It has been programmed style and language independent to run on every PHPBB-Board project with any language.Feafures of Phpbb-Auction:- Search: items; quickview-number; user; unbidded. - General config: Currency; Min/Max amounts; Pricing-Model; Offer-Fields.- Payment-Systems: Paypal; Moneybooker; User Points.- Image-Config: ...
  9. Web Auction
    4483 total visits
    Web Auction is a simple PHP auction project designed for organizations or individuals who want to hold an auction. You can either host the auction on your own web server or set up your own auction on your servers for free. You have full control over your auction. It is not like Ebay in the sense that only admins can ...
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